Friday, March 16, 2018

Worried Midge

   Jake walked to Midge's house and along the way, he stopped to smell the hamburgers at the corner cafe.
   “They sure smell good,” thought Jake.  “Every time I walk by here I get hungry.”
      Booker-T walked to the gate of his yard and stood watching Jake at the corner.  In a few minutes, Jake stood up and walked away from the cafe and met Booker-T at his front gate.  
    “You are always stopping to smell the hamburgers cooking when you come over here,” said Booker-T. 
   “I know,” said Jake.  “They sure do smell good and I'm hungry.  Don't the smell make you hungry?”
   “You could try begging like Midge does all the time,” said Booker-T.  “Maybe they will give you one.”
  “Midge is really good when it comes to begging,” smiled Jake.  “I'm not that good.”

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Strange Ball

    Midge and Booker-T walked through the gate at Jake's house, but he wasn't on the swing where he could usually be found napping. 
   “Jake!” called Midge.  “Where are you?”  
   No answer came.
   “Jake!” called Booker-T.  “Lets go check the back yard.”
   They ran to the back yard and found Jake sitting in the back watching some kids in the next yard.
  “What are you doing?” asked Midge.  “We called but you didn't answer.”
  “I was watching the kids playing with that strange ball,” said Jake.
  Midge walked over to where Jake was and sat down beside him.
   “What kind of ball are they playing?” asked Midge.  “That is a very funny looking ball.  What is it?”

Friday, March 2, 2018

Down on the Farm

Midge sat on the front porch waiting for Jake and Booker-T to come to the house so they could go to the farm today.
“Old McDonald had a farm, sang Midge. “E I E I O”
“Who is McDonald?” asked Booker-T as he walked up to the porch and heard Midge singing.
“I don't know,” said Midge. “Some guy who has a farm.”
“There is a song about his farm” asked Booker-T. “Wow, he must be famous farmer.”
“Yes,” said Midge. “He has cows and pigs and ducks on his farm too.”
“Who?” asked Jake as he came into the yard and joined Booker-T and Midge.
“I don't know,” said Booker-T. “Some old man named McDonald.”
“Who is McDonald?” asked Jake.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Friends at the Zoo

The three friends walked along the sidewalk to the zoo building. In the yard next to the building, they saw many people gathered there.
“What are they doing?” asked Booker-T.
“I don't know,” said Jake. “Lets walk over there and see.”
They hurried across the street as more and more people continued to come to the area. In the yard were several walk-in pens. In one pen, they saw three little billy goats. In another pen they could see two baby pigs and the third pen had two donkeys and a pony. Kids were inside the pens petting the animals.
“What are they doing?” asked Midge.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Who is Jason

Jake sauntered along the sidewalk on his way to Midge's house singing, “Zipidity do da, Zipidity yay,”
When he got to the gate at Booker-T's house he saw Booker-T walking around the house.
“Hey, Booker-T,” called Jake.
“Hi Jake,” said Booker-T. “What are you doing?”
“I'm on the way to Midge's house,” said Jake. “Do you want to go to the little zoo and see what animals are there today?”
“Sure,” smiled Booker-T. “Maybe they have a pretty tiger. You know I like the tiger's color.”
“I know Booker-T,” smiled Jake. “ Because they are the same color as you are.”
“Orange is pretty, don't you think?” said Booker-T.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Wish

Midge poked her head out of the doggie door and looked around the back yard. The yard was covered in a white blanket of snow.
“Oh,” thought Midge. “I guess it snowed all night.”
She ran out to the back of the yard to take care of business and hurried back inside to the warmth of the house. In the living room she leaped into the chair near Snappy's tank.
“Hi Snappy,” said Midge.
“Hi Midge,” greeted Snappy. “What are you doing?”
“Everything is white outside Snappy,” said Midge. “I think it snowed all night long.”

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Big Announcement

  Booker-T ran to Midge's house and crawled through the doggie door.
“Hey Midge!” called Booker-T. As he crossed the kitchen to the living room and leaped into the chair next to Snappy's tank.
“Hi Booker-T,” greeted Snappy.
“Hey Snappy,” replied Booker-T. “Where's Midge this morning?”
“Maybe sleeping,” suggested Snappy. “I didn't see her come out of the bedroom yet. Where are you going today?”
“Did Midge tell you about the strange vehicle we saw yesterday with a robot in it?” asked Booker-T.

Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T