Friday, December 27, 2013

The Snow Begins to Melt.

The morning sun rose and began to shine through the bedroom window. Midge felt the warmth of the sun's rays across her face. She jumped up and looked at her owner who was still in the bed. Her eyes were closed so she quietly went to the stairs and rushed downstairs and jumped into the chair beside the window and peaked outside to see how things looked this morning. The sun glistened on the white snow that still covered the yard. But the sidewalks and the street were clear of the snow. People had shoveled the sidewalks the day before and the street was plowed and there was no more snow falling in the night. “Maybe my owner will go to work today,” thought Midge, “And I can go play with Jake today. We need to go check on Snappy and make sure he is okay in this cold snow.” She turned toward the fireplace and saw a few glowing pieces of wood still in there. She went to the little rug and curled up near the last of the fire that burned low. It felt so good but it was almost out now. As she lay staring into the fireplace, she heard her owners footsteps coming down the stairs. She raised her head and looked toward the stairs to see her owner dressed and ready for work. “I think she is working today,” thought Midge. “Good, I can go see Jake and we can go to the park to see how Snappy is today.”

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Big Snowfall

 Midge woke early and headed down the stairs to the kitchen for a drink of water and to go outside for her morning walk in the yard and to take care of her duty for the morning. She pushed against the door and could not budge it. She pushed again and still the door would not open. She ran to the window in the living room and jumped into the big chair that was beside the window and pushed the curtain aside and put her nose near the window. The yard was all white now and she heard the snowplow as it turned the corner and started up the street.
Oh my,” thought Midge. “It snowed in the night. Wow, too much snow.”

Friday, December 13, 2013

Jake and Midge Talk About the Cold

Jake and Midge sat on the front porch watching the kids walking by to go to the bus stop to catch the bus. The air was cool now but the sun felt good and wasn't too hot anymore. Summer was gone and the fall days were starting.
"Do you like winter?" asked Midge.
"No," said Jake. "It is always too cold and I don't like the snow when it comes," said Jake.
"I don't like it either," said Midge. "I don't like walking in the snow. It is really cold on my feet."
"Mine too," said Jake.
"Last week my owner bought me some little booties to wear in the snow," said Midge. "I never saw a dog wearing booties before."
"I don't have any," said Jake. "I know this little chihuahua who wears them. He lives on the other side of the park. I saw him down by the pond one day with them on."
"Who is that?" asked Midge. "Do I know him?"

Friday, December 6, 2013

What kind of food do you eat?

 "Good morning Jake," said Midge as she walked up the steps to the porch where she found Jake napping in the swing. "You are taking a nap already Jake?"
"My owner was awake early this morning getting things ready to go to work and so I have been awake for long time now," said Jake.
"She don't have that much to get ready usually," said Midge. "Why did she have to get up early today?"
"I heard her talking on the phone to someone from work last night and they are having a retirement party for someone and she has to bring some cookies for it," said Jake. "So she was up at 4am this morning to bake them."

Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T