Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Big Snowfall

 Midge woke early and headed down the stairs to the kitchen for a drink of water and to go outside for her morning walk in the yard and to take care of her duty for the morning. She pushed against the door and could not budge it. She pushed again and still the door would not open. She ran to the window in the living room and jumped into the big chair that was beside the window and pushed the curtain aside and put her nose near the window. The yard was all white now and she heard the snowplow as it turned the corner and started up the street.
Oh my,” thought Midge. “It snowed in the night. Wow, too much snow.”

Her owner soon came down the stairs bundled up in her warm winter robe and fluffy slippers on her feet.
“Good morning Midge,” she said as she reached down and patted her on the head. “It snowed all night last night and I bet your little door is blocked by all the snow. I will let you out the front door and I will go out later and cleared the door for you.”
Midge looked up at her and out the opened front door. She sure didn't want to go out there but she knew she was going to have to go.
“Wait Midge,” said her owner. “Let me put on your new little booties so your little feet will be warm.”
Midge let her put the booties on one foot at a time. She looked at her owner wondering why she thought the booties were good.”
“You will feel better out in the snow with these on,” said her owner as she stood waiting for Midge to walk out the door.
Midge slowly stepped out the door in her new little booties. The booties did make her feet feel better stepping out on the porch in the snow. But when she tried to go into the yard, the snow was so deep that she sunk up to the top of her little legs. “Oh no,” thought Midge. “This is terrible. There is too much snow this morning.” She hurried out in the yard and found a place to do her business and hurried back to the door barking for her owner to open the door. When her owner opened the door, she hurried inside and found a nice fire burning in the fireplace. She curled up on her little rug near the fire and closed her eyes to rest. Her owner pulled of the little booties and set them near the fire to dry.
Midge wondered about Jake and Booker-T out in the snow. She wanted to go to Jake's house but the snow was too deep and even the sidewalks were covered. After laying near the fire for a while, she went to the window to look out at all the white snow. The streets were being cleared by the big snowplow, but the people had to shovel the sidewalks themselves. She looked over toward Booker-T's house but couldn't see the porch from the window. She didn't see Booker-T or Susie in the yard, but their owner had a big box inside the house on the back porch for them to use when the outside weather was too bad. “Wish my owner had one of those for me when it is bad outside,” thought Midge. “I wonder why cats have them and dogs don't. I want one. I sure don't like the snow. Even with the booties on, it is too cold out there and too much snow.”
Midge's owner entered the room with a bowl of warm food covered with nice warm delicious gravy and a bowl of slightly warm milk and set it near Midge. Midge looked up at her and wagged her tail I approval. She ate the warm food and drank the nice milk. “Well, Midge,” said her owner. “I think today we will spend it here near the warm fire. My boss shut down the business today because the snow is way too bad to have people try to get to work. So today we will enjoy a quiet day here. I do have work to do but can do it here.” Midge listened to her talk and then laid down near the fireplace. Her owner tossed some more wood onto the fire to keep it burning. “I wonder what Jake is doing today?” she thought. “And what about Susie and Booker-T.
Midge slept for a couple hours and when she woke up, her little door in the kitchen door was working now. Her owner had gone outside and cleaned away all the snow that blocked it. She could now go out and back in by herself. But she couldn't put on her little booties by herself. She decided to just go out and hurry fast and then come back to the fire to warm her little feet. Her owner was busy with her work so she didn't want to bother her and she was used to go out in the snow with no booties before, so she hurried to the back door. She poked her head through the door and looked around the yard. The sun glistened on the white snow and made it look like there were diamonds covering the yard. “It sure is pretty in the bright sunlight,” thought Midge. “But it is too cold out there and too much of that white stuff.”
Midge pushed herself the rest of the way through the door and ran down the steps to the yard and hurried with her business and rushed back to the porch and inside through the little door. “Brrrr,” thought Midge as she started shaking. She ran back to the fireplace and curled up once again on her little rug. “The fire is so nice,” thought Midge. “But I do miss playing with Jake and Booker-T. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.” Her owner walked to the fireplace and once again tossed a couple more logs on the fire. “We don't want the fire to go out girl. I know you are enjoying the warm fire. Me too girl.” She patted Midge on the head and went back to her work. Midge smiled and stared into the fire. Her mind wandered to thoughts of Snappy out in this horrible snow. “Oh I do hope you are okay Snappy,” thought Midge. “Maybe we can come check on you tomorrow.” She laid her head on the pillow her owner laid on her rug for her and went to sleep dreaming of the warm spring days.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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