Friday, December 27, 2013

The Snow Begins to Melt.

The morning sun rose and began to shine through the bedroom window. Midge felt the warmth of the sun's rays across her face. She jumped up and looked at her owner who was still in the bed. Her eyes were closed so she quietly went to the stairs and rushed downstairs and jumped into the chair beside the window and peaked outside to see how things looked this morning. The sun glistened on the white snow that still covered the yard. But the sidewalks and the street were clear of the snow. People had shoveled the sidewalks the day before and the street was plowed and there was no more snow falling in the night. “Maybe my owner will go to work today,” thought Midge, “And I can go play with Jake today. We need to go check on Snappy and make sure he is okay in this cold snow.” She turned toward the fireplace and saw a few glowing pieces of wood still in there. She went to the little rug and curled up near the last of the fire that burned low. It felt so good but it was almost out now. As she lay staring into the fireplace, she heard her owners footsteps coming down the stairs. She raised her head and looked toward the stairs to see her owner dressed and ready for work. “I think she is working today,” thought Midge. “Good, I can go see Jake and we can go to the park to see how Snappy is today.”

“Good morning Midge,” said her owner as she leaned down and patted her on the head. “Come on girl, lets get something to eat. I have to go to work this morning. The roads today should be fine and the boss has opened the office.”
Midge jumped up and followed her out to the kitchen and sat near her as she fixed her bowl of food for breakfast and a warm bowl of milk to go with it this morning. She set her bowls on the mat she kept near the refrigerator for her. The warm milk was good. It made her feel warm all over. She dreaded going out the little door into the snow. The snow was so cold her little feet. She ran into the snow for a few minutes and back into the house to warm up. “Oh, it will be so cold walking to Jake's this morning,” thought Midge. “I sure do wish the warm weather would come back. I don't like this cold weather and especially don't like the snow.”
Midge sat in the chair by the window and watched as her owner backed the car out of the freshly shoveled driveway and into the street. Before long her owner's car disappeared around the corner. She sat near her little door in the kitchen and sure thought about it hard, “Do I really want to go out in this cold snow? Or do I want to just stay here today in the warm house?” She finally made up her mind to go out the door and hurry to Jake's when she heard him at the front door. She pushed her way out the little door and ran to the front of the house where she found Jake sitting near the front door.
“Hi Jake,” greeted Midge as she ran up the steps and joined him on the front porch. “What did you do yesterday?”
“I stayed inside with my owner,” said Jake. “She didn't go to work yesterday.”
“Mine didn't either,” said Midge. “I spent most of the day in front of the nice fire. She kept the fire burning all day. It was really nice laying there in front of it.”
“Me too Midge,” said Jake. “I think I slept most of the day. That was a lot of snow we got the other night. I was really surprised in the morning when I went outside.”
“I had to wait and use the front door,” said Midge. “My little door was blocked by all the snow on the back porch. My owner had to go out and clean it off before I could get out.”
“Our front porch was like that so my owner had to go out the back door and go around and clear off the front,” said Jake. “Have you seen Booker-T and Susie?”
“No,” said Midge. “They are probably inside enjoying the warm fire. I haven't seen their owner leave for work and her car is still in the driveway over there.”
“Oh yes,” said Jake. “I see it. Maybe she is staying home another day.”
“Maybe,” said Midge.
“Do you want to walk to the park today or do you want to stay inside and be warm one more day?” asked Jake.
“I love the idea of staying inside and being warm,” said Midge. “But I sure want to know if Snappy is okay in all this snow. I was thinking about him last night.”
“Me too,” agreed Jake. “Lets hurry to the park and check on him and come home and get warm.”
“Okay,” said Midge.
The two hurried along the cold wet sidewalk and ran through the snow into the park. They saw kids at the big hill riding their sleds down the hill toward the frozen pond. They ran to the pond and searched for Snappy.
“Snappy!” called Midge. “Where are you?”
“Snappy!” called Jake. “I don't see him Midge. Do you think he is okay?”
“I think so,” said Midge. “He has gone through the winters before and been okay. But I want to know for sure.”
“Snappy!” called Jake again. “Snappy! Where are you?”
Midge looked around the pond and around the bushes near the pond. She found Snappy huddled under a bush in a pile of leaves trying to keep warm.
“Snappy,” said Midge. “Are you okay?”
“Hi Midge,” said Snappy. “Hi Jake. Thanks for coming to see me. I'm good but it sure is cold out here today and yesterday wasn't good either. This pile of leaves helps me stay warm and the bushes helped to protect me from the snow. I have a small place near the edge of the pond that I can get into the water and find food so all is good.”
“I'm happy you are okay,” said Midge. “I worried about you all day yesterday.”
“Me too,” said Jake. “But we couldn't come yesterday. Will you be okay here til this snow melts away?”
“Oh sure,” said Snappy. “I go through this every year here.”
“I have an idea Snappy,” said Midge.
“Midge,” said Jake. “What are you thinking?”
Let me think a minute. I think it will work. She sat down to tell them her plan.

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