Friday, November 25, 2016

Was Booker-T Sleep Walking

 Jake was slowly walking along the sidewalk on his way to Midge's house. Up the street, he saw Booker-T hurrying along the sidewalk.
“Booker-T!” called Jake, but he kept on hurrying on his way.
I wonder what is wrong with Booker-T!” thought Jake as he started running to try and catch up to him.
“Booker-T!” called Jake again. “Wait a minute. Where are you going?”
Booker-T began running in the opposite direction, ignoring Jake's calls out to him.
I don't understand,” thought Jake as he stopped and watched Booker-T turn the corner and disappear from sight. “I wonder what happened and where he is going? Maybe Midge knows.
Jake continued on is way to Midge's house, all the time thinking about Booker-T. He crossed the street and hurried into the yard through the gate at her house.
“Midge!” called Jake as he stepped on the front porch. “Where are you?”

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The New Park

  “Hey Jake!” called Midge as she and Booker-T strolled through the front gate at Jake's house. “Where are you?”
“Jake?” called Booker-T. “Are you home?”
“Maybe he went to the vet,” said Midge.
They didn't hear anything so started to go around to the back of the house. As they turned the corner they met Jake coming around the house from the back.
“Hi you guys,” greeted Jake. “What are you doing?”
“We came to see you, but you didn't answer when we called you at the front door,” said Midge.
“Were you hiding?” asked Booker-T.
“I was in the back and didn't hear you,” said Jake. “I was just coming around to go to your house.”
“Well, we are here,” said Midge.
“Ah yes,” said Jake. “I see you are here.”

Thursday, November 10, 2016


“Hey Midge!” called Booker-T as he sat on her front porch staring at the door. “Where are you?” Midge!”
“Hi Booker-T,” greeted Jake as he joined him on the porch. “Where is Midge?”
“I don't know,” said Booker-T. “I have been calling her name but she hasn't come outside.”
“Did you go inside?” asked Jake. “The doggie door in the back is always open.”
“I tried,” said Booker-T. “It is locked right now.”
“She must be gone with her owner somewhere,” suggested Jake.
“Maybe this is time for her vet checkup and shots,” said Booker-T.
“Maybe,” said Jake. “I think mine is next week and I know Midge always went before I did.”
“I hope that is where she went,” said Booker-T. “I hope she is not sick.”
“Have you ever seen Midge sick?” asked Jake.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thank You All From Jake and Midge

  Thank you everyone who reads and enjoys our little adventures. We are happy to share our little stories with you all..   Share our little stories with all your family and friends.  Feel free to leave a comment or send an email if you would like.    

   Have a really wonderful day...
   Love you all...

   Jake and Midge

Midge and the Horse

 Midge and Booker-T skipped along the sidewalk on their way to Jake's house.
“Hey Jake!” called Midge as they entered the yard through the gate. “Where are you?”
“Jake!” called Booker-T.
“Hey you guys,” smiled Jake as he came around from the back of the house. “What are you two doing?”
“Well, we came to see what you are doing,” said Midge.
“I wasn't doing anything,” said Jake.
“We weren't doing anything either,” said Booker-T. “Midge was trying to find something to do.”
“Hi you guys!” greeted Gabby as he flew down from the trees above. “What are you guys doing?”
“Hi Gabby,” said Midge.
“We are trying to find something to do today,” said Jake.
“You don't go to the pond anymore,” said Gabby.

Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T