Friday, November 25, 2016

Was Booker-T Sleep Walking

 Jake was slowly walking along the sidewalk on his way to Midge's house. Up the street, he saw Booker-T hurrying along the sidewalk.
“Booker-T!” called Jake, but he kept on hurrying on his way.
I wonder what is wrong with Booker-T!” thought Jake as he started running to try and catch up to him.
“Booker-T!” called Jake again. “Wait a minute. Where are you going?”
Booker-T began running in the opposite direction, ignoring Jake's calls out to him.
I don't understand,” thought Jake as he stopped and watched Booker-T turn the corner and disappear from sight. “I wonder what happened and where he is going? Maybe Midge knows.
Jake continued on is way to Midge's house, all the time thinking about Booker-T. He crossed the street and hurried into the yard through the gate at her house.
“Midge!” called Jake as he stepped on the front porch. “Where are you?”

He heard nothing from inside the house so he hurried around to the back and poked his head through the doggie door into the kitchen “Midge!”
Midge entered the kitchen and saw Jake at the doggie door. “Hi Jake,” greeted Midge. “Come on in and say hi to Snappy.”
Jake crawled through the door and followed her to the living room. Standing in the chair next to Snappy's tank was Booker-T.
“Hey Jake,” smiled Booker-T.
“Booker-T,” said Jake. “Why didn't you answer me when I called to you?”
“When did you call to me?” asked Booker-T.
“Didn't you hear me?” asked Jake.
“I guess I didn't hear you,” said Booker-T. “When did you call to me?”
“This morning I saw you and called out to you,” said Jake. “But you kept on going.”
“I was going?” asked Booker-T. “Where was I going?”
“I don't know where you were going,” said Jake. “But you were in a big hurry. Did you take the long way here?”
“The long way?” asked Midge. “What long way? He only lives next door.”
“I saw Booker-T hurrying along the sidewalk,” said Jake with a puzzled look on his face.
“Where was I going?” asked Booker-T.
“I don't know,” said Jake. “But you were running fast.”
“Ha ha ha,” laughed Midge. “Booker-T never hurries anywhere.”
“He sure was in a hurry this morning,” said Jake.
“Do you walk in your sleep, Booker-T?” asked Midge.
“I don't think so,” said Booker-T.
“How did you get here this morning?” asked Midge.
“Well, let me think,” said Booker-T.
“You have to think about it?” asked Midge. “You don't remember?”
“Maybe you were walking in your sleep,” suggested Jake. “Maybe that is why you didn't answer me when I called your name.”
“I woke up when my owner left the house to go to work,” said Booker-T.
“Did you go back to sleep?” asked Midge.
“No, I don't think so,” said Booker-T with a puzzled look on his face as he looked from Midge to Jake. “Do you think I was walking in my sleep?”
“You aren't sure?” asked Jake.
“I don't remember going back to sleep,” said Booker-T.
“What did you do after your owner left the house?” asked Snappy.
“I ate my breakfast,” said Booker-T. “After breakfast, I walked out the door and around the house to the front.”
“Where did you go when you walked out your gate?” asked Jake.
“I walked out my gate and then walked into Midge's gate,” said Booker-T.
“When did he get here?” asked Jake.
“I think it was about thirty minutes ago,” said Midge.
“Were you dreaming Jake?” asked Booker-T.
“If I was dreaming,” said Jake. “It sure was real.”
Snappy sat on the top of his log in the tag and looked out the window. “Hey guys! Look! It's Booker-T.”
“I am right here, Snappy,” said Booker-T.
“There is another Booker-T out there,” said Snappy.
They leaped into the chairs next to the tank and pressed their noses to the window and stared out. Across the street was a cat that looked exactly like Booker-T.
“Wow, Booker-T,” said Jake. “You have a double.”
“That is who you must have seen this morning, Jake,” said Midge.
“I think so,” said Jake. “Two cats that look the same in our neighborhood.”
“I wonder where he lives?” asked Booker-T. “I have never seen him around here before.”
“Maybe it is a girl cat,” suggested Midge. “We don't know.”
“Booker-T,” said Jake. “Why don't you run out there and talk to him.”
“Me?” asked Booker-T. “Why me?”
“Because you look like him,” said Jake. “And he might be afraid of dogs and you can tell him we are okay and we are all friends.”
Booker-T went outside to talk to the cat while Jake and Midge watched from the window. In a few minutes, Booker-T and the cat came into the house.
“Hey you guys,” smiled Booker-T. “This is Melody.”
“Hi Melody,” said Midge. “Do you live around here?”
“I live around the corner,” said Melody.
“Sorry, I was running after you this morning,” said Jake. “I thought you were my friend, Booker-T. You really look the same.”
“Like looking in the mirror,” smiled Booker-T.
“You are all friends?” asked Melody.
“Yes,” said Jake. “Would you like to be our friend too?”
“I would like that,” said Melody. “I never had a dog friend before. I only know cats.”
“Are you afraid of the dogs?” asked Midge. “We won't scare you.”
“We never look at ourselves as dogs and cats,” said Jake. “We see each other as friends.”
“We like everyone,” said Booker-T. “This is Jake and this is Midge.”
“In the tank is Snappy,” said Jake. “He is our friend too.”
“Wow,” said Melody. “A turtle for a friend.”
“We like everyone,” said Jake. “We even have a friend who is a bird.”
“Nice,” said Melody. “I like birds.”
“We don't eat them,” said Midge. “They are our friends.”
“Okay,” said Melody, “I promise not to eat him.”
“Am happy you will be our friend,” said Booker-T.

“Me too,” smiled Melody.  

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