Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

Midge ran up to the porch and called for Booker-T. “Hey Booker-T. Where are you?”
I'm right here,” called Booker-T as he came running around from the back yard. “Are you ready to go to Jake's?”
I'm ready,” smiled Midge. “Lets go.”
The two started up the sidewalk and Midge started humming as she hurried along.
What are you humming?” asked Booker-T.
I think my owner called it something like Old Lang Syne,” said Midge.
I think they call it Auld Lang Syne,” said Gabby as he flew down from the tree above.
Maybe that is it,” laughed Midge. “Sounds like Old to me.”
Why do they sing that song at this time of the year?” asked Booker-T.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day

The morning light shone through the window and fell across the bed where Midge and her owner slept. The sun rays felt warm as Midge stretched and leaped from the bed to the floor. Soon her owner began to move in the bed.
Good morning Midge,” called her owner as she sat up in the bed and reached out for her robe. “It is Christmas morning, Midge.”
Midge sat near the bed and listened to her talk. She jumped back on the bed and nozzled her owner's arm waiting for her to pat her on the head.
Come on girl,” said her owner as she ran her hand over her head and down her back. “Lets go get you something to eat. I am ready for some coffee.”

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Holiday is Coming

 “Jingle bells, jingle bells,” sang Midge as she and Booker-T hurried along the sidewalk on their way to Jake's house. “I don't hear you singing,” said Midge. “Don't you like to sing?”
You don't want to hear me sing,” laughed Booker-T.
Why?” asked Midge. “This is the time of year a lot of people like to sing the festive songs.”
Not me, Midge,” said Booker-T.
I never hear you sing,” said Midge. “Don't you sing when you are happy?”
Oh no,” said Booker-T. “I purr when I am happy.”
I don't know how to purr,” said Midge. “I don't think Jake does either.”
I don't think dogs purr,” said Booker-T. “It is a cat thing.”

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Snappy Tries Out the Wagon

  “Good morning Snappy,” said Midge as she came into the room and jumped into the chair next to the tank.
Hello Midge,” said her owner as she patted Midge ontop of the head. “How's your little friend this morning?”
Midge tilted her head from side to side as she listened to her owner letting her know she understands what she is saying. She glanced at Snappy in the tank and tapper her foot on the side of the glass. Snappy crawled to the side of the tand and pushed his little nose against the inside of the tank glass. Midge's owner set some fresh food into the tank for Snappy and went to the kitchen.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bird Show Comes to Town

Hey Jake!” called Gabby as he flew down from the trees. “What are you doing?”
Hi Gabby,” greeted Jake. “I am on the way to Midge's house. What are you so excited about this morning?”
How do you know I am excited?” smiled Gabby.
You sounded excited when you said 'Hi Jake', replied Jake.
Guess what is happening?” asked Gabby.
I don't know, what is happening that has you so excited?” asked Jake.
There is going to be a bird show at the park tomorrow,” said Gabby.
How do you know?” asked Jake.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Midge offers to take Snappy to the Pond

Hey Midge!” called Booker-T. “Where are you?”
I'm in the back yard,” said Midge as she came around the corner of the house.
Are you ready to go to Jake's house?” asked Booker-T.
Jake just got here,” said Midge. “He came early so he could say hi to Snappy. Come on inside. He is in the house.”
Booker-T followed Midge to the back and into the house through her doggie door. They hurried across the kitchen floor to the living room.
Hey Jake!” said Booker-T as he entered the room.
Hi Booker-T,” greeted Jake. “What are you doing?”

Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T