Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bird Show Comes to Town

Hey Jake!” called Gabby as he flew down from the trees. “What are you doing?”
Hi Gabby,” greeted Jake. “I am on the way to Midge's house. What are you so excited about this morning?”
How do you know I am excited?” smiled Gabby.
You sounded excited when you said 'Hi Jake', replied Jake.
Guess what is happening?” asked Gabby.
I don't know, what is happening that has you so excited?” asked Jake.
There is going to be a bird show at the park tomorrow,” said Gabby.
How do you know?” asked Jake.

I saw that poster on the tree in the park,” said Gabby. “And they are putting up the big tent in the park today.”
Midge will sure want to go see when she finds out,” said Jake. “She likes things like that.”
Les go tell her,” said Gabby. “I want to go too and I know Midge will find us a way inside. I want to see the big birds.”
You are small enough and you fly,” said Jake. “When the tent flap is open and the people are going inside, why don't you just fly in above them?”
Maybe I can,” said Gabby. “Lets go see what Midge has to say.”
Gabby flew above Jake as they walked to Midge's house. Jake entered the yard and flund Midge on the porch.
Hi Midge,” said Jake. “What are you doing this morning? I thought you were coming to the house this morning.”
I am waiting for Booker-T,” said Midge. “We were coming to your house as soon as he got here.”
I'm here now,” Laughed Jake.
I see that,” said Midge.
Did you hear the news Midge?” asked Gabby.
What news?” asked Midge.
I can't believe I know something before you do,” smiled Gabby. “You always knew everything so fast.”
Are you talking about the bird show that is coming to town?” asked Midge.
You do already know about it,” said Jake.
Yes,” said Midge. “I heard my owner on the phone last night talking about it. Her friend is in the show with her big Macaw parrot.”
I want to go see the birds,” said Gabby. “I know you will find a way to get us inside the tent.”
Why don't you just fly in through the open flap?” asked Midge. “Wouldn't that be easy for you?”
Jake suggested that, but I don't know if they will let me in,” said Gabby.
I can always find a way,” said Midge. “I think maybe they will be setting up the tent today. Lets go check it out.”
Is Booker-T coming with us?” asked Jake.
Yes,” said Midge seeing Booker-T coming towards the house now. “Over there, here he comes now.”
Booker-T came through the gate and joined them on the porch. “What is going on this morning?”
We are going to the park and look at the big tent they are putting up,” said Gabby.
What big tent?” asked Booker-T.
There will be a bird show tomorrow in the p ark,” said Gabby.
They will be putting the tent up today for it,” said Midge.
Why are we going to check it out?” asked Booker-T.
Because I want to go see the big birds tomorrow,” replied Gabby.
Oh, okay,” said Booker-T. “If anyone can get your inside the tent, Midge can. She is sure sneaky.”
Funny Booker-T,” said Midge.
He's right, Midge,” laughed Jake. “I don't think there is anyone more sneaky than you are.”
Come on guys,” said Gabby. “Lets go check out the tent they are putting up.”
We are coming,” said Midge as they left the yard with Gabby flying above them.
As they came close to the park, they could see the big tent among the trees.
Look guys,” said Gabby. “There it is! It is a really big blue tent.”
They entered the park and went to the tent. They walked around the outside of the tent checking it out. Two men were sitting on the park bench nearby, but they saw no one else around the area. Midge found what looked like the entrance to the tent and poked her head under the tent wall.
The bleachers are near the back and along the sides,” said Midge as she backed out of the tent. “Les go check the back or the sides. Maybe we can sneak under and hide under the bleachers like we do when we go to the circus. This should be just as easy to get inside.”
I know you will find a way Midge,” said Gabby.
Midge found a spot in the back that the bottom of the tent was little loose and she poked her head under it to see inside. Quickly she backed out and turned to Jake. “What is on my nose?” said Midge trying to see, crossing her eyes. “It is tickling me.”
Jake came close to Midge and looked at her nose. “It is a small snail. It must have gotten on you when you poked your head under the tent bottom.”
Can you brush it off me?” asked Midge. “I don't have a problem with snails, just don't want them to crawl around on my nose.”
Jake brushed the little guy off Midge's nose and then sat down. “Did you see a good place for us inside?”
Oh sure,” said Midge. “No problem. We can get inside right here. What time does it start tomorrow Gabby?”
I think the poster said it was 10:00 am,” said Gabby.
We will check it when we leave the park to go home,” said Jake. “Don't worry about a thing Gabby. Be at Midge's place early and we will all come to the park for the show.”
We will have to be careful if your owner will be here tomorrow,” said Jake.
If we hide under the bleachers she won't see us,” said Midge. “It should be okay,”
I'm really excited,” said Gabby. “I can't wait to see all the big birds. They are so big.”
I know,” said Midge. “My owner's friend has a really big parrot. But it is so pretty with the bright colors.”
“Lets go play a little and go home,” said Midge.
Okay,” said Jake.
Lets go to the pond,” suggested Booker-T.
They hurried across the park to the pond. When they reached there, they saw two boys with fishing poles in the water.
Lets go home,” said Midge. “We can come to the pond another time.”
They all agreed and ran toward home. When they got to Jake's, they laid down for a rest.

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