Thursday, December 18, 2014

Snappy Tries Out the Wagon

  “Good morning Snappy,” said Midge as she came into the room and jumped into the chair next to the tank.
Hello Midge,” said her owner as she patted Midge ontop of the head. “How's your little friend this morning?”
Midge tilted her head from side to side as she listened to her owner letting her know she understands what she is saying. She glanced at Snappy in the tank and tapper her foot on the side of the glass. Snappy crawled to the side of the tand and pushed his little nose against the inside of the tank glass. Midge's owner set some fresh food into the tank for Snappy and went to the kitchen.

Come on girl,” called Midge's owner. “I will fix your bowl of food before I go to work.”
Midge followed her to the kitchen where she watched her preparing the food and water. She patted Midge on the head as she set the food and water bowls onto the floor. “I have to run girl,” she said. “I will see you tonight. Be a good girl.”
Midge ate her breakfast and drank some water before going back to the living room and jumping into the chair near Snappy's tank home.
How is breakfast?” asked Snappy.
It was good,” replied Midge. “She always buys good stuff.”
Mine was good too,” smiled Snappy. “This is better than at the pond.”
Do you want to go to the pond today for a visit?” asked Midge.
Is Jake going to put me in the wagon?” asked Snappy.
Sure,” said Midge. “I can bring the little wagon to the back door and he can put you in it if you want to go with us.”
I would like to see the little pond again,” said Snappy. “But I am really happy hear in my nice new home. I feel safe in here.”
Maybe we can just visit with you here,” said Midge. “I understand. I”m glad you like your new home here with me.”
I think I will just stay here today,” said Snappy. “You can go play at the pond if you want.”
Jake and Booker-T are coming to the house to visit with you for a little while before we go,” said Midge. “We might go to the pond after they visit.”
I enjoy them coming,” said Snappy.
Hi Midge,” called Booker-T as he came through the kitchen door. “Look who came with me.”
Hi Midge,” greeted Susie. “How are you?”
Susie!” called Midge as she hurried across the room. “It is good to see you again.”
Me too,” smiled Susie. “I got to Booker-T's place last night. My owner is back in town for a few days and we are stying at his house.”
Remember Snappy?” asked Booker-T.
Yes,” said Susie as she crossed the room to say hello. She leaped into the chair beside the tank and pressed her nose against the glass. “Hi Snappy.”
Hi Susie,” smiled Snappy. “It is really good to see you again.”
You have a really nice home in there,” said Susie.
I know,” said Snappy. “Midge's owner took me in and gave me this really nice place. She changes it sometimes so it is different.”
Do you miss the pond?” asked Susie.
No, not really,” replied Snappy. “I miss being out there with all my friends, but this is a nicer home for me and I feel safer in here. No kids to throw rocks at me anymore.”
Hi everyone,” called Jake as he entered the living room.
Hi Jake,” greeted Midge.
Hey Susie!” said Jake as he saw her in the chair near the tank. “I didn't know you were coming today. It is good to see you.”
Hi Jake,” smiled Susie. “I just got to town with my owner. We are staying at Booker-T's house for a few day.”
Hi Snappy,” said Jake. “Do you want to go to the pond with us today?”
I think I will stay here,” said Snappy.
Are you sure?” asked Midge.
I”m sure,” said Snappy.
We could practice taking you in the wagon around the back yard,” said Jake. “Then you can decide if you want to go to the park.”
Okay,” said Snappy. “We can try.”
I saw the wagon in the back Midge,” said Jake. “I brought it to the back door.”
Okay,” said Midge. “Are you ready Snappy?”
I think so,” said Snappy with a little hesitation in his voice. “Be careful Jake.”
I will,” agreed Jake as he climbed into the chair.
Jake carefully reached into the tank and put his mouth around Snappy and lifted him from the tank. He jumped from the chair and carried Snappy to the back door. Outside, he placed Snappy into the blue wagon. “This is your ride,” said Jake. “Are you ready to take a spin around the back yard?”
The air feels good out here,” smiled Snappy. “I'm ready when you are.”
Jake grabbed the handle of the wagon and started walking around the back yard. At times the ride was bumpy and Snappy bounced around the wagon.
Are you okay?” asked Midge.
I'm good,” said Snappy as he started to laugh.
Do you want to try going to the park?” asked Booker-T.
I think this is too much bouncing,” said Snappy. “I think maybe I better go back in my little safe home.”
Okay,” agreed Midge. “Jake will carry you back inside.”
Can I walk around the yard a few minutes first?” asked Snappy.
Jake picked up Snappy and set him on the ground and stepped out of his way so he could walk around some.
This feels so good Midge,” said Snappy. “Thanks for bringing me outside. Soon it will be too cold to be out here for me.”
I know,” said Jake. “Winter is on it's way. The leaves are changing color and starting to fall from the trees.”
I'm ready to go back inside, Jake,” said Snappy. “Can we go?”
Sure Snappy,” said Jake as he gently picked up Snappy and carried him back inside to his little home. “There you are Snappy.”
Thanks Jake,” said Snappy. “I think riding in the wagon to the park would be too much bouncing around in the little wagon.”
It's okay,” said Midge. “We will all just visit you here.”
Sure,” agreed Jake and Booker-T. “We don't mind coming to see you here and once in a while you can get out and walk around the back yard or here in the living room.”
I would like that,” said Snappy.
We are all going to the park for a little while,” said Midge. “We are supposed to meet Gabby and try to get into the Bird show this afternoon.”
Have fun,” said Snappy. “I think Gabby will like the bird show.”
Midge and the others left the room after telling Gabby good-bye.

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