Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Booker-T Gets Tricked

   “Hey Jake! Where are you?” called Booker-T as he came up the sidewalk to the front porch.
   “I’m back here!” called Jake from the back yard.  “Come on back here.”
   “What are you doing back there?” asked Booker-T.
   “What are you doing here so early in the morning?” asked Jake. “You don’t usually come over here this early.”

Jake and the Kitten

   “Jake! Hey Jake!  Where are you?” called Midge as she entered the front gate and strolled up the front porch steps.
   “Hi Midge,” said Jake as he came around the corner of the house.  “I’m back here. Come on back.”
   “What are you doing?” asked Midge walking down the steps and going to the back yard.
   “I’m watching this little kitten that is staying with us for the week,” said Jake.
   “Oh, isn’t he cute.  Who’s kitten is it?” asked Midge.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Midge Waits for Jake

   Midge skipped along the sidewalk as she sung a little song to herself.  She was in a happy mood this morning on her way to see her friend.  The sun was bright in the clear blue sky and the birds were singing merrily high above in the trees.  She was on her way to get Jake to go to the park with her.  Jake lived a couple blocks from Midge.  When she reached the house, she ran up the sidewalk to the front porch, expecting to see Jake laying in the big lounge chair on the porch enjoying the sun.  Jake was no where to be seen and the front door of the house was closed.  By this time in the morning, the front door of the house was always open.  Midge right away thought something was wrong.  She looked up at the window in the door and whinned.

Midge and friends Find A Bottle

   Midge started up the sidewalk to her friend Jake’s house.  The morning was cloudy and the wind blew though the trees rustling the leaves high above.  The birds this morning were quiet.  Midge ran up the sidewalk to the front porch and there she found Jake laying on the lawn chair taking a nap.
   “Hey Jake!” called Midge as she stepped onto the porch.  “You are napping already?  You just got up.”
   “Hi Midge,” replied Jake.  “I was up early this morning when the baby started crying again.”

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Booker-T Gets Jake's Help

   "Jake!" shouted Booker-T as the big cat came aroudn the corner.
   "What is up Booker-T?" asked Jake.  "What are you shouting?"
   Booker-T hurried up the sidewalk to the front porch where Jake was laying in the sun.
   "Will you help me out?" asked Booker-T.  "I need your help, please."
   "What can I help you with?" asked Jake. "You know I will help with whatever you need.  Midge will too."

Jake Measures the Yard

    Booker-T came up the sidewalk to where Jake was pacing by the tree in the front yard. “What are you doing Jake, my boy?  Why are you pacing back and forth in the front yard here?”
   “Hi ya Booker-T,” answered Jake. “I’m trying to measure the distance from this tree over to the fence post over there.’’ 
   “What for?” asked Booker-T with a puzzled look on his face. “Why are you measuring the yard?”

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Midge Has New Friend

   “Midge!” called Jake as he approached the house where Midge lives.  “Where are you this morning?  Hello Midge!”
   “Hi Jake,” answered Midge as she came around the corner from the back yard. “I'm back here in the back yard Jake.  Come on back here.”
   “What are you doing back there?” asked Jake as he walked to the back to join Midge. "You usually wait for me on the front porch."

Midge Can’t Find Jake

   “Jake!” called Midge as she sauntered up the sidewalk to the front porch.
   She got to the porch and looked around, but didn’t see Jake anywhere.  “Jake!” called Midge again.
   Still there was no answer from Jake.  Midge wondered where he was this morning.  He was always lounging on the front porch when she came over, but this morning he was no where to be seen.  She hurried down the steps of the porch and ran to the back yard. Across the yard to the garage, she could see his bowl but no Jake.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Midge and Jake Beat the Heat

    Midge strolled along the sidewalk, stopping along the way to Jake’s so she could drink from the little pool of water at the end of the driveway at the corner house.  She slowly walked up the sidewalk to the porch and plopped down on the porch in front of the lounge chair.
    “Hi Midge,” said Jake. “What is the matter?  You look really hot and tired already this morning.  Are you okay?”

How Do My Wishes Come True

   “Hey Jake!” called Midge as she pranced up the sidewalk to the porch.
   “Hi there Midge,” said Jake as he came around the corner of the house.
   “Happy Birthday Jake,” smiled Midge.
   Jake jumped up into the lounge chair. “You remembered.”
   “Sure. I always remember your birthday Jake.  Do you have some wishes for your birthday?” asked Midge.
   “I hadn’t thought about it,” said Jake.  “Can I wish for anything?  And how do my wishes come true?”

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skipper is in Trouble

   “Jake!” called Booker-T as he ran up the sidewalk to the front porch of the house where Jake lived with is mistress.  Jake was on the porch with Midge and Gabby. 
  “Why all the excitement Booker-T?” asked Midge.
   “You got to come see what Skipper is up to,” said Booker-T.
   “What has he gotten into now?” asked Gabby.  “That nutty cat is always into something. One of these days he is going to hurt himself.”
   “Come see what that nut is up to now,” said Booker-T.  "Come on let's go before he drowns himself."

Midge the Pack Rat

   Midge came strolling up the sidewalk dragging something behind her. 
   “What are you dragging behind you Midge?” asked Jake.  “You sure are making a lot of noise with that stuff you have.”
   “It’s a couple of old chains I found beside the road up there by the house,” answered Midge.
   “What in the world do you want with that old rusty stuff?” asked Jake.
   “I don’t know what I will do with it yet. I found it and decided I might be able to use it for something,” said Midge.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Booker-T in Trouble

    “Hey Jake!”  called Booker-T as he strolled up the sidewalk. “Where are you?”
   “I’m back here in the back yard,” said Jake as he peeked around the corner of the house.
   “What are you doing back there?” asked Booker-T as he started walking to the back to join Jake.
   “Not much.  What is going on with you?” asked Jake.
   “I’m just out messing around. I was chasing some mice out there in the field behind the school, but couldn’t catch one today.  Got tired of it and decided to see what you and Midge were up to,” said Booker-T.  “I thought you and Midge might want to go to the park and was hoping you and Midge might help me catch a fish or two.”
   “I haven’t seen Midge yet today,” said Jake.  “She was pretty upset with you when she went home yesterday.”

What Does Midge See

   “Hey there Midge!” called Jake as he approached the front porch.  “Are you sleeping?”
   Midge didn’t answer or even look up as Jake climbed the steps.
   “Midge?  What are you doing?” asked Jake.  “Are you awake?”
   “Oh, hi Jake,” said Midge as she stared at him standing there.  “Yes I’m awake.”
   “Are you alright, Midge?” asked Jake.  “You seem to be far away from here in your thoughts.”

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Midge’s Tall Tale

   “Hi Jake!” called Midge as she sauntered up the sidewalk to the front porch. 
   “Hi,” answered Jake.  “Where have you been?  I haven’t seen you around here the last several days.”
   “You won’t believe this Jake,” answered Midge.  “My mistress’s aunt is a romance novelist.”
   “I know it. You told me about it one time,” said Jake.
   “Well, let me tell you what we did,” said Midge.

Booker-T’s Little Clone

   Jake and Midge lay on the porch soaking up the warmth of the sunshine.  The morning air was cool, but the sun was warm as it beat down on the front porch. The morning was quiet now that the kids in the neighborhood started back to school after the holidays. 
    Jake looked up to see Booker-T coming around the corner of the fence and come prancing up the sidewalk to the porch.  Behind him, Jake noticed a small kitten running behind trying to keep up with Booker-T’s big steps.
   “Hey Booker-T!  Who is your little shadow coming up behind you?” asked Jake.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Luck Booker-T

    Jake and Midge walked up the sidewalk to the park. They ran across the park to the little pond among the tall oak trees. The pond was a cool clear blue and the sun glistened across the top of the water.
   “Snappy!  Hey Snappy!” called Jake as the two neared the water’s edge.
   “Hi you two,”  answered Snappy as he poked his head from under the lily pads that floated near the edge of the pond.  “What are you two doing this morning?”

Booker-T is Excited

   “Hey there Jake!” called Booker-T as he started to run across the street.
   Suddenly Jake heard the squealing of tires as he came running around the corner from the back yard. 
   “Booker-T!!” screamed Jake.  “Look out for that car!”

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Booker-T Needs a Family

   “Jake!” called Booker-T as he strolled up the sidewalk to the front porch where Jake was enjoying the morning sun.
   “Hey there Booker-T.  What are you doing so early in the morning?” asked Jake.  “You aren’t usually out and about the neighborhood until later in the day.”
   “I was roaming around waiting to see Midge,” answered Booker-T.  “I thought she might be here with you this morning.”
   “She usually is here, but I haven’t seen her yet this morning,” said Jake.  “What is up with Midge this morning?  Why are you looking for her so early?”
   “She said something about finding me a family to live with,” answered Booker-T. 
   “I remember. She doesn’t like to see you without a home to go to,” said Jake.  “Especially when it is so cold outside.  She is afraid you will freeze out there on the sidewalk behind the café.”
   “I like it out there on my own,” said  Booker-T. 

Midge is Sad

“Hi Jake,” said Midge as she slowly walked up the front porch steps.
   “What is wrong with you this morning?” asked Jake.  “You seem so very sad today.  Are you okay?”
   “I’m okay,” said Midge.  “I just miss Susie.”
   “Where is Susie?” asked Jake.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Midge Worries About Booker-T

“Hey Jake!” called Midge as she hurried up the sidewalk to the front porch.
   “What are you doing this morning Midge?” asked Jake.
   “Just out wandering around enjoying the beautiful colors of the leaves on the trees now,” said Midge.  “Don’t you think they are pretty?”
   “I never really gave it much thought,” said Jake.
   “I think the fall is so pretty with the browns, reds and yellow colors of the leaves,” said Midge.
    “They are pretty. But I sure don’t like it when the winter sets in later. I get so cold. I like it in the house during the winter,” said Jake.

Midge Watches the Humans

   “Midge!” called Jake as he rounded the corner of her house to the back yard.
   “Where are you?” asked Booker-T as he followed behind Jake.
  Jake and Booker-T went into the back yard to find Midge up on her toes peaking in the window. 
   “What are you doing?” asked Booker-T.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Booker-T’s News

   “Hi there Jake and Midge,” said Booker-T as he strolled up the front steps to the porch.  “And what are the two of you doing this bright and sunny day?”
   “Wow are you in a good mood Booker-T,” said Jake.  “What are you so bright and cheery about this morning?”
   “You will never guess what happened to me last night,” snickered Booker-T as he pranced around the porch like a proud peacock.

Jake’s Pet Peeve

   “Hey Jake!  Jake!” called Gabby as he flew around the corner of the house looking for Jake. 
   “What are you doing Gabby?” asked Midge.
   “Hi Midge. Where is Jake this morning?” asked Gabby.
   “He went into the house for a couple minutes.  What are you yelling about?” asked Midge.
    “I’m just giving him a hard time this morning.  I like to annoy him now and then,” said Gabby.  “He gets so snippy sometimes and I think it is funny.”

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Skipper is Back

   "Jake!  Midge!" called skipper as he sauntered up the sidewalk to the porch where Midge and Jake were laying in the sun.
   "Hi ya Skipper.  We haven't seen you in a couple weeks.  What have you been up to lately?" asked Jake.
   "I was out of town with my master," answered Skipper.  "He took the family to the mountains for the holidays and they decided to take me with them and not put me in the kennel this time."

Gabby's Big Party

   "Hey Jake!  Midge!  Where are you two?" called Booker-T as he raced around the corner.
   "What are you so excited about Booker-T?" asked Jake as he and Midge came rushing from the back yard.
   "Have you seen Gabby?"  asked Booker-T.
   "Not in a couple of days. What is up?"  asked Midge.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Midge and the Aliens

   "Jake!  Jake!" called Midge as she rounded the corner, sliding on the loose gravel at the end of the sidewalk.
   "Slow down Midge.  What is going on?" asked Jake.
   "They're here!  They are here!" yelled Midge. 
   "Who are here?  What in the world are you talking about?" asked Jake.
   "The aliens, the aliens. They have landed in the park!"
   "Midge, have you lost it?" asked Jake.
   "I'm telling you that they landed there. I saw them.  The aliens have arrived and I just know we are in trouble," cried Midge.

Midge and the Strange Family

   "Midge!  Midge!" called her mistress as she stood at the front door.  "Come on girl, come on in here."
   Midge jumped up the porch steps, her tail wagging as she hurried to the front door.  She sat in front of her mistress looking up at her hoping for a treat.
   "Hi there girl.  Come on in here.  I want my little niece to play with you."
   Midge looked around the room and saw the little one on the floor by the big chair.  Midge sat staring at the little girl who looked as if she were reading the medicine bottle she held in her little hand.  Midge looked up at her mistress and back at this little girl. 
   "This is my niece, Baby Greta. she is going to stay with us a few days," she said as she patted Midge on the head.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jake Cheers Up Midge

   "Midge! Oh, Midge!" called Jake as he scurried up the sidewalk to the front porch where Midge was laying on a chair.
   "Hi Jake," greeted Midge wtih a sadness in her voice.
   "Why are you crying Midge?" asked Jake. "I don't think I have ever seen you cry before."
   "Do you remember my little friend, Lindsey?" asked Midge.
   "I think so.  She lived over this way, didn't she?" asked Jake.
   "Yes.  She is a sweet little puppy," answered Midge.  "Her mistress moved away this morning, taking Lindsey away."
   "I'm sorry Midge.  I know you are really going to miss her.  But be happy for Lindsey.  She is going to a new home somewhere. She has her mistress, so she won't be alone in a strange place."
   "I know, but I sure will miss her.  Sorry you had to see me crying.  I didn't mean for you to see me doing that."

Jake Babysits

   "Jake! Yoo Hoo, Jake!" called Midge as she came strolling up the sidewalk to the porch.  "What are you doing this morning?"
   "I'm back here in the back yard!" called Jake as he peeked around the corner of the house.
   "What are you doing back there?" asked Midge as she started walking toward the back yard.
   "I am guarding this little kitten that my mistress brought home this morning," answered Jake.
   "And why are you guarding it?" asked Midge.
   "Well, she is such a fragile little thing and I didn't want her to get hurt out here in this big back yard all by herself."
   "Jake! A babysitter for a kitten!" snickered Midge.  "Who would have thought?"
   "Very funny Midge.  Aren't you the big joker!" said Jake.
   "Now, don't get your collar in a knot," said Midge.  "I'm only having fun with you.  I know you don't mind watching the little one."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jake Finds a Ring

   "Hey there Jake," said Midge as she stepped onto the porch.
   "Hi Midge," said Jake.  "What is going on with you this morning?"
   "I'm on the way to the park.  Do you want to come along?" asked Midge.
   "What is going on there this morning?" asked Jake.
   "I heard Gabby saying something about playing in the sand. I think Snappy wanted us to all come over there today."
   "Sure.  I might as well.  I'll just lay around here and sleep if I stay home," answered Jake with a little laugh.

Why is Midge Happy

   "Midge! Hey Midge! What are you doing?"  called Jake and Booker-T as they stepped up onto the front porch.
   "Hi Jake," smiled Midge.
   "Well, well, aren't you the picture of bliss!" said Booker-T.  "What is going on with you?"
   "Don't you see anything different?" asked Midge.
   Booker-T and Jake looked around the yard and couldn't see anything different.  It all looked the same to them.  "Nope!" they said in unison.
   "You don't see a thing?" blinked Midge.
   "I don't, do you Jake?" asked Booker-T.
   Jake thought a few moments and once again looked around the yard to see if he could see what might be different.  "No, I don't either."
   "You two are blind as a bat.  I can't believe you can't see why I'm so happy," said Midge shaking her head.

Introduction to the Characters

 Midge -  A black and white cockerspaniel who lives in a small beige brick home with her mistress.

Jake - A brown and white boxer who lives in a blue frame house with his mistress.

Booker-T  - An orange stripped alley cat who lives in the alley behind the neighborhood cafe until Midge finds him a home.

Snappy - A small green turtle who lives near a small pond in the neighborhood park

Gabby - A chattering blue jay

Rusty - Squirrel

Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T