Thursday, May 26, 2011

Midge the Pack Rat

   Midge came strolling up the sidewalk dragging something behind her. 
   “What are you dragging behind you Midge?” asked Jake.  “You sure are making a lot of noise with that stuff you have.”
   “It’s a couple of old chains I found beside the road up there by the house,” answered Midge.
   “What in the world do you want with that old rusty stuff?” asked Jake.
   “I don’t know what I will do with it yet. I found it and decided I might be able to use it for something,” said Midge.
   “You are nothing but a pack rat Midge,” laughed Jake. “Where are you going to put it?”
   “I’m not a  pack rat,” said Midge.  “I just have stuff I like. I don't keep everything I find.”
   “Have you looked inside your doghouse lately?” asked Jake.  “There isn’t much room left in it now.  How are you going to get anymore things in it?”
   “There isn’t that much stuff in my doghouse,” said Midge.
   “Okay, if you say so,” laughed Jake.  “The last time I saw in the doghouse, you couldn’t get a toothpick in there, it was so full of stuff you picked up along the road.”
   “But I might need the stuff for something,” said Midge.  “You just never know what you might need it for.  You have to always be prepared for anything.”
   “Right! You never know when you might need an empty potato chip bag,” said Jake.  “Or how about the empty soda cans you have in there?  What are you going to do with those things?  And I think I saw an empty egg carton in there.”
   “Well, you never know, Jake,” said Midge.  “I might need it one of these days for something and I will have it.  I heard my mistress tell her nephew that he should always be prepared.”
   "I think that is for boy scouts," said Jake.  "I think I heard that be prepared is part of their motto or something."
   "Well, I'm being prepared," said Midge.  "I might need the stuff."
   “Sure,” said Jake.  “And how did you figure you are going to fit those chains in that doghouse with all the other stuff?”
   “Well,” smiled Midge blinking those big brown eyes. “I thought I might put them in your dog house for a little while.”
   “Oh, right,” said Jake.  “You fill up your dog house and now you want to fill up mine.”
   “Please!” begged Midge.  “Only for a little while.”
   “Okay. Go for it Midge,” said Jake.  “I know I can’t win this one.”
   Midge smiled as she drug the chains to the back yard and put them into Jake's doghouse.
   Jake stood shaking his head, "It's a good thing I sleep in the house."

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