Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skipper is in Trouble

   “Jake!” called Booker-T as he ran up the sidewalk to the front porch of the house where Jake lived with is mistress.  Jake was on the porch with Midge and Gabby. 
  “Why all the excitement Booker-T?” asked Midge.
   “You got to come see what Skipper is up to,” said Booker-T.
   “What has he gotten into now?” asked Gabby.  “That nutty cat is always into something. One of these days he is going to hurt himself.”
   “Come see what that nut is up to now,” said Booker-T.  "Come on let's go before he drowns himself."
   "All right Booker-T, we are coming," said Jake. 
   The three raced up the street following Booker-T around the corner and then crossed the street as they dodged the kids on their roller blades.  They ran across the park to the pond. Under the tree they found Snappy sitting on a rock and laughing his head off at the strange site in the middle of the pond.
    “Over there,” pointed Snappy.  He laughed so hard that he slid backward off the rock and hit the tree.
    “Are you okay Snappy?” asked Midge.
    “Oh, yes. I’m fine.  Did you see Skipper out there on that log?” asked Snappy. 
    They all looked out to the middle of the pond and there on a log that kept rolling over and over, was Skipper trying to hang on.  As fast as he would stand up on the log, he would slip back into the water.  He looked like a drowned rat out there in the pond. 
   “Hey Skipper!” shouted Jake. “What are you doing out there?”
   “This has got to be the worse place to be right now.  Help me out of here will you?” cried Skipper.
   Jake leaped into the water with a long vine that he  pulled off the bushes near the edge of the pond.  He quickly swam out to where Skipper was trying to stay on the rolling log. 
   “Oh, Jake! I’m so glad to see you,” said Skipper.
   “How in the world did you get out here?” asked Jake as he tossed the vine around the log and dragged it with Skipper clinging to the top.
   Jake pulled the log up to the edge of the pond and Skipper jumped off and ran to the tree and sprawled out on the grass breathing heavily.
   “How did you get out there Skipper?” asked Midge.
   “Well, I was trying to catch a fish by standing on the log and suddenly it started to drift out into the pond and I couldn’t jump off fast enough.  The next thing I knew, I was out there in the middle and the log kept rolling over and over again.  I was out there in the middle of the pond and I can’t swim,” said Skipper shaking.  “I’m so glad you guys got here.”
   “Are you okay Skipper?” asked Booker-T.  “I was so worried about you out there. But  you looked so funny running and going nowhere.”
   “Ha ha ha,” said Skipper.  “Thanks for saving me from the pond Jake.
   “Sure Skipper,” said Jake.  “Next time, do your fishing on the bank of the pond and not on logs.”
   “Right!” said Skipper.
   “Come on, let’s go find something to do that is safe,” said Midge.
   “I’m with you,” smiled Skipper.  "Anything that doesn't have water involved." 
   The five friends took off across the park to play. 

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T