Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Midge and the Aliens

   "Jake!  Jake!" called Midge as she rounded the corner, sliding on the loose gravel at the end of the sidewalk.
   "Slow down Midge.  What is going on?" asked Jake.
   "They're here!  They are here!" yelled Midge. 
   "Who are here?  What in the world are you talking about?" asked Jake.
   "The aliens, the aliens. They have landed in the park!"
   "Midge, have you lost it?" asked Jake.
   "I'm telling you that they landed there. I saw them.  The aliens have arrived and I just know we are in trouble," cried Midge.

   "Settle down.  No aliens are going to get us.  Come on, let's go to the park and see what you are talking about," said Jake.
   "No, no!, You can't go over there.  They will take you away in that ship of theirs," said Midge grabbing Jake by the tail.
   "Come on Midge.  Let go of my tail!" said Jake.  "Now let's go to the park and check it out.  We can hide behind the trees over there.  Whoever it is won't see us."
   "You will protect me?" asked Midge.
   "Sure," said Jake.  'Now come on."
   They slowly headed to the  park to check out what Midge saw.  They would run across the open areas quickly hiding behind trees as they made their way to the little pond in the middle of the park.  They inched across the park grass as they crouched as low as they could.  They got to the big oak tree that stood beside the pond and peaked out from behind. 
   "Look!  Over there Jake!" pointed Midge.  "See that big silver thing standing over there.  I saw it land there.  It sure looks weird."
   "That does look strange from here.  But I don't see any aliens over there next to it," said Jake. 
   "It is a balloon!" said Snappy as he poked his head out of the water.  "What are you two doing?"
    "Midge thought the aliens had landed. So we came to check it out," said Jake.
   "Nope, just some guy in a big air balloon over there," said Snappy.
   "See there Midge.  No aliens!" said Jake.
    "Aliens?  Midge?  What on earth are you thinking?" laughed Gabby as he came down and landed on he lower limb of the tree.
   "Were you up there listening?" asked Midge.
   "Sure, you know me.  I"m always around somewhere listening in," said Gabby.
   "I thought it was aliens.  I have never seen anything like that before," said Midge.
   They all got a big laugh over Midge's aliens.
   "Ha ha you guys," snapped Midge.
   "We all love you anyway Midge.  Come on let's go play," said Jake.

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