Saturday, May 28, 2011

Midge Has New Friend

   “Midge!” called Jake as he approached the house where Midge lives.  “Where are you this morning?  Hello Midge!”
   “Hi Jake,” answered Midge as she came around the corner from the back yard. “I'm back here in the back yard Jake.  Come on back here.”
   “What are you doing back there?” asked Jake as he walked to the back to join Midge. "You usually wait for me on the front porch."

   “I’m playing with my new little friend, Pokey,” said Midge. "He loves to play."
   “What are you playing?” asked Jake. 
   “He likes to play hide and seek.  Would you like to play with us?” asked Midge. “It will be more fun with the three of us.”
   “Sure,” said Jake.  “Where is Pokey? I don't see him back here.”
   “He is hiding.  I’m supposed to find him,” said Midge.  “He is really good at this game. He finds good places to hide.”
   “I like playing hide and seek too,” said Jake.  “I used to play with my mistress and she used to get so mad when I would hide from her and she couldn't find me.”
   “Why would she get mad,” asked Midge. “I thought you were playing hide and seek?”
   “I was playing hide and seek,” said Jake. “She was trying to give me a bath and I didn’t want one, so I’d go hide and she would have to find me.”
   “Oh Jake you are so mean,” laughed Midge.  “You were playing the game and your mistress was wanting to bathe you. Don't you like your bath?”
   “I’d hide when she wanted to go to the vets too,” said Jake.  “I don’t like going to the vets, so would run hide.”
   “You are so silly Jake,” said Midge. "You shouldn't be so mean to her."
   “I know, but it was fun,” said Jake.  “She always found me eventually because I would make it easy for her.  I never stayed hidden from her for long.  She started learning all my hiding places.”
   “Hey Midge!” called Pokey.  “Where are you?  Are you looking for me?”
   “Not right now.  Jake is here,” said Midge.  “Come on out wherever you are and meet Jake.”
   “Hi Jake,” said Pokey walking up to them.
   “Hi Pokey,” said Jake. “Glad to meet you. Can I play with the two of you? I like to play hide and seek too.”
   “Sure, come on,” said Pokey. “We are playing hide and seek.  Let’s go.  You are it Jake, and Midge and I will hide from you.”
   “Okay, get going,” said Jake.  “One, two, three….” 

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