Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Does Midge See

   “Hey there Midge!” called Jake as he approached the front porch.  “Are you sleeping?”
   Midge didn’t answer or even look up as Jake climbed the steps.
   “Midge?  What are you doing?” asked Jake.  “Are you awake?”
   “Oh, hi Jake,” said Midge as she stared at him standing there.  “Yes I’m awake.”
   “Are you alright, Midge?” asked Jake.  “You seem to be far away from here in your thoughts.”
    “I don’t know Jake.  I am not sure if what I saw was real,” said Midge.
    “What are you talking about Midge?” asked Jake.  “What did you see?”
    “It has to be an epiphany.  I just know it was,” said Midge.  “It appeared right there before my eyes.  Over there, by the front window.”
    “What appeared?”  asked Jake.  “And what in the world is an epiphany?”
    “A Manifestation is what an epiphany is.  Don’t you know anything Jake?” asked Midge.
   “Okay. So what manifestation did you see?” asked Jake.
   “I saw a ghost.  A ghost Jake!  I saw a ghost!  Yes, that is what it was.” Said Midge.  “I’m sure it was a ghost.”
    “Midge, you are losing it.  I think you need a rest big time,” smiled Jake. “There are no such things as ghosts. You should know that.  Didn't you tell Booker-T one time that there was no such thing as a ghost when he thought he heard one?”
    "I remember," said Midge.  "But I never saw one before.  Now I saw something."
    "Maybe you were dreaming," said Jake.  "You know some dreams seems so real when you wake up."
    "I know that," said Midge.  "But I wasn't sleeping.  I came out here and there it was, standing there."
    "Are you going to be okay Midge?" asked Jake. 
    “I’ll be fine.  I just know it was a ghost,” said Midge.  “Yes  that is what it was .  It just has to be that!”
     “Sure, if you say so, Midge,” said Jake. “I think you really do need some rest.”
     “I think I will take a nap now,” said Midge.  “I must be sleeping with my eyes open. I’m going inside for a while Jake.”
    “Okay.  I will come back later to check on you,” said Jake as he turned to leave.
   “Thanks Jake,” said Midge as she started down the steps of the porch and walked to the back yard where her mistress opened the back door for her. 

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