Monday, May 30, 2011

Midge Waits for Jake

   Midge skipped along the sidewalk as she sung a little song to herself.  She was in a happy mood this morning on her way to see her friend.  The sun was bright in the clear blue sky and the birds were singing merrily high above in the trees.  She was on her way to get Jake to go to the park with her.  Jake lived a couple blocks from Midge.  When she reached the house, she ran up the sidewalk to the front porch, expecting to see Jake laying in the big lounge chair on the porch enjoying the sun.  Jake was no where to be seen and the front door of the house was closed.  By this time in the morning, the front door of the house was always open.  Midge right away thought something was wrong.  She looked up at the window in the door and whinned.

   “Jake!” called Midge.  “Jake are you in there?”
   Midge sat and listened but heard nothing.  Again she called out, “Jake! Jake!  I’m out here waiting for you. Where are you ?”
  She waited impatiently in front of the closed door hoping that someone would come to open it and let Jake out this morning.  No one came to the door and opened it. 
  “Jake!  Hello in there,” said Midge.  “Jake are you awake?”
  Still there was no sounds coming from inside the house.  Midge lowered her head and turned to leave.  She slowly strolled back to the sidewalk out front, feeling sad that no one was home.  She would miss her morning stroll with Jake.  Around the corner she saw Booker-T coming up the sidewalk to Jake’s. 
  “Hey Midge,” greeted Booker-T. “What are you doing?  Is Jake back home?”
  “Jake isn’t home?” asked Midge.  “Did you see him today?”
  “I saw him come out when his mistress opened the door and was on my way to see him,” said Booker-T.  “But before I could reach the house, his mistress came out and they got into her car and left.”
   “I hope that Jake is okay,” said Midge.  “He didn’t tell me that he was going somewhere this morning.”
   “I saw him last night and he said that his mistress was taking him to get his yearly shots today,” said Booker-T.
   “Oh that is good,” said Midge.  “I didn’t know.  I did that with my mistress last week.”
   “That’s good,” said Booker-T.  “My new mistress hasn’t taken me yet. But I think I heard her making an appointment for me next week. Do you want to go play at the park while we wait for him to come home.”
    “Sure, let’s go,” said Midge.  “We can come back later to see if he is home.”
    The two started walking toward the park together.  Midge looked back at the closed door to the house and wished her friend was home.  She missed him.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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