Thursday, May 19, 2011

Skipper is Back

   "Jake!  Midge!" called skipper as he sauntered up the sidewalk to the porch where Midge and Jake were laying in the sun.
   "Hi ya Skipper.  We haven't seen you in a couple weeks.  What have you been up to lately?" asked Jake.
   "I was out of town with my master," answered Skipper.  "He took the family to the mountains for the holidays and they decided to take me with them and not put me in the kennel this time."
   "That was great Skipper," smiled Midge. "Did you have fun in the mountains?  I have always wanted to go to the mountains after seeing them on TV."
   "Me too," said Jake.
   "It was so high and all the snow.  Everything was so white up there.  My master went skiing almost every day.  I got to sit by the nice fire in the cabin and watch them from the window.  I didn't want to be out there in the cold.  My little tootsies were really cold in the snow." said Skipper.
   "But it would be fun to play in the snow.  I like snow," said Midge. 
   "How would you know Midge.  You have never been in the snow,"  said Jake.   "We don't get snow here in California.  You have only seen snow on TV."
   "Well, I still would like to play in it.  I made a New Year's resolution that I would go play in snow soon," said Midge.
   "Sure you did!  I'll bet you make lots of resolutions that you can't keep,"  laughed Jake.
   "Oh boy, aren't we the funny one.  You sure like to burst my bubble don't you Jake?" asked Midge.
   "Hey you two.  I didn't want you two to argue. I just came over to say hi since I have been gone so long.  I missed you guys," said Skipper.
   "Well, we missed you too.  I hope you will be home for a while now,"  said Jake.
   "Me too," said Midge.  "do you want to come to the park with us this morning?"
   "What are you going to do over there?" asked Skipper.
   "We are supposed to go play with Snappy and Gabby at the sand pile," said Midge.
   "Sure, let's go," said Skipper. 
    The three of them headed for the park as they talked about Skipper's trip to the mountains. 

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