Friday, July 11, 2014

Midge Enters the Building

"I guess you are ready to go to the convention center," stated Jake.
"Yes I am," said Midge. "You are still going to help me, aren't you?"
"Yes," said Jake. "Booker-T and Gabby are coming too."
"Thank you Jake," smiled Midge. "It will be fun. Where are Booker-T and Gabby? They were here."
"They left to check out the convention center and will be back soon. I don't know if we can get you inside," said Jake. "This is not going to be easy."
"I know," said Midge. "Gabby is good at coming up with ideas."
"Yes he is," said Jake. "But you are the best idea thinker around."
"Oh thank you Jake," blushed Midge. "I am pretty good, aren't I"
"Do you have any ideas for getting into the building?" Asked Jake?"

"Well," said Midge. "I think if we just wait for someone to walk through the door and I will just follow the person inside while Gabby distracts the door guard by flying close to his head."
"And what do you want Booker-T and I to do while Gabby is doing that?" Asked Jake.
"Find a way to distract the people as they enter the building so they don't notice me going in."
"You think that is going to help?" asked Jake.
"Sure," said Midge. "People are so easy to fool."
"You think so?" Asked Jake.
"Don't you think so?" asked Midge. "Remember when we fooled them into giving us the free burger?"
"I remember," laughed Jake. "You were food that day, but this is different."
"I know," said Midge. "But I know we can do it."
"You sure think we are good," smiled Jake.
"Hi you guys," said Booker-T as he strolled up the sidewalk to the porch. "Are you all ready for your big day?"
"Yes," said Midge. "Where is Gabby?"
"I'm up here Midge," replied Gabby as he flew down from the free onto the porch railing. "The big question is, are you ready to go dance?"

I'm ready,” said Midge as she started down the steps of the porch. “Lets go!”
Jake and Booker-T hurried to keep up with Midge. She was excited and wanted to get there fast. Gabby flew above them as they went to the convention center on the other side of the park. At the edge of the park, they could see the convention center. They stopped and stood staring at all the people coming and going from the building.
Wow!” said Midge. “There are a lot of people there. It should be easy to get in with all those people.”
You think you can sneak in with some of them?” asked Booker-T.
Oh sure,” said Midge. “This should be easy to do. Come on lets walk over there.”
They crossed the street and approached the crowd of people. Midge thought she could blend in with all the people and walk right inside behind them. The walked around among the people and most of them didn't seem to notice.
How many doormen are there?” asked Midge.
I saw only the one,” said Gabby. “Get ready to follow someone in. I'm going to buzz by the guy at the door.”
Midge inched her way up through the crowd of people and got in close to the ones near the door on the opposite side from the man at the door and waited. Gabby flew toward the man and he started waving his arms around to make Gabby fly away. While the man was looking away from the door, Midge quickly hustled through the door. Once inside, Midge stopped and looked around the huge building. She started wandering through the place looking for the stage area as she dodged people rushing here and there. She made her way across the building to the big doors at the back of the large room. She carefully approached the doors, trying not to be noticed. As she got closer, she could hear the music coming from inside. “Oh, this is my big chance,” thought Midge. “I just have to get in there and I know I can win.” She glanced quickly around the room and no one was watching and she darted inside the open doors. She walked along the back wall and watched the two people on the stage dancing to the music. She found a place to sit and hide and wait. Soon the music was done and the man on stage was talking to them. He then called the next couple to come to the stage. Midge stood and got ready waiting for the music to start. She saw the couple go up on the stage and when the music started and they began their dance, Midge suddenly darted across the floor and onto the stage. She stood up on her hind legs and started prancing around the stage. The audience began to laugh and clap. Midge kept going.
Hey, get out of here!” shouted a young man who came running across the stage to where Midge was doing her dance. “You can't be in here!”
Midge quickly ran to the other side of the stage and began to dance again but the young man ran after her. Once again, Midge ran to the other side of the stage and started dancing once again.
Dog!” shouted the young man. “Come on, you can't be in here!”
Come on doggie,” said a young woman who joined the man, trying to make Midge leave the stage.
The music stopped and Midge stood there looking at the young man and then to the young woman. The two slowly started walking toward Midge. The audience was cheering and laughing at the dancing dog. “Let her dance!” shouted someone from the front of the audience. “She's cute.”
The young man approached the couple who had been dancing. “Is she your dog?” asked the young man.
No,” said the woman. “We've never seen her. She's cute. Why don't you let her dance to one song. She seems to enjoy it.”
Midge was watching the young man and the young woman as she slowly backed up. Suddenly someone grabbed her and lifted her off her feet. “I've got you,” said the man as the audience began chanting, “Let her dance! Let her dance!” they repeated over and over. Midge turned her head and licked the man on the face. The music began to play. The man set Midge on the floor and stepped back. Midge looked around the room and no one was coming toward her and the audience was clapping and chanting, “Dance! Dance!” over and over. Midge stood up on her hind legs and began dancing around the stage as everyone began to clap louder and cheering. Midge could see the flash bulbs flashing as people were taking her picture. When the music ended, Midge bowed to the audience and strolled off the stage and ran for the door. She hurried outside to where Jake and Booker-T were standing there waiting.
Did you dance Midge?” asked Jake.
Oh Jake,” sighed Midge. “I did, I did. It was so great.”
What happened?” asked Booker-T. “Tell us all about it.”
I thought they were going to throw me out before I could do much dancing. I got to the stage and started dancing when a couple was doing their dances. A young man came toward me and wanted me to leave the stage.”
Oh, no,” said Jake. “What did he do?”
I ran from him and then a young woman came on to help him and I ran from her too,” said Midge. “I was watching them and backing up when someone grabbed me.”
Did he throw you out?” asked Jake.
No,” said Midge. “I think he was going to, but the people were clapping and yelling for them to let me dance.”
They wanted you to dance!” said Booker-T.
Yes,” said Midge. “The people kept saying over and over again to let me dance.”
What did they do?” asked Jake.
Suddenly the music started to play again and eveyone started clapping and the man set me down on the stage,” said Midge. “He backed up some and I stared dancing and the people were cheering and clapping.”
So they let you dance?” asked Gabby.
Yes,” said Midge.
Wow!” said Jake. “That is great. Was it fun?”
Lets go home and I'll tell you all about it,” said Midge. “I'm tired but I am happy.”

They hurried across the park to Jake's house.

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