Thursday, January 14, 2016

Opening Day

 “Hi Booker-T,” greeted Jake as he was on his way to Midge's house.
“Hi Jake,” said Booker-T as he came through the gate and joined Jake on his walk to Midge's.
“Does Midge still want to sneak on the train today?” asked Jake.l
“It is all that she has been talking about,” laughed Booker-T. “All the way home from your house yesterday. She really wants to ride that train.”
“I guess we can't talk her out of it either,” said Jake. “You do know that this train ride could be the train to nowhere for us if they see us on the train.”
“Oh no Jake,” said Booker-T. “It's the train to the zoo and the shopping centers and I think it even goes to the airport.”

“But for us dogs,” said Jake. “It could be the train to nowhere because they won't let us go anywhere on it.”
“But I'm a cat,” said Booker-T. “Maybe it will be a train to the zoo for me.”
“Very funny,” laughed Jake. “We are animals and they won't let us stay on the train and ride it. Maybe they will keep you at the zoo if you get there.”
“But those big tigers would eat me,” said Booker-T. “I can't stay there. I don't want to stay there.”
“They wouldn't put you in with the tigers,” said Midge. “Maybe they would keep you in the office so you can chase mice for them.”
“I don't want to chase mice and I don't want to stay at the zoo,” said Booker-T as he and Jake joined Midge on her front porch. “I have a home here and I would only make friends with the mice.”
“Zoo people would not like you making friends with the mice,” laughed Midge. “A cat that likes mice.”
“So you see,” said Booker-T. “They won't want to keep me. They will send me home.”
“But you will have to get back on the train because it is a very long walk back here from the zoo,” said Jake.
“Lets go see what is happening at the station now,” said Midge. “I really want to rid the train. It looks like fun.”
“Okay,” said Jake. “We will try but if they see us we better not try to get on the train today.”
The three hurried along the sidewalk to the new train station. From across the street they could see many people waiting for the train to arrive.
“Look Jake,” said Booker-T. “Here comes the train now.”
“Wow, it is cute little train,” smiled Midge. “Not like those big trains that pull passenger cars or freight cars.”
“Looks like the train we saw at the warehouse area when we went to watch the train,” said Booker-T. “Remember when we were there?”
“It sure does look like it,” said Midge. “This one has cars for people.”
“There is the conductor now,” said Jake. “When he walks away from the door we can try to sneak in and get under a seat way in the back.”
“Okay,” agreed Midge.
“Lets hurry,” said Booker-T. “He is over there talking to that man and won't see us.”
The three hurried to the steps of the train and quickly entered the car. They ran to the back of the train car and scooted under the seat all the way to the back against the wall. They lay there quietly as people started to enter and take a seat. A little boy entered the car with his mother and as they walked to the back of the car, the little boy saw the three under the seat.
“Hey Mom,” said the little boy pointing under the seat.
“Sit down Jimmy,” said the mom.
“But there is a cat and two dogs under the seat,” said Jimmy.
The three animals held their breath waiting to see what would happen next.
“Maybe they belong to the conductor and the train,” said his mom. “Leave them alone. They might bite.”
Soon the conductor entered the train car and welcomed everyone aboard for the train's first trip across the town.. “We will make our first stop at the airport and then to the two shopping centers.. Our last stop will be the zoo where our little train will start back to this station,” said the conductor. “We will making this round trip about six times a day so if you miss one, you can get aboard another trip. Soon we will be adding another train to the route which will give us a train leaving the station here every 15 minutes. Sit back and enjoy the ride.”
The three friends listened to the man hoping that the little boy and his mom would not mention them hiding beneath the seat.
“Hey mister!” said the little boy.
“Oh no,” whispered Midge to Jake. “He is going to tell on us.”
“Maybe not,” said Jake. “Wait.”
“Yes young man?” asked the conductor.
“Are those your dogs and cat under the seat?” asked Jimmy.
“That's it,” said Jake. “We will have to get off the train now.”
The conductor bent over and looked under the seat and saw the three crouched together near the wall.
“Come on you three,” said the conductor, waving his arms about and pointing toward the door. “You don't belong on the train. Lets go.”
The three crawled out from under the seat and stood staring at the conductor as he pointed toward the door with one hand and the other he placed on his hip.
“Lets go Midge, Booker-T,” said Jake as they walked to the door.
“There is always another day,” said Midge. “I won't give up until we get to ride the train.”
“I know you won't,” said Booker-T. “Next time we might make it all the way to the zoo.”
“If that little boy hadn't seen us, we would have made it three this time,” said Midge.
We may need to wait a few days before we try again,” said Jake. I think the conductor will be watching now to be sure we aren't on the train.”

They each agreed to give it a try again later as they walked over to the zoo holding area to see what animals were there today.

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Jake and Midge
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