Friday, January 20, 2017

The Races

The four friends headed to the school area where the races were to be held.  As they got closer to the school, they could hear the roaring of the motorcycles. 
   “Look!” said Midge.  “Where they are. Come on lets hurry.”
   “They are really going fast,” said Melody.  “Why do they only go round and round in a circle?”
   “I guess they are going in a circle because the track is in a circle,” said Midge. 
   “I think that would make me dizzy,” said Booker-T.  “Only going round and round in the same direction.”
   “I wonder if they get dizzy,” said Melody.
   Suddenly they heard a loud noise.  One of the motorcycles has fallen over and was sliding across the track on its side. 
   “Oh no!” said Jake.  “He crashed the motorcycle.  I hope he is okay.”
   “I think so,” said Booker-T.  “See over there.  He is getting up now”
   “Oh, good,” said Midge.  “I guess you were right Jake.  Those motorcycles are dangerous.  My legs are too short.”

    “Too short for what?” asked Melody.
    “Too short to reach the brake and gas pedals,” said Midge.
    “I think they are on the handlebars now,” said Gabby.
    “That is a dumb place to put them,” said Midge.  “Maybe that is why he crashed his motorcycle.”
   “Why is it a dumb place to put them?” asked Jake.
    “Wouldn't it be easier to use your feet instead of your hands?” asked Midge.
    “I don't know,” said Gabby.  “Maybe they like them better on the handlebars.”
    “Motorcycles are sure different than bicycles,” said Midge. 
    “Do bicycles race too?” asked Melody.
    “Yes,” said Jake.  “But I don't think they go round and round like this. I saw them on TV one time when my owner was watching a sports show of some kind.”
    “They race all kinds of things,” said Gabby.  “Horses, cars, go-carts, skateboards, roller skates.”
    “Dogs and sleds,” added Booker-T. 
    “Even the humans race,” said Midge.
    “Have you ever watched a dog race?” asked Melody.
    “No,” said Jake. 
    “I haven't seen them race either,” said Midge.  “I don't think they race here in our town.”
    “They did a little dog racing at the dog show,” said Gabby.  “But you all got kicked out before you saw them.”
    “Why did you get kicked out of the dog show?” asked Melody.  “You are dogs.”
    “Well, Midge tried to be in the dog show without a trainer,” laughed Booker-T.  
    “Oh,” said Melody.  “What did you do?”
    “We got to the dog show and I started talking with one of the dogs who was going to be in the show,” said Midge.  I told her I really wanted to be in the show.  She told me to follow her in with her owner and no one would notice.”
    “Did you follow her in?” asked Melody.
    “She followed the other dog and her owner into the ring and stood in line with her head held high,” said Jake. “She looked just as good as those show dogs did.”
    “I started walking around the ring with the other dogs and holding my head high,” said Midge. 
    “Suddenly the judges figured out that she didn't have a trainer with her,” said Jake.
    “What happened?” asked Melody.
    “They started trying to chase her around and was yelling at her to get out of the ring,” said Booker-T.  “But she kept proudly walking around the ring.  People were laughing.  Two men got her and tossed her out of the place and we ran away.”
      “I bet you looked really good Midge,” said Melody.  “Weren't you scared with those men chasing you?”
      “I was scared but I kept walking fast around the ring,” said Midge. 
     “Do you want to be in a dog show again?” asked Melody.
     “I would like to,” said Midge.  “But don't think my owner will enter me in one.”
     “Hey, look!” said Gabby.  “They have some motorcycles out there doing tricks.”
     “Oh wow,” said Melody.  “That looks scary.”
     “I think so too,” said Booker-T.  
     “There are some motorcycles over there,” said Jake.  “Lets go look at them.”
     “Aren't you afraid I will try to ride one,” said Midge.
     “No,” said Jake.  “You promised us that you would not try to ride one.  We believe you.”
    “Okay, lets go see them up close,” said Midge.
     They strolled over to the motorcycles where a lot of the race drivers were talking to the people who had gathered around them.  In among the crowd were a couple news people asking questions.
   “How long have you been racing bikes?” asked the man with a microphone.
    “I've been racing now for three years,” said the racer. 
   “How does it feel to win your fifth race?” asked the other reporter.
    “It's always good to win,” he said.  “But I have lost many races also.  When you do, you just keep trying and move forward.”
     “Wow,” said Melody. “He won the race we were watching.”
     “That's cool,” said Midge.  “We are seeing up close, a race winner.”
     “We have seen other racers up close who won,” said Jake.
     “Who?” asked Midge.
     “Your owner's nephew was a winner of the go-cart races,” said Jake.  “Don't you remember?”
     “I remember,” said Midge.  “But this is a really big star.”
     “Okay,” laughed Booker-T.  “I guess that is different.”
     “Are you ready to go home?' asked Jake.  “I am getting hungry and want to take a little nap.”
    “I'm hungry too,” said Melody.  “I'm ready to go home if Booker-T and Midge are ready to go.”
     “I am ready too,” said Midge.  “Lets go to your house Jake.”
    “Are you coming with us, Gabby?” asked Jake.
    “No,” said Gabby.  “I'm going to go see what Polly is doing now.”
    “Next time, bring Polly with you,” suggested Midge.
    “I will,” said Gabby.  “She would like to see you all again.”
    Jake, Midge, Booker-T and Melody started walking toward Jake's house as Gabby flew off in the other direction. 
    “Bye guys!” called Gabby.

    “Bye Gabby.”

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