Friday, February 3, 2017

Flowers on the Wall

   “Hey Midge!” called Jake as he strolled up the sidewalk to the front porch. “Where are you?”
  Jake sat staring at the door and listened.  Midge didn't come out like she usually did when he calls.  He called again.  “Hey Midge!”  
   Still no answer.  Jake ran to the back of the house and poked his nose through the doggie door.  There was Midge in the middle of the kitchen floor, dancing around strangely.  For a few minutes he just quietly watched.  Midge was chasing her tail like puppies do.  Eventually, Jake pushed his way into the kitchen.
    “What are you doing?” laughed Jake.  “And what is that on your back side?”
     “Can you pull it off me?” asked Midge.  “I can't get it off.”
     “Why are you wearing flowers on your back side?” asked Jake.
     “Isn't it pretty?” asked Midge.
     “It is nice,” said Jake. “But where did you get it?'

     “My owner is hanging wallpaper,” said Midge.  “I sat down and this piece of paper stuck to my back side and I can't get it off.”
     “That is wallpaper on your back side?” asked Jake.  “Turn around and I'll pull it off.”
     Jake grabbed a hold of the paper and gave it a yank.  “Ouch!” said Midge.
     “Oh Midge,” said Jake.  “Some of her hair came off with the paper.”
    “Why?” asked Midge.
     “It was stuck on you with glue I think,” said Jake.  “Are you okay?”
     “It hurt when you pulled my hair, but I will be okay,” said Midge.  “Thanks for pulling it off.  Do you want to see what she did?” asked Midge. 
     “Sure,” said Jake.  “And I can say hi to Snappy when I am here.”
     Jake followed Midge into the other room.  When they entered the living room, Jake stook and stared at the walls.  “Do you like it?” asked Midge.
    “Wow,” said Jake. “It sure looks different. Do you like it?”
    “I think the flowers are pretty,” smiled Midge.  “In the bedroom, she is putting different flower and on one of the walls it will look like a brick wall.”
    “Wow,” said Jake.  “This is nice.  I think it is a lot of work.”
    “It sure is a lot of work,” said Midge.  “She measures the wall, then measures the paper and cuts it and then she sticks the paper into water before she puts it on the wall.”
    “Why does she put it into water?” asked Jake.
     “I don't know,” said Midge.  “She gets it all wet and then puts it on the wall.”
     “Does the water stick it to the wall?” asked Jake.  “I thought you stuck paper on the wall with glue.”
     “It stays up there,” said Midge.  “I didn't know water would stick stuff on the wall.”
     “Wow,” said Jake.  “Magic water.”
     “Does your water stick stuff to the wall?” asked Midge.
     “I don't know,” said Jake.  “My owner never stuck paper on the wall before.”
     “Do you like it?” asked Midge.
     “It looks really pretty,” smiled Jake. “And a lot different than the colored walls.”
     “Hey you guys!” called Booker-T as he entered the room.  “Wow what happened in here?”
     “Hi Booker-T,” said Midge.  “Do you like it?”
     “It sure is different,” said Booker-T.  “I think it looks nice.  I like flowers.”
     “When did she start putting this on the walls?” asked Jake.
     “She started it last night,” said Midge.  “Her sister came over and helped her with it.”
     “It does look good,” said Booker-T.  “Hi Snappy.  Do you like it?”
     “It looks nice,” said Snappy.  “She really worked hard putting it on the walls.”
     “She did,” smiled Midge.
     “Did you get that piece of paper off your back side?”asked Snappy.
     “Yes,” said Midge.  “Jake helped me when he came to the house.”
     “Good,” said Snappy.  “I don't think the flowers looked too good on your bottom.”
     “It hurt a little coming off too,” said Midge.
     “Why?” asked Snappy.
     “It was stuck on there really good,” said Jake.  “I had to pull really hard and a little of her hair came out with it.”
     “Oh my,” said Booker-T.  “I pulled out a little hair one time when I got stuck on some glue and that hurt.  Are you okay Midge?”
    “I'm fine,” said Midge.  “It don't hurt anymore.  Do you want to see the bedroom?”
     “Lets go,” said Booker-T as they followed Midge to the bedroom. 
     They entered the room and stood in the doorway staring at the walls.  Three of the walls were covered in pretty pink and white flowers with pale green leaves scattered throughout the flowers.  On the fourth wall it looked like a beige brick wall. 
     “This is really pretty Midge,” said Jake.  “Do you like it?”
      “I like the flowers,” said Midge. “And the brick looks good.”
      “She did a really good job,” said Jake.
      “Why did she put paper on the walls?” asked Booker-T. 
      “I don't know,” said Midge.  “I guess she likes it.”
      “Well,” said Jake.  “It does make the house look different.”
      “Very flowery,” laughed Booker-T. 
      “Be careful where you sit down,” laughed Jake.  “I think the flowers on your bottom don't look as good as on the walls.”
      “And it's hard to get off,” said Midge. 
      “That must have been hard,” said Booker-T.
      “Oh,” laughed Jake. “You missed Midge's dancing.”
      “You were dancing?” asked Booker-T. 
      “She was dancing around trying to reach the paper on her bottom,” said Jake.  “I watched her and she was really funny.  At first I didn't know what she was doing.”
       “I'm glad you didn't see me,” said Midge.  “I will be careful where I sit down next time.”
       “Why did it stick to your bottom?” asked Booker-T.
       “I don't know,” said Midge.  “She was sticking it on the wall with water.”
       “Water?” asked Booker-T with a strange look.  “What kind of water did she use?”
       “The one out of the faucet,” said Midge.
       “Does it glue our stomach inside too?” asked Booker-T.
       “I hope not,” said Midge.  “That wouldn't be a good idea.”
       “Be careful next time Midge,” said Jake. 
       “I will,” said Midge.  “I will sit across the room and watch her next time.”
       “Good idea,” laughed Jake. 

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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