Thursday, May 10, 2012

Booker-T's Good Mood

“Dum de dum dum,” sang Booker-T as he skipped along the sidewalk to Jake’s place.  He quickly turned the corner and hurried up the sidewalk to the porch.  “Hi ya Jake.”

   “What are you doing this morning Booker-T?” asked Jake.  “You sound like you are in a good mood.  I don’t think I have ever heard you sing before.”

   “I am real happy this morning Jake,” said Booker-T.

   “What is going on?” asked Jake. 

   “My mistress is going on vacation next week and she is going to take me with her this time,” said Booker-T.

   “Oh that is great,” smiled Jake.  “No kennel this time?”

    “Yes, no kennel,” said Booker-T.  “I’m so happy.  I didn’t like going to the kennel with all those dogs barking and barking and barking.”

    “Okay, I think you don’t like the barking,” said Jake.

    “Why do the dogs bark all the time?” asked Booker-T.  “We cats just lay down and sleep and make the best of where we are.”

    “Because we miss our homes and want to go home,” said Jake.  “We don’t like it in the kennel either.”

    “Did you bark all the time when your mistress took you to the kennel?” asked Booker-T.

    “No,” said Jake.  “I was good and just waited for my mistress to come home. I knew she would never leave me there.”

    “Okay,” said Booker-T.  “I’m glad my friend isn’t a barker.”

    “Hey guys,” called Midge as she strolled up the sidewalk to where Booker-T and Jake were standing.  “What are you two doing this morning?”

    “Waiting for you,” said Jake.

    “How did you know I was coming?” asked Midge.

    “How long have you been coming to my house every morning?” asked Jake.

    “I think maybe three years,” said Midge.

    “And you ask him how he knew you were coming,” said Booker-T.  “Are you awake this morning Midge?”

    “What would you do if I didn’t show up one morning?” asked Midge.

    “We would come to your house looking for you,” said Jake.  “We’ve done it before.”

     “When did you come to my house?” asked Midge.

     “We were there two days ago,” said Booker-T.  

     “Oh yes,” said Midge.  “You are right. I remember now. Okay, am glad you will come see me if I don’t show up here.”

     “Midge, what is going on with you this morning,” asked Booker-T. 

     “I’m having fun with you,” said Midge.  “Are you two ready to go to the park?” 

     “We sure are,” said Jake.  “lets go.”

     “Can we stop at Susie’s house and pick her up on the way?” asked Booker-T.

     “Sure,” answered Jake.

     “Okay,” said Midge.  “Lets go.”

     The three friends strolled down the sidewalk to Susie’s house on their way to the park.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T