Monday, June 11, 2012

Midge is Happy Today

   “I’m on top of the world. I’m happy as can be,” sang Midge as she skipped along the sidewalk.  “Wouldn’t you like to be happy too?”

   “Hey Midge,” called Jake from the front porch.  “What are you singing?”

   Midge skipped through the gate of the fence and hurried up the walkway to the porch. “I’m just singing. Nothing special.”

   “Why are you singing?”  asked Jake.  “You don’t usually like to sing.” 

   “I know,” said Midge.  “But today, I’m happy happy happy.”

   “Okay,” said Jake.  “Why are you so happy today?”

   “Guess,” said Midge.

   “I’m not good at guessing Midge,” said Jake shaking his head at her.

   “Oh come on, just try,” said Midge.

   “Okay,” said Jake.  “You got a new collar.”

   “Nope,” said Midge.  “Try again.”

     “Midge!” said Jake.  “Just tell me why you are so happy. Why do I need to guess it.”

     “I want to delay the suspense,” smiled Midge.

     “You can do that by telling me you have something great and just not tell me for a while,” said Jake. 

     “I guess you are right,” said Midge.  “Okay, I will tell you soon.”

     “Very funny Midge,” said Jake.  “You are going to tell me anyway so why wait?”

     “I’m waiting for Booker-T to get here,” said Midge.

     “Okay,” said Jake.  “When is he coming to the house?”

     “I saw him this morning and he said he was going to go by and get Susie on his way here.”

     “I will just wait for him to get here,” said Jake.  “You will tell me eventually.”

     “I might not,” said Midge.  “You don’t know that I will tell you.”

     “Oh yes I do,” said Jake.

     “How do you know,” said Midge stomping her foot at him.  “How do you know that I will tell you.  Maybe I just will keep it a secret.”

     “Very funny,” laughed Jake.  “You keep a secret?  That will never happen.  When have you ever kept a secret?”

     “Well, let me see,” said Midge as she stared at the porch ceiling. 

     “You can’t tell me when, because you have never kept a secret,” said Jake.

     “Maybe not,” said Midge.  “Maybe I will this time.”

     “Maybe you will what?” asked Booker-T as he and Susie walked up the steps to the porch.

     “Hi Booker-T,” said Jake.  “She might keep a secret from us this time.”

     “Oh really,” said Booker-T.  “She can’t keep a secret ever.  She is always bursting inside to tell it to everyone.”

     “Well, I just might keep a secret this time,” said Midge.

     “Okay,” said Jake.  “That is okay, we really don’t want to know it.  It will come out one day. Secrets always do.”

     “That’s right Midge,” said Booker-T.  “Lets go to the park to play.”

      “You don’t want to know my secret?” asked Midge.

      “No,” said Booker-T.  “If you don’t want to tell us, we don’t want to know it.”

      “But it is a good secret,” said Midge.

      “That’s okay,” said Susie.  “If it is a secret, then we don’t want to know it.”

       “Susie!” said Midge.  “You are on their side?”

       “There are no sides to this,” said Susie. “Either you want to tell us your secret or you don’t.  If you don’t, we won’t talk about it.”

        “Okay,” said Midge pacing back and forth on the porch. 

        Jake and Booker-T smiled at each other and Susie jumped up on the swing and curled up in the corner. 

         “Fine, I will tell you,” said Midge.

         “Only if you really want to,” said Jake.

         “I know you really want to know what it is,” smiled Midge.

         “If you want to tell us, we will listen,” said Susie.

         “Okay,” said Midge.  “Did you see the poster on the pole over there?  The dog show is coming here next weekend?”

         “That is your secret?” asked Booker-T.  “We already know it.  We can see the poster too.”

         “No that isn’t my secret,” said Midge.  “My secret is that my mistress entered me in the dog show.  Is that too cool or what?”

         “Oh wow,” said Susie. “ That is great!”

         “Yes,” said Jake. “That is great. You will be good Midge.  You looks so pretty when you are cleaned up with the bows in your hair.”

         “Thank you Jake,” smiled Midge.

         “Wow, that is too cool,” said Booker-T. “We know a celebrity.”

         “Come on, lets go play,” said Midge.  “I’m no celebrity.”

         The four friends ran down the sidewalk to the  park to play. 

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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