Monday, July 30, 2012

Midge and the Teeth Cleaning

 “Hey Midge!” called Jake from the street as he turned into the yard.  “Where are you?”

 “I’m laying down up here on the porch,” said Midge.  “What are you doing this morning?”

 “Why are you lying down?” asked Jake.

 “Because I want to,” said Midge.  “Am I not supposed to lay down?”

 “Sure,” said Jake.  “Laying down is good, but we are supposed to meet Booker-T and Susie at the park.  Did you forget?”

  “No, I didn’t forget,” said Midge.  “I never forget my friends.”

  “Why didn’t you come over this morning so we can go to the park?” asked Jake.  “Are you sick this morning?”

  “No, I was eating my breakfast this morning and my mistress came out and told me we are going to the vet this morning,” said Midge.  “So I couldn’t leave the house.”

  “Why are you going to the vet?” asked Jake.  “Are you feeling bad?  You already had your yearly shots last month.”

   “No,” said Midge.  “I feel good.  My mistress said I needed my teeth cleaned.”

   “Your teeth cleaned?” said Jake.  “I never had my teeth cleaned at the vet’s before.  When do you go?”

   “She is getting ready now,” said Midge.  “I think in few minutes we are going.”

   “Have you ever had your teeth cleaned before?” asked Jake.
   “No,” said Midge.  “I am scared.  I don’t know what they are going to do to me.”

   “It doesn’t sound too bad Midge,” said Jake.  “Don’t worry.  Your mistress will be there with you and she won’t let anyone hurt you.”

   “I know,” said Midge.  “But I don’t want anyone sticking something in my mouth.”

   “Have you ever seen your mistress cleaning her teeth at night before bed?” asked Jake.  “I see mine do it all the time.  She has something little that looks funny.  She puts some kind of cream on it and sticks it in her mouth and moves it around and it gets foamy.”

   “I see my mistress doing that too,” said Midge.  “Is she cleaning her teeth?”

    “I think so,” said Jake.  “It doesn’t take long when she does so maybe you will only be there a few minutes.”

    “I hope it will be fast,” said Midge. ‘I’m still scared.  Why don’t you go get your teeth cleaned?”

    “I don’t know,” said Jake.  “Maybe mine are okay.”

   “Does that mean I have bad teeth?” asked Midge. 

   “No,” said Jake.  “I think your teeth are okay.”

   “Then why do I have to go get them cleaned?” asked Midge.

   “I don’t know Midge,” answered Jake.  “Don’t worry about it.  You will be fine.”

   “I have to go now Jake,” said Midge.  “She is calling me to get in the car.”

   “Okay,” said Jake.  “Smile Midge, you will be okay and I will be waiting for you to come back.”

    “Thanks Jake,” said Midge as she walked to the car.  “I will be back soon.”

    “Bye Midge,” said Jake as he stood and watched her step into the car.

     “Bye Jake,” said Midge as her mistress shut the door.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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