Friday, September 7, 2012

Jake Asks about the Teeth Cleaning

Midge strolled up the sidewalk to the front porch where Jake was sitting on the chair.  She slowly walked up the steps and sat down looking up at Jake. 

   “Are you okay Midge?” asked Jake.

   “I think so,” said Midge.

   “You look okay,” said Jake,  “But you do look sad.  What is wrong?  Did the teeth cleaning hurt you?”

   “No, not really,” said Midge.  “Oh Jake, It was terrible.”

   “What happened, Midge?” asked Jake as he jumped out of the chair and came to sit beside Midge.

   “Oh Jake, it is not fun,” said Midge.  “Not fun at all.  I don’t like it.”

   “What did they do?” asked Jake.

    “The vet scrapped and dug on my teeth and rinsed with water,” said Midge.  “Then he dug and scrapped some more.”

    “Did it hurt?” asked Jake. 

    “Sometimes it hurt,” answered Midge, nodding her head.  “I don’t want to do that again.”

    “You were gone long time,” said Jake.  “Are you okay?”

     “It takes long time to clean teeth,” said Midge.  “Not the same as your mistress cleaning her teeth before bedtime.  This is a lot more.”

     “How often do you have to get that done?” asked Jake. 

      “I heard the vet tell my mistress to get me some kind of bones to eat and it would help my teeth so I don’t have to do it very often,” said Midge. 

    “My mistress gives me some kind of bones,” said Jake.  “They crunch and are good. She gives me one every morning.”

    “Maybe that is why you don’t go and get your teeth cleaned,” said Midge. 

    “Maybe,” said Jake.  “The bones are good.  I like them.  If she gets you the bones maybe you won’t have to go anymore.”

    “I hope not Jake,” said Midge.  “I don’t like it when he scraps on my teeth.  I wanted to bite him.”

    “Oh, Midge,” said Jake shaking his head.  “That would not be nice.  You have never bitten anyone.  Your mistress wouldn’t like that.”

    “I know Jake,” said Midge.  “But he kept sticking his hand in my mouth.  If I had bitten him, I would not have been my fault.”

    “Are you okay now Midge?” asked Jake.

    “I’m okay,” said Midge.  “I just don’t want to ever do that again.”

    “Do you feel like going to the park to play with Booker-T and Susie?” asked Jake. 

    “Lets rest some first and then we can go,” said Midge as she jumped into the porch swing and curled up in the corner.
    “Okay,” said Jake as he jumped up beside her and laid down.

    “Hey Midge, Jake!” called Booker-T as he hurried up the sidewalk to the porch with Susie following behind him.   “What are you two doing?  I thought you were coming to the park?”

    “Hi Booker-T,” answered Jake.  “We were going to  but Midge had to go to the vet and get her teeth cleaned.

   “Why?” asked Susie.  “Were your teeth dirty?”

    “I didn’t think so,” said Midge.  “But my mistress took me and that vet poked in my mouth and scrapped on my teeth with something.”

    “Are you okay?” asked Booker-T. 

    “Did it hurt?” asked Susie.

    “I’m okay now,” said Midge.  “It hurt sometimes, but not real bad.  I wanted to cry  and sometimes I wanted to bite the vet when he poked his hand in my mouth.”

    “I’m glad I never had to get my teeth cleaned,” said Susie.  “I don’t like to hurt and I don’t like anyone sticking anything in my mouth.”

    “Do you want to go play?” asked Booker-T. 

    “Yes, but I want to rest a little first,” said Midge.  “Come on and lay down for a little while and then we can go play. 

    Booker-T and Susie jumped into the chair beside the swing and curled up to take a nap.  

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Jake and Midge
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