Friday, October 5, 2012

Booker-T is Late

“Hello Jake!” called Midge as she saundered through the gate and up the sidewalk to the porch. “What are you doing?”

“Hi Midge,” answered Jake as he sat up from his morning nap. “I was just taking a nice nap in the shade here and enjoying the cool breeze blowing.”

“A nap?” asked Midge. “Why do you need a nap? You just woke up from the night about an hour ago.”

“How do you know I woke up an hour ago?” asked Jake. “Maybe I was up earlier than that.”

“Jake, you never wake up before 8:00am,” said Midge. “I know you, remember?”

“Well, it was boring sitting here waiting for you to come so we can go to the park to play so I got sleepy in this nice cool breeze and went to sleep,” said Jake.

“Well, I am here now, so lets go to the park and play,” said Midge.

“We have to wait for Booker-T,” said Jake.

“Is he coming along with us?” asked Midge.

“Yes,” said Jake. “He stopped by the house on the way home from Susie's house last night and asked me if you and I were going to go to the park today. He told me he wanted to come along with us to play.”

“That is great,” said Midge. “What time is he going to be here?”

“He was supposed to be here by 8:00, but I haven't seen himyet,” said Jake.

“I know which direction he always walks,” said Midge. “Lets walk to his house and find out what happened to him.”

“Okay,” answered Jake.

The two started to walk to Booker-T's house when Gabby flew down and landed on the fence near them. “Where are you going this morning?” asked Gabby.

“We are on our way to Booker-T's house,” said Jake.

“What are you doing?” asked Midge.

“I was on the way to your house Jake,” said Gabby. “I just came from Booker-T's house and no one is there.”

“I hope Booker-T is okay,” said Midge with a worried glance. “Do you know where he is Gabby?”

“No,” said Gabby. “I thought he was over here.”

“Oh my Jake,” said Midge. “I hope he is okay.”

“I'm sure he is okay Midge,” said Jake.

“Yes,” said Gabby. “You know Booker-T. He is always okay.”

“I know, but I still worry about him Gabby,” said Midge.

“I know you do,” said Gabby. “Lets go find him.”

“Gabby,” said Jake. “You fly that direction and Midge and I will walk this way.”

“Ok,” said Gabby as he flew away to look for Booker-T.

In a few minutes, Gabby was back, “Hey Midge! Wait a minute!”

“What is wrong Gabby?” asked Midge.

“All is okay,” said Gabby. “Here comes Booker-T now with Susie.”

They turned to see Booker-T and Susie strolling along the sidewalk.

“Where have you been Booker-T?” asked Jake. “I thought you were going to be at the house early this morning?”

“I was,” said Booker-T. “I started this way when Susie stopped me and wanted me to wait for her so she could come along with us to the park.”

“What took you so long to get here?” asked Midge. “Susie is close to you.”

“She had to wait for her mistress to comb her hair so I waited for her,” said Booker-T. “Sorry Jake. I didn't think it would take that long.”

“We were worried about you,” said Midge.

“Midge was worried,” laughed Jake. “I knew you would be okay.”

“Next time you have to wait,” said Midge. “You come tell us early and we can walk back with you or we will wait and know that you are okay.”

“Okay Midge,” said Booker-T. “I will do that next time. I am sorry. I didn't mean to worry anyone.”

“We are friends and we care about you,” said Midge.

“I will remember next time Midge,” said Booker-T.

“Thank you,” smiled Midge. “Now, lets all go play.”

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Jake and Midge
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