Friday, January 18, 2013

Midge and the Stranger

Jake and Midge strolled along the sidewalk on their way to Booker-T's house. It was early morning and not much traffic along the street. The morning was quiet as the birds began to sing in the trees and the sun was slowly rising in the east behind the trees in the park.

“Isn't the sky pretty Jake?” asked Midge

“I love the morning sunrise,” said Jake. “The pretty orange glow from the sun on the white clouds are nice.”

A big white car slowly pulled up along side of the two as they walked along the sidewalk. A gruff looking man opened the door and called to Midge. “Come on little one,” as he held out a piece of beef to her.

Jake stood firm and growled at the man. Behind him, Midge also showed her teeth and snarled at the man. She started to bark and Jake showed his teeth and snapped at his hand. The man screamed and pulled his hand back from the growling dog. He slammed the door shut and sped away.

“Come on Midge, lets get out of here,” said Jake. “That man was trying to get you to go with him.”

“I wouldn't have gone Jake,” said Midge.

“I know you wouldn't but I didn't know if he might grab you by the collar if he got close enough,” said Jake.

“Thanks for growling at him and trying to bite his hand,” said Midge. “I don't think he thought my growl was vicious enough.”

“It is okay Midge,” said Jake. “You know I am always here to protect you.”

“I know you are, but you aren't with me when I walk to your house,” said Midge.

“It is okay,” said Jake. “Just watch everything around you when you are walking alone and never go up to anyone you don't know.”

“I won't Jake,” said Midge. “I will be careful and if someone stops their car near me, I will run fast the other direction.”

“Okay,” said Jake. “I don't want anything to happen to you and when I am around, nothing will.”

“Thanks Jake,” said Midge.

“What are you two doing?” asked Booker-T as he approached the two standing under a tree.

“Someone just tried to pick up Midge and take her in his car,” said Jake.

“Oh no,” said Booker-T. “That isn't good.”

“It's okay,” said Midge. “Jake was there and tried to bite the man's hand and he got mad and drove away fast.”

“That is good Jake,” said Booker-T. “I'm glad you were with Midge. That is too scary. You need to be careful all the time and always watch everyone around you when you are out on the sidewalk. Especially if you are by yourself.”

“I know,” said Midge. “I will.”

“I had a friend who got picked up and taken away by a mean man and I never saw that friend again,” said Booker-T. “I don't know where that man took her.”

“That is sad,” said Jake. “Some people are mean and we have to be careful. We have good homes with people who love us, but a lot of people are mean to animals. I don't understand why they are like that.”

“I know,” said Midge. “I heard my mistress talking to a friend of hers and she lost a pretty little poodle when someone came and stole her out of the yard where she was playing.”

“It isn't safe even in your own yard,” said Jake. “So we always need to be on the watch for anyone suspicious that might be near.”

“You are right Jake,” said Booker-T. “And we watch out for each other when we are together.”

“Yes,” agreed Jake.

“Lets go play with Snappy at the park,” said Midge.

“Okay,” said Jake. “Lets go and always remember we need to stay together.”

The three friends walked close to each other as they went to the park to play. They will always be safe together and when alone, they agreed to be extra careful.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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