Thursday, January 24, 2013

Midge is in a Hurry

“Jake!” called Midge as she came running around the corner, through the gate and jumped up onto the porch where Jake was laying in the swing.

“Slow down Midge,” said Jake. “Why are you in such a hurry this morning? I would have thought something was chasing you.”

“Oh no,” said Midge. “No one is chasing me. I came fast as I could come.”

“But why?” asked Jake. “What are you running so fast for?”

“Something is going on in the park,” said Midge. “Lets go see what it is.”

“How do you know that there is something going on over in the park?” asked Jake. “Were you there this morning already?”

“I saw some strange vehicles pass the house this morning so I hurried up the street to see where they were going,” answered Midge. “And where do you think they went?”

“In the park,” said Jake.

“How did you guess that?” asked Midge.

“Slow down,” said Jake. “You just said something was going on in the park, so of course, I guessed the park.”

“Oh, yes that is right,” said Midge. “I forgot. Yes, something is going on in the park. Lets go see what it is.”

“Now?” asked Jake.

“Yes, now,” said Midge. “Why are you still sitting there?”

“Midge,” said Jake. “I'm not in that big a hurry to see what is going on. We will get there and get there safely. Do you want to get hurt trying to get there in a fast hurry?”

“I guess not Jake,” said Midge. “But lets hurry.”

“You aren't going to slow down until we leave, are you?” asked Jake.

“No,” said Midge pacing across the porch.

“Okay,” said Jake as Midge hurried down the steps with Jake following behind her. “Slow down Midge. We will get there in plenty of time to see whatever it is that has you so excited.”

“It might not be there if we don't hurry,” said Midge.

They walked quickly along the sidewalk to the corner where they crossed the street into the park. From above, Gabby swooped down in front of them.

“Where are you two going in such a hurry?” asked Gabby.

“Midge wants to see what is going on in the park,” said Jake.

“Oh, I can tell you what is going on,” said Gabby.

“How do you know?” asked Midge.

“I was there this morning and I saw the poster on the drug store window,” answered Gabby.

“What is it?” asked Jake.

“The local kids are having a go-cart competition there this afternoon,” said Gabby.

“A go-cart competition?” asked Jake. “What is that?”

“Oh Jake,” said Midge. “I heard my mistress talking to her little nephew about that. I think he and his father are building one of those things.”

“They will have them all line up and a judge will pick the best design for a go-cart and later there will be some go-cart races going downhill on the street beside the park,” said Gabby. “They roped off the street so no cars will go down it during the afternoon. Only the go-carts will be allowed there.”

“This will be fun Jake,” said Midge. “I never saw a go-cart race before.”

“Yes and with the kids doing it, they will be fun,” said Jake.

They approached the area where all the go-carts were lining up. They were putting up food stands and things too. Midge got as close as she could to them so she could see what they looked like. The strolled along the line of go-carts checking out all the cool looking ones. They had go-carts that looked like a covered wagons, a racing car, fire engine, and many more different ones. There was one that looked like the batmobile and another one that looked like an ambulance.

“These are really neat Jake,” said Midge. “I wonder which one is my mistress's nephew.”

“Do you see him here somewhere?” asked Jake.

“No, not yet,” said Midge.

“Isn't that him over there Midge?” asked Gabby.

Midge turned to look toward the street. “Yes, that is him. Oh look, how funny. His go-cart looks like a wedge of cheese with a mouse sitting on top. That is cute. I hope he wins for best design.”

“That is cute,” said Gabby. “But look over there. That go-cart looks like a can of sardines and with three sardines sitting up in the front of it.”

“Oh yes,” said Jake. “That one is cute too.”

“Lets stay and watch the races Jake,” said Midge.

“Okay,” said Jake. “We will stay and watch. This could be fun.”

“Ha ha,” said Midge. “Let's go sit over there on that hill close to the street. We will be able to see everything from there.”

The two walked over to the hill and got beside the tree and laid down to rest. Booker-T came running up to join them.

“What are you doing?” asked Booker-T.

“We are going to watch them judge the carts and watch them race,” said Midge. “Sit down and watch them with us.”

“Okay,” said Booker-T as he laid down beside them in the shade of the tree to watch.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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