Thursday, May 21, 2015

Midge Helps New Friend

The three friends walked through the parking lot of the school on their way to Midge's place. As they passed the brick wall in front of the school, Midge heard a little voice.
Help me will you?” said someone.
Midge stopped walking and stood a moment listening.
What are you doing?” asked Booker-T when he stopped walking. “I thought you were thirsty?”
I am,” said Midge. “Did you hear someone talking?”
I didn't hear anyone,” said Booker-T. “Did you hear anyone Jake?”
I didn't hear anything either,” agreed Jake. “Maybe you are hearing things.”

Yes,” said Midge as she started walking again. “Maybe I am. Lets go get something to eat and drink.”
Wait,” said the little voice. “Don't go.”
Midge stopped again and stood looking around. “Where are you?”
Who are you talking to Midge?”
I don't know,” said Midge. “But I am talking to someone. I hear him.”
Booker-T and Jake walked back where Midge was standing looking around. They walked around the area and called out. “Hello,” said Jake. “Where are you?”
Hi,” called the voice. “I'm over here by the fence.”
The three walked to the fence and looked behind it but saw nothing or no one. “We don't see you here at the fence,” said Booker-T. “Why are you hiding?”
I'm not hiding,” said the voice. “You are close to me now.”
Jake and Booker-T walked into the school yard and toward the back of the school searching for who was talking to them.
Midge looked around and saw no one. “I don't see anyone near us,” said Midge. “I only see a green frog.”
That's me,” said the voice.
Midge leaned over to get a closer look at the frog. “Are you talking to me?”
Yes,” said the little frog. “Will you help me?”
Oh wow,” said Midge. “I didn't know frogs talked.”
I didn't know dogs talked either,” laughed the frog. “We are amazing don't you think?”
I guess we are,” agreed Midge.
Jake, Booker-T,” called Midge. “Over here. I found our little voice. It's a frog.”
A frog!” laughed Jake as they walked back to where Midge was standing. In front of her was a small green frog.
What is your name?” asked Midge.
I'm Sylvester,” said the little frog. “Can you help me?”
We can try to help you,” said Midge. “What do you want us to do?”
Do you live here at the school?” asked Booker-T.
No,” said Sylvester. “I live at the pond in the park.”
You are a long way from home,” said Jake. “How did you get all the way over here?”
I was sitting on a log near the pond and some little boy picked me up,” said Sylvester. “He put me in his pocket.”
How did you get here?” asked Midge.
I wiggled out of his pocket and fell to the ground here,” said Sylvester. “When I fell on the ground, I hurried over here to the fence.”
He didn't see you?” asked Jake.
He was looking for me,” said Sylvester. “But his mom was calling him to come now and he left with her. He left me here.”
We can take you back to the pond if you want us to,” said Booker-T.
Please can you take me home?” asked Sylvester.
Can you climb on my back?” asked Midge.
I can if you come down here so I can,” said Sylvester.
Midge laid down on the ground next to Sylvester so he could climb onto her back. She started laughing as he slowly made his way up to her back.
What is funny?” asked Jake.
Sylvester's little feet tickle,” laughed Midge.
When Sylvester was on Midge's back, she carefully stood up so he wouldn't fall off. “Are you okay up there?” asked Midge.
I'm okay,” said Sylvester. “Can we go now?”
Sure,” said Midge.
Do you have friends at the pond?” asked Jake.
I have a couple friends,” said Sylvester. “I have Jenny who is another frog and Goldie who is a pretty gold fish.”
Kids go fishing in the pond,” said Midge. “Tell your friend Goldie not to try to eat anything that has a string attached to it.”
I will tell her,” said Sylvester.
They slowly walked along the sidewalk to the park and carefully crossed the park so Sylvester didn't fall off Midge's back. Sylvester sat there and held on to Midge's fur to keep from sliding off her back.
How long have you lived in the park?” asked Booker-T as he walked beside Midge.
I don't know,” said Sylvester. “It's been a very long time I think.”
Did you know a turtle that used to live there?” asked Jake.
I remember a turtle being there one time,” said Sylvester. “I never got to be friends with him. He left before I met him. He was little too. I used to see him sitting on the log in the water.”
That was Snappy,” said Midge. “He lives in a new home now.”
Do you know him?” asked Sylvester.
He lives at my house,” said Midge. “We used to come swim with him. He was very cold last winter and he came to live at my house.”
Doesn't it get cold at your house?” asked Sylvester.
Yes,” laughed Midge. “It does get cold at my house too, but Snappy lives inside the house in a nice tank for his home now.”
A tank?” asked Sylvester. “What is a tank?”
It is like a box with glass sides,” said Jake. “He lives in the glass box. Midge's owner made a little pond in the tank for him with logs and rocks and flowers.”
That sounds really nice,” said Sylvester.
Booker-T hurried to the edge of the pond where he saw another little green frog sitting on the small rock sticking out of the water. He leaned over close to the frog and heard it crying. “What is wrong?” asked Booker-T. “Why are you crying.”
You can hear me?” asked the little frog.
I hear you,” said Booker-T.
Someone took my friend away,” said the little frog.
Who is your friend?” asked Booker-T.
My friend's name is Sylvester,” said the frog.
You must be Jenny,” smiled Booker-T.
How do you know my name?” asked Jenny.
My two friends and I are bringing Sylvester home,” said Booker-T.
She looked up to see Midge and Jake join Booker-T at the edge of the pond. Midge laid down near the rock and Sylvester leaped off her back and joined Jenny on the rock.
Hi Jenny,” said Sylvester. “These are my new friends. They helped bring me home after that little boy took me away.”
Oh,” smiled Jenny. “Thank you for helping Sylvester.”
We were happy to help,” said Midge. “And we are happy to be your friends.”
We will come back to see you again,” said Jake. “We have to go home now.”
Bye,” said Sylvester. “Thank you for your help.”
See you another day,” said Booker-T. “We come here to play sometimes.”

The three hurried across the park heading for home.  

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