Thursday, May 7, 2015

Midge Tells Snappy About the Slide

Hi Snappy,” said Midge as she jumped into the chair next to his tank.
Good morning Midge,” said Snappy. “You were outside last night.”
Yes,” said Midge. “I was with Booker-T and Jake.”
Does our owner know you were outside last night?” asked Snappy.
No,” said Midge. “She was sleeping when I went outside. But she is okay if I go outside.”
Okay,” said Snappy. “I was worried about you in the dark.”
Thanks Snappy,” smiled Midge. “That's nice of you. I used to worry about you out there at the pond in the night all alone. I am happy you now have this nice new home and don't have to be out there alone.”

Me too,” agreed Snappy. “It was so nice of our owner to give me a nice home in here.”
I am glad you are happy with your new home,” said Midge.
What were you doing outside?” asked Snappy. “You were gone long time.”
We went over to the new water park across the street,” said Midge.
Was the park open at night?” asked Snappy.
No,” smiled Midge. “We crawled under the fence.”
No one saw you?” asked Snappy.
We got caught and they tried to kick us out of the park,” said Midge. “But Jake and I went down the slide into the pool of water.”
Booker-T didn't go down the slide?” asked Snappy.
He was too scared of the high slide so he waited for us at the bottom,” said Midge.
Was it fun?” asked Snappy. “I wish I could have seen you go down the big slide.”
It was lot of fun going down the slide,” said Midge. “I think the guard over there was not happy because we were in the park.”
I'm glad he didn't catch you,” said Snappy. “Don't they send animals to some kind of place they call a pound?”
Yes,” said Midge. “We ran real fast so he couldn't catch us. I think he almost caught Jake. You can ask him when he comes.”
Are you going to try it again?” asked Snappy.
I don't think so,” said Midge. “Now that the guard saw us, he will make sure the hole we used to get in is closed up. I would like to do it again, but don't think we better try it again.”
How did you get into the park?” asked Snappy.
We found a good spot near the back gate that we could dig under and go in,” said Midge. “Booker-T went over the fence, but Jake and I can't climb up the fence like he can.”
I'm glad you are safe at home,” said Snappy. “I heard you when you went outside last night but I couldn't see you through the window.”
I am too,” smiled Midge. “Do you want to go to the park with us today? Jake can put you in the wagon and bring you with us.”
Sometimes I miss the pond,” said Snappy. “But I am happy here and think I will just stay here now.”
I'm happy your are here too,” said Midge.
Hi guys,” greeted Jake as he came into the living room where he found Midge talking with Snappy.
Hi Jake,” said Midge. “Did your owner catch you coming back in the house last night?”
No,” said Jake. “She was sound asleep when I got back there. I laid down on the rug at the end of the bed and went to sleep and she never knew I had left the house.”
Are you sure she didn't know?” asked Snappy.
I guess I'm not sure,” said Jake. “But she was sleeping when I got there so I don't think she knew I was outside.”
Was it fun?” asked Snappy.
The slide was really big,” said Jake. “I wanted to go down the other slide too but the guard was chasing us out of the park.”
He wasn't happy that we were in the park,” said Midge. “
Did you go back out through the hole you dug?” asked Snappy.
No,” said Jake shaking his head. “The guard opened the front gate when he chased us out of the park.”
Was the guard there by himself?” asked Snappy.
He was alone in the park til his friend came in,” said Midge.
I think the one guard was getting off work and the other was coming to work but when he found out that we were there,” said Jake. “The two of them together chased us out of the park.”
Hey you three,” said Booker-T. “What are you doing?'
We were telling Snappy about our sliding on the big slide at the water park last night,” said Jake. “But you didn't slide down it.”
I got scared of the slide,” said Booker-T. “I will do it next time if we go in again.”
I don't think the guards are going to allow us to get back in there.” said Jake. “They were not happy with us last night.”
But it sure was fun,” laughed Midge. “We can try one more time if you want.”
You will have to do this one alone I think,” said Jake. “I almost got caught and my owner would not be happy if she had to go to the dog pound to get me out.”
I know you are right Jake,” smiled Midge. “My owner would not be happy if we got into trouble.”
Do you want to go with us to the park Snappy?” asked Jake.
No,” said Snappy. “Thank you for inviting me to go with you, but I think I will stay here.”
Okay,” said Jake. “We will see you when we get back from the park. I want to see what they have done to the pond area.”
You all have fun,” smiled Snappy. “I will be here when you get back.”

The three friends said good bye to Snappy and hurried out the back doggie door and hurried along the sidewalk to the park.

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