Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Funny Bone

  Sorry everyone .. story has late posting as I have been sick...   better now... so here is the Story, "The Funny Bone"    Enjoy....


  Midge and Booker-T were sitting in Midge's front yard when Jake came in and joined them.
“Hi Jake,” greeted Midge.
“Hi you guys,” said Jake. “What are you doing this morning?”
“We are just sitting here waiting for you,” said Midge. “I'm happy you are here.”
“Lets go say hi to Snappy now,” said Booker-T. “Midge said he wants us to come see him.”
“Okay,” said Midge as she stood up and started walking to the back of the house.
Jake and Booker-T followed behind her. In the back, they crawled into the house through Midge's doggie door into the kitchen.

“Want some water or anything to eat?” asked Midge. “My owner put down a big bowl of fresh water this morning and I can maybe drag the dog food bag out if Jake helps me. I think there is a bag opened in the closet.”
“No,” said Jake. “Maybe later. I ate a big breakfast too, before I came, so I am full.”
“Me too,” said Booker-T. “I am full this morning.”
“Okay,” said Midge as she started toward the living room door.
They went into the living room and as they crossed the floor, Booker-T tripped over something that was laying on the floor near the coffee table.
“Ouch!” said Booker-T shaking his foot and stepping backward.
“What happened?” asked Midge turning around to look at Booker-T. “What did you do? Are you okay?”
“I tripped over this funny looking bone here on the floor,” said Booker-T staring at the strange object laying in front of him. “Why did you leave this bone on the floor here?”
“What bone?” asked Midge. “My owner won't allow me to have bones in here. I have to eat them in the kitchen. She would be upset with me if I brought my bones in here, so I leave them in the kitchen and sometimes I eat them outside.”
“This gray looking bone,” said Booker-T as he poked his nose against it. “It is really hard too. I don't think you can eat this one.”
Midge walked over and started laughing. Jake joined them to see what was on the floor and joined Midge in laughing at Booker-T.
“What is so funny?” asked Booker-T. “Don't you think its a funny looking bone? And it is really hard too. I bet it would be hard to eat.”
“That's not a bone,” laughed Midge. “My bones are always little ones.”
“It looks sort of like a bone, a funny bone, but it does have rounded ends and straight in the middle,” said Booker-T. “I don't know what it is if it isn't a bone.”
“It's a weight,” said Midge.
“Wait for what?” asked Booker-T. “I think it was waiting to trip me.”
“No, not wait for something,” said Jake. “It is called a weight. Humans pick it up and exercise with it to get their muscles strong,” said Jake. “My owner uses one in each hand when she exercises.”
“So, if I pick it up,” said Booker-T. “I can get strong muscles?”
“I don't know,” said Midge. “Maybe strong neck muscles if you can pick it up in your mouth.”
“Do I need strong neck muscles?” asked Booker-T.
“I think your neck muscles are pretty good,” said Midge. “Don't you think?”
“How do you know they are strong?” asked Booker-T.
“They hold up your head, don't they?” asked Jake.
“I guess they do,” smiled Booker-T as he bent over to try and pick up the weight. “I can't get my mouth around it.”
“Open wider and try,” said Midge.
“Wow!” said Booker-T when he tried again. “This is very heavy. I can't pick it up. Can you pick it up Jake?”
Jake leaned down and tried to pick it up. He got it off the floor but quickly dropped it, just missing his toes. “It's too heavy,” said Jake. “We could get hurt with this thing. I don't think it is made for us to try and lift.”
“What are you guys doing over there?” asked Snappy, who had his nose pressed against the inside of the glass trying to see what they were talking about.
“Booker-T tripped over my owner's weight and thought it was a bone,” said Midge as they walked toward the tank.
“Hi Snappy,” said Jake and Booker-T.
“Hi guys,” smiled Snappy. I'm glad you came to see me. Are you okay Booker-T after tripping on that thing. I watch our owner lifting it and she can do it good.”
“I know,” said Booker-T. “Our owners can do a lot of things, I think.”
“How is the weather now?” asked Snappy. “Is it still really cold outside?”
“Sometimes it is still cold,” aid Jake. “But today is nice outside. Do you want to go for a ride in the wagon with us today?”
“No,” said Snappy. “Thank you for asking me, but I think I will stay in my nice home here where it is safe from bad things happening and from the cold.”
“Okay,” said Midge. “If you ever change your mind some time, Jake can help you into the wagon and we can bring you to the park with us.”
“Okay,” said Snappy. “I think now the weather will start to warm up soon.”
“I think Spring is on the way now,” said Midge. “Some of the plants are getting some flower buds on them now.”
“I think that is the only thing I really miss now,” said Snappy. “The pretty flowers. They always smelled so good too.”
“Don't you miss the pond?” asked Jake.
“Not really anymore,” said Snappy. “Our owner put this nice little pond in here for me and it's just the right size for me.”
“Okay Snappy,” said Midge. “We are going to the park for a little while. We will see you later.”
“Good-bye you guys,” said Snappy. “Have fun.”

The three said good-bye and started out the door.   

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