Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crystal Solves her Problem

The friends all ran to the back yard where Crystal lives. In the back yard they found the small tree with low branches.

“This is the little tree,” said Crystal. “Do you think this will work?”

“It should,” said Midge. “But it isn't a tree. This is a bush.”

“Oh,” said Crystal. “But the bush will work won't it?”

“Sure,” said Gabby. “Now try to walk through the bush there in the middle and see if you can get the sweater caught on a branch.”

“Okay,” said Crystal as she started to walk into the bush. “Ouch”

“Are you okay?” said Midge.

“I'm okay,” said Crystal. “That one branch stuck me in the head.”

“Be careful,” said Midge. “It isn't worth getting hurt.”

“Okay,” said Jake checking to be sure Crystal was caught on one of the branches.

“We are going to run hide behind the garage,” said Booker-T. “When we get back there, you start barking and barking until she comes out the door.”

“Okay Booker-T,” said Crystal.

She waited til her friends were out of sight and she started barking. She barked and barked and then started whinning. It took about 5 minutes when she heard the door open and saw her owner standing on the back porch.

“Crystal! Where are you?” called Crystal's owner. “Come on girl. Crystal!”

Crystal started barking again. Her owner now saw her stuck in the bush near the garage. She hurried down the back stops and across the yard to where Crystal was stuck on a branch.

“Oh my,” said Crystal's owner. “How did you get stuck in here like this?”

Crystal just stared at her with her big brown eyes and tilted her head to the side with a sad look.

“Oh Crystal, you got your little sweater caught on the branch,” said Crytal's owner as she tried to free her from the branch. “Oh, your little sweater is torn.”

When she was freed from the branch, her owner hugged her and pulled off the sweater. “There you go Crystal. We will take off the sweater so you don't get caught again.”

Crystal jumped up and down and licked her owner on the cheek.

“I've got a lot of work to do today,” said Crytal's owner. “You play with your toys and I will go work.”

She stood up and headed back to the house and as she passed the trash can near the door, she opened the can and threw in the torn sweater. Crystal watched her go inside and smiled.

“Yippee,” said Crystal as her friends came from behind the garage.

“You did it,” smiled Midge. “You are now free of the little sweater.”

“Yes, but I feel bad for my owner,” said Crystal.

“Why?” asked Gabby. “Didn't you want to get out of the sweater?”

“Yes,” said Crystal. “But I cheated to do it. Isn't that bad?”

“Usually it would be bad,” said Jake. “But you can't talk to your owner so it was the only way to do it.”

“I think you are right,” said Crystal. “But it feels bad.”

“Oh, cheer up Crystal,” said Misty. “It will be okay. She loves you.”

“I know,” said Crystal.

“It will be okay,” said Midge.

“Are we going to the park?” asked Booker-T. “Or are we going to sit here and feel guilty.”

“People don't think about the consequences of us wearing a sweater,” said Jake. “So what you did was show your owner what can happen when you have one on.”

“I guess you are right Jake,” said Crystal.

“Sure,” said Gabby. “Now lets go play at the park.”

“Okay,” said Crystal.

They ran across the yard and up the sidewalk to the park. They found Snappy sitting on a log near the little pond.

“He Snappy!” called Gabby as he swooped down on to the log beside him.

“Hi Gabby,” said Snappy. “Is Jake and the others coming?”

“They are right behind me,” said Gabby. “And they have a new little friend.”

“Oh good,” said Snappy. “I like new friends.”

Jake and the group walked up to the log where Snappy and Gabby sat talking. “Hi Snappy,” said Jake.

“Hi Jake,” said Snappy. “Who is your new friend?”

“Snappy, this is Crystal,” said Jake. “Crystal, this is our friend Snappy.”

“Hi Snappy,” smiled Crystal. “Wow, you all are so different and you are all friends.”

“Being different is okay,” said Gabby. “We all decided to be friends in spite of the differences. We learned that we all feel the same about things and we all enjoy having fun.”

“That's so nice,” said Crystal. “I'm happy we moved in here so I get to know you all.”

“We are happy to meet you Crystal,” said Gabby. “I think you will enjoy playing with us. We are all good friends and help each other when one needs help.”

“And we have lot of fun Crystal,” laughed Booker-T.

“Booker-T was a homeless alley cat until Midge helped him find a new home,” said Snappy. “She worries about everyone.”

“Really,” said Crystal. “That is great Midge. You are so good.”

“It is nothing,” said Midge. “Idon't want to see anyone without a home. That is too sad.”

“Come on you guys,” said Snappy. “Lets go swimming. It is getting really hot out here and the water is cool right now.”

“Ok Snappy,” said Crystal. “I am ready for a nice swim.”

They all agreed that a swim would be wonderful and jumped into the pond.

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