Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hello Friends

  "Hi,  I'm Midge.   Hello  to all my friends around the world.  I am hoping you are enjoying my little stories with me and all my friends.   We enjoy sharing our little adventures with you all.  Sometimes we make new friends along the way.  New friends are so much fun, don't you think so?  Jake is my best friend and we always like to go to the park to play with our friends.  Sometimes I get excited about things I have never seen before.  Remember my adventure where I thought the aliens had landed in the park?  Jake thought I was funny.  And how about Booker-T? 
 He is funny sometimes too.  Remember when he fell into the pond and got wet?  He looked so funny all wet.  Now he likes the water okay and will play with us in the pond.  How about my friend Gabby?  He is always talking and I think he knows everything that happens in the city.  He flies everywhere so he sees and hears a lot.  I think his name is Gabby because he is always talking.  He's a funny little bird.  Do you know what a blue jay is?  Gabby is a blue jay.  He's a pretty bird and I think he knows he is.  We don't tell him he is pretty.  If we told him he was pretty, he would never stop talking.  Have you met our friend Snappy?  He lives at the pond in the park.  He don't go out of the park very often. He walks too slow and is hard for him to cross the street.  But he came to see Jake and I one time when we had trouble with some bullies.  I know you have met Booker-T.  Jake and I met Booker-T when he was homeless.  I felt so sad because he was sleeping in a box outside in an alley.  I helped him to find a good home.  Now he sleeps inside with a human who loves him.  Jake and I have good humans we live with too.   Time for me now to eat some dinner.  I think I hear my human calling me to come inside to eat.  Hope to see you again one day.  In the meantime, enjoy our adventures.  I know the human who posts my stories here for you, tries to put them on one a week.  Sometimes she is little busy and my little stories are posted late, but she will get them posted for you.  
  have a good day everyone and will see you soon here.  Jake just got here and he says hello"

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T