Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gabby the Injured

 It wasn't long and Midge heard the car drive into the driveway and park near the house. Midge and Gabby hurried to the kitchen where Midge let Gabby out the door to play his part. She ran for the living room when she heard the front door open. Midge greeted her owner at the front door, jumping up and down and wagging her tail, when she stepped into the house.
“Hi girl,” said Midge's owner, as she patted her on the head. “I am happy to see you too. Let me get my coat off and get some hot coffee and I will fix you something to eat.”

Midge wagged her tail and barked. Ran toward the kitchen door and turned to see if she was following.
“I will be right there girl,” said her owner. “I will feed you. I know you are probably hungry.”
Midge went to the kitchen and sat by the cabinet waiting on her owner to come feed her. She was ready to try and get her to go outside so she would find Gabby. She heard a tap tap tap at the little door and poked her head out the door. Gabby was tapping on the door.
“Midge,” said Gabby. “Where is your owner? I am so cold out here.”
“Wait,” said Midge. “She is coming.”
“Hey girl,” said Midge's owner. “What are you doing? What do you see out there girl?”
Midge barked and wagged her tail and poked her head back out the little door. Her owner reached for the doorknob and opened the door. Midge barked at the little bluejay sitting in the snow near the back door.
“Oh my goodness Midge,” said her owner. “It is a little bird. It must be so cold out here in the snow.”
Midge barked and danced around.
“Midge,” said her owner. “I think the poor little bird has hurt it's wing. Maybe we should bring it inside.”
Midge jumped up and down as if to say she approved.
Midge's owner carefully picked up Gabby and carried him inside. She found a nice round basket and placed some old rags into the bottom and set Gabby in the basket. “I think he will be fine in here Midge,” she said. “What do you think girl?”
Midge jumped up on the chair trying to see Gabby in the basket. “You be nice Midge,” said her owner as she carried the little bird in the basket to the living room and set the basket on the little table near the fireplace.
“I think we will light the fireplace tonight Midge,” said her owner. “It is going to be another really cold night. This little one should be warm in here now.”
Midge leaped into the chair near the table and smiled at Gabby. Her owner went to the kitchen to fix a bowl of warm food for Midge and carried back a bag of bird seed and things she had kept from where she cared for a parakeet. She placed a small bowl of seed next to Gabby in the basket. “Your food is ready Midge. Go eat your dinner.”
Midge smiled at Gabby and ran to the kitchen to eat her food for the night. Her owner set down a bowl of warm milk for her too. She ate her food and drank the milk and hurried back to sit in the chair next to Gabby.
“Are you okay girl?” asked her owner.
Midge wagged her tail and answered with a short bark of approval.
“Enjoy the fire Midge,” said her owner. “I'm going up for warm bath and put on some warm night clothes for the night. I'll be back in little while to watch a nice movie.”
Midge watched her climb the stairs and turned to smile at Gabby. “Are you okay now?” asked Midge.
“Midge,” said Gabby. “This is great. Thank you so much for helping me. I was so cold outside.”
“I'm glad she is good person Midge,” said Gabby.
“Me too Midge,” said Snappy from across the room. “We would be left in the cold if it wasn't for her.”
“I would have sneaked you inside for the night if I had to,” said Midge. “She never locks my little door so I could have brought you inside and then let you hide til she left for work.”
“Thanks Midge,” said Snappy. “You are a really good friend.”
“I think so too,” said Gabby. “You have a nice house to live in and a nice owner to take care of you.”
“Will she let me stay here til the Spring comes?” asked Gabby.
“I think so,” said Midge. “I don't think she will put you out in the cold.”
In about 30 minutes, Midge's owner came downstairs all dressed in warm pajamas with fluffy slippers on her feet. She spread a warm blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace after putting a video into the cd player. She went to the kitchen and popped some popcorn and made some hot coffee for the night. She came back with popcorn and hot coffee and curled up on the blanket and started the movie. Midge curled up next to her and stared into the fireplace. “It sure feels good,” thought Midge. “I am so lucky to have a good owner who cares about animals.”
Midge's owner set a couple pieces of popcorn next to Gabby and put a couple into the tank for Snappy. “Maybe they will like some popcorn too girl,” she smiled. “And here is some for you too Midge.”
The movie was about some dogs trying to get home from somewhere. Midge watched the movie with her owner and fell asleep with her head in her owner's lap. The warmth of the fire felt so good on this cold night. When the movie ended, Midge's owner clicked off the television and picked up the blanket. “Come on girl, lets go up to bed,” she said as she carried her dishes into the kitchen.
Midge waited in the chair next to Gabby. “Are you comfortable for the night Gabby?” she asked.
“This is nice Midge,” said Gabby. “It will be nice to sleep in the warmth for once.”
“Come on girl,” said her owner. “Let the little bird sleep okay,”
Midge jumped out the chair and followed her up the stairs to the warm bedroom where she had the electric blanket turned on and ready for her to climb in the bed. Midge leaped on the foot of the bed and curled up on the warm blanket. “Good night Midge,” she said as she patted her on the head. “I think our new little friends downstairs will be fine for the night.”
Midge nuzzled her hand and laid her little head down and closed her eyes for sleep. She knew her two little friends downstairs were nice and warm.

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