Friday, April 11, 2014

Gabby Enjoys the Outside

"Midge!" called Gabby. "Hey! Where are you?"
   Midge came running down the stairs.  "Gabby," said Midge.  "What is going on? Why are you yelling at me?"
    "The sun is coming up and I want to go outside," said Gabby.  "Spring is here now I think and time for me to spread my wings and go back outside."
    "Okay," said Midge. "Come to the kitchen and sit on the counter.  When my owner comes down to feed me before she goes to work, she will see you here and will open the door to let you out."
    "Are you sure that will work?" asked Gabby. 
    "I think so," said Midge.  "She will know you are better and want to go out."
    "I've always been good, remember," laughed Gabby. 
    "I remember," smiled Midge. "We have til next winter to think of a good way to get you a warm place to stay again."

    "I know you will think of something," laughed Gabby.  "You always do."
    "Very funny," said Midge.  "You make it sound like I am always being sneaky."
    "Aren't you?" asked Gabby.
    "Well, I guess maybe I am a little," laughed Midge.  "But it always works don't you think?"
    "Yes it does," said Gabby.  "And thank you so much for helping me find a nice warm place for the winter.  Your owner is really nice.  I like ti here."
    "Me too," said Snappy.  "I know I will like this new home all year round and she feeds me good too."
    "She is a good person," said Midge.  "I'm happy she found me and gave me a home with her."
    "You are lucky Midge," said Gabby. 
    Gabby followed Midge to the kitchen and sat himself on the edge of the counter.  In a few minutes, Midge's owner entered the kitchen.  "Well well, look who we have here," she said, patting Midge on the head.  "Looks like you are doing much better little guy.  The weather is warmer now Midge so maybe your little friend will feel better being outside where he can fly."
    She opened the door and stepped back so Gabby could fly out the door.  Gabby looked back at Midge and Midge nodded her head and he took off into the trees.  Midge's owner shut the door and fixed her some food and fresh water before leaving for work.  After her owner drove out of the driveway, Midge finished up her breakfast and went to the living room where Snappy was finishing his. 
    "Will Gabby be okay out there?" asked Snappy. 
    "Yes," replied Midge.  "The weather is warming up now and he will be fine.  He will probably go see Jake this morning so I will see him later."
    "Are you going to the park this morning?" asked Snappy.
    "We might," said Midge.  "Are you doing to miss being at the park?"
    "Sometimes I might miss being there," said Snappy.  "But I really do like this new home and you are here every night so I'm happy."
    "Okay," said Midge.  "That is good. I don't want you to be lonely here though."
    "I will be good," said Snappy.  "Tell Jake and Booker-T hi for me when you go."
    "I'm sure they will come visit you sometimes," said Midge. "They won't forget their friend. We all are happy you are a good friend.  We will miss swimming with you though."
    "Me too Midge," said Snappy. "But I know I will be good here.  It is so much nicer than that big pond and here there will be no boys tossing rocks at me."
    "Okay," said Midge.  "I'm going to run over to Jake's place and see him for a while.  Maybe we will come back here for a little while."
   "I'd like that," said Snappy.  'I hope you will come with Booker-T and Jake."
   "I will ask them if they want to come for a little while," said Midge.  "See you later."
   "Bye Midge," said Snappy as Midge headed for her little door in the kitchen.
    She ran along the sidewalk to Jake's house.  She hurried into the yard and found him napping on the porch swing. "Hey there Jake!" called Midge as she ran up onto the porch. 
    "Hey Midge," said Jake.  "Gabby is up there on the roof of he porch."
    "Hi Midge," said Gabby. 
    "Hey there Gabby," said Midge. "What are you doing?"
    "I'm enjoying this wonderful sunshine," said Gabby. "Don't you think it is nice out here?"
    "It is good," agreed Midge. 
   "How is Snappy doing?" asked Jake.
    "He's good," said Midge.  "He loves his new home now and says he will miss swimming with everyone though.  He is hoping you will want to go by the house and see him a few minutes before we go to play."
    "Sure," said Jake. "I'd like to see him too.  Is Booker-T coming?"
    "I think so," said Midge. "But I haven't seen him this morning yet.  I thought he was probably over here with you."
   "I haven't seen him either this morning," said Jake.  "Maybe he is sleeping in late today."
   "Hey guys," said Gabby.  "Look over there.  Misty is coming with Booker-T.  He must have gone by her house to get her so she can come out and enjoy the fresh air this morning."
    "Misty!" said Midge.  "It is so good to see you this morning.  How are you?"
    "I'm doing much better now," smiled Misty.  "It is good to see you all."
    "We all missed you," said Jake.
    "I missed everyone too," said Misty.  "Are we going to the park. I missed Snappy too."
    "Snappy doesn't live at the pond anymore," said Midge.  "He lives in a nice new tank home in my house."
    "Oh wow," said Misty. "Does he like it there better now?"
    "Yes,' said Gabby.  "He has a nice home and it 's warm all the time and no kids to throw rocks at him. He really is happy there.  We can go and see him there if you want to."
     "Oh yes," smiled Misty. "Can we go now."
     "Jake?" said Midge.  "Do you want to go see Snappy today instead of going to the park and we can go to the park tomorrow?"
     "Sure," said Jake. "I know Snappy will be happy to see Misty again."
     The four of them ran to Midge's house with Gabby flying above them.  Midge led them to the back yard where the entered the house through her small doggie door.  Midge held the door open so Gabby could come in.  They ran to the living room and Midge jumped into the chair near the tank.
    "Hey Snappy," said Midge.  "Look who I brought with me."
    "Hi Snappy," said Misty.
    "Misty!" said Snappy sitting on a small log in the tank.  "I missed you. How are you doing?"
    "I am a lot better now," said Misty.  "It is good to see you too.  Do you like your new home here?"
    "I love it," said Snappy.  "Midge's owner is so nice to be and gives me fresh food every day and cleans out my home every week and the water is not hot and it is not cold.  It is just right all the time."
    "She is your owner now too, Snappy," said Midge. 
    "I guess she is," realized Snappy.  "Wow, I now have an owner too."
    "I'm glad you are happy here," said Misty.  "We will miss you at the pond, but it is better you have a nice place to live and Midge is here every day and we can come to see you when your owner is at work."
    "That will be nice," said Snappy.  "I enjoy seeing all of you."
    They all decided to stay and play in the house and talk to Snappy for the day.  They all agreed it was good to all be friends. 


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