Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring is on the Way

"Hey there Jake!" called Midge as she came running around the corner and into his front gate. "What are you doing?"

"Slow down Midge," said Jake, just as she came bouncing up the stairs. "I'm not doing anything but laying here on the swing enjoying the morning sun."

"That's great!" smiled Midge. "Don't you love this morning?"

"The sun is good this morning," said Jake. "Why all the excitement?"

"The sun is nice and warm," said Midge. "And the snow is melting. I think the snow is pretty when you are inside the house looking out at it, but it is too cold to be in it and now it is melting away. I'm so happy to see it go. Spring is on the way!"

"Me too," laughed Jake. "But I think you are more excited about it than I am. I'm happy it is going but not jumping up and down about it."

"Now we can play outside more with the nice warm sun and no snow," said Midge. "But Snappy won't be at the pond anymore when we go. He likes it in his new home in my house."

"We can visit with Snappy at the house," said Jake. "That's okay. I'm glad he has a nice warm place for the winter."

"Maybe my owner will set his tank outside sometimes in the warm sunshine so he can enjoy the sun," said Midge. "I know he is happier in there in winter, but maybe he will miss the warm sunshine."

"Did you talk to Snappy about it?" asked Jake. "Ask him how he feels about being inside all summer long."

"I talked to him a little and he is happy in his new home," said Midge.

"Than be happy for him Midge," said Jake. "If he is happy, that is good."

"I guess you are right," said Midge. "I guess I forget that not all of us love being free outside to run and play. Snappy is such a little guy and I remember when he had such problems with bad boys tossing rocks at him in the water. Now he will be safe in his new home."

"This is true," said Jake. "No more bad boys tossing rocks at him. He was so scared that summer and was happy that we chased the boys away from his home."

"I will be at home with him every night, so maybe he won't feel so lonely in that tank," said Midge.

"We can all come visit him too when your owner goes to work in the mornings," said Jake. "We will help you keep Snappy company."

"Thanks Jake," said Midge. "You are a good friend."

"Am glad we are friends too Midge," said Jake.

"Hey you guys!" called Booker-T as he and Susie ran up the steps to the porch. "What are you talking about?"

"We are happy we all are friends," said Jake.

"We were talking about Snappy," said Midge.

"How is the little guy this morning?" asked Booker-T.

"He is fine," said Midge. "He really loves his new home and wants to stay there all year long."

"He don't want to go back to the pond for summer?" asked Susie.

"No," said Midge. "He remembers those boys who were throwing rocks at him in his pond and is happy to be in the house now in his new home."

"Snappy is such a little guy," said Susie. "I don't blame him for being happier in the house. I wouldn't want someone throwing rocks at me either."

"I have had rocks thrown at me when sometimes when I had no home," said Booker-T. "They hurt and some kids don't care about hurting you. They think it is fun to hurt others."

"They call those kids, bullies," said Midge. "I don't like them either."

"We will all come to visit with Snappy so he don't get lonely there," said Susie. "How is Gabby doing? Will he be leaving the house now that it is warmer?"

"I think he is ready to come fly in the wide open spaces out here," laughed Midge. "But he wants to come back into the house in Winter so we have to come up with a good plan this next winter to get him inside."

"With your brain Midge," laughed Booker-T. "I'm sure you will come up with a good plan."

"Ha ha ha," said Midge. "You know I will be thinking about it all summer long til I come up with a good one."

"I know you will," said Jake.

"That's okay," said Midge. "You can laugh if you want, but Gabby is my friend and I don't want him to be out in the cold snow in winter and I'm inside nice and warm."

"You could let him use your dog house in the winter?" said Jake. "You don't use it. Heck, you don't even use it in the summer anymore."

"I know," said Midge. "Maybe we could fix up the dog house so Gabby can use it in the winter and when my owner is gone, he can come into the warm house for a while."

"I'm sure we can figure something out before winter comes again," said Jake. "Do you want to go run in the park for a while?"

"Sure," said Midge. "I haven't done much running in the last several days. I sure need the exercise."

"Ha ha ha Midge," said Booker-T. "You run all the time around the house."

"That's different," said Midge. "Come on guys, lets go."

The four friends ran out the front gate and up the sidewalk toward the park. They looked both ways and crossed the street into the park. There still was snow in some spots through the park and they ran around them as they ran to the pond. Snow still covered the ground under the tree where they used to sit and talk. The water was still too cold to enjoy a good swim. They sat for a few minutes at the water's edge and then headed back home.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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