Thursday, March 27, 2014

Everyone Visits Misty

Two days had past since Misty came home and Midge was anxious to go see her. She finished her breakfast and hurried out her little doggie door to meet Booker-T and walk to Jake's house with him. They hurried along the sidewalk and met Jake coming around the corner.
"Hi there Jake," said Midge. "Are you ready to go visit Misty?"
"Sure," said Jake. "I passed her house and saw her owner leaving for the day so she will be there alone."
"Yes, lets hurry," said Midge as she quickly walked that direction.
"Slow down Midge," said Booker-T. "We will get there."

"I know," said Midge. "I just want to see how she is. I've been feeling so sad that she has been sick. I miss her."
The three ran up the steps to the house and called for Misty. "Misty!" called Booker-T. "Where are you?"
"Misty!", called Midge. "Can you come outside?"
They didn't hear anything from inside. "Misty!" called Jake. "Can you hear us in there?"
"Hey guys," said Misty as she came around the corner of the house from the back yard. "I heard you."
"We are so happy to see you," said Booker-T. "How are you feeling?"
"I am feeling fine now," said Misty. "I came home two nights ago. Today was the first day I have been outside."
"We missed you," said Midge. "We thought you moved away somewhere. We were very sad to hear you were sick."
"My owner was afraid too," said Misty. "And she was very sad and would come to see me at the hospital every evening after work and sit and hold me."
"That is so nice," said Midge. "You have a really nice owner. I'm so happy for you and so happy you are well now."
"What happened?" asked Booker-T.
"The doctor at the hospital told my owner that I had the flu," said Misty.
"I thought that was a human illness," said Midge.
"Me too," said Jake. "I didn't know cats could get it. I wonder if dogs can get it too."
"Maybe we can," said Midge.
"How did you get the flu?" asked Booker-T. "Was your owner sick with the flu?"
"No," said Misty. "I don't know where I caught it from. And my owner don't know either."
"I sure am glad you are better," said Midge. "Can they give you a flu shot like my owner gets?"
"Yes," said Misty. "They gave me one when I was in the hospital. I didn't like getting the shot."
"Oh," said Booker-T. "I don't like shots either. They hurt a little when they give them."
"Can you come play?" asked Jake.
"No," said Misty. "I am supposed to rest for a week more the doctor told my owner."
"Can you come to my house and see Gabby and Snappy?" asked Midge. "You can walk slow and rest when you get there. They would be happy to see you."
"I think I can do that okay," said Misty. "Lets go. It will be nice to see them too."
The four friends walked slowly along the sidewalk to Midge's house and they stopped every few minutes to make sure that Misty was okay. If they tried to walk too fast, Misty would get out of breath and need to sit down for a few minutes.
"Are you okay Misty?" asked Booker-T. "Maybe this wasn't a good idea today."
"We haven't gone too far yet," said Midge. "Do you want to go back?'
"No,' said Misty. "I'm okay. I just have to get my strength back and walking a little like this every day will help me get it back."
"Okay," said Jake. "We don't want you to get sick again."
"I don't want to be sick again either," said Misty. "This wasn't any fun at all. And I really missed you all."
"We missed you too Misty," said Midge.
We are almost there," said Booker-T. "They will be happy to see you."
They went to the back of the house and crawled through the little doggie door into the kitchen with Midge leading the way. Once inside, they hurried to the living room where Misty saw Gabby and Snappy. She jumped into the chair so she could see Snappy better. She peaked over the top of the tank and smiled at him," Hi Snappy," said Misty. "Wow, I like your home. It is really nice."
"I like it too," said Snappy. "How are you feeling now? I heard you were sick."
"I am feeling much better but I have to get my strength back," said Misty. "I will get it back and will do fine. How are you Gabby?"
"I'm good too," said Gabby. "I have been staying here with Midge too. It was too cold outside so she helped me get inside to stay warm."
"That is good," said Misty. "I think maybe that is why I got sick. I was out in the cold air too long one day. It was the next day when I got sick."
"What did you have?" asked Gabby.
"I had the flu," said Misty.
"I thought that was a human illness," stated Gabby. "I didn't know cats got it too."
"I guess they can," said Booker-T. "I go to the same vet doctor as Misty so I guess he will have my owner get me the flu shot now."
"I am glad you are feeling better Misty," said Snappy. "And I am happy you come to see us."
"Do you want to rest a while before we walk you back to your home?" asked Midge.
"Yes, for a little while and then we can go back," said Misty.

They all curled up on the sofa and took a nap before they walked Misty home. They were all happy to see Misty feeling better.  

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