Friday, March 7, 2014

Midge and the Television

Jake and Booker-T had gone for the day and Midge ran around the house checking to make sure they hadn't messed any thing else up. The pantry door was closed with the fallen bag of food laying on the floor inside. Everything seemed to be okay. She was worried about the food bag inside the pantry. But there was nothing she could do to fix the problem. She hoped that her owner would just think the bag fell over on it's own.
"Midge!" called Gabby from the living room. "Midge! Where are you?"

Midge didn't hear Gabby calling her. She had gone through the doggie door out into the back yard to find a place to do her duty in the snow. She heard the car drive into the driveway and ran to meet her owner when she stepped from the car.
"Hi girl," said her owner patting her on top of the head. "Come on, lets go inside. It's really cold out here."
Inside, Gabby was frantically jumping up and down on the remote trying to push the power button. No luck, he just wasn't heavy enough to push it and make the TV go off. He heard the key in the door and quickly flew back to his basket and sat staring at the front door. It opened and Midge ran in ahead of her owner and suddenly stopped staring at the TV. "Oh no," thought Midge. "I forgot to push the button and turn it off."
"Oh my goodness," said Midge's owner. "I guess you have had TV all day to watch. Not that you know what is going on. I guess I turned it on and forgot to turn it off this morning, girl, but I sure don't remember turning it on."
Midge just stood there listening to her and staring at the TV. "Whew!," thought Midge. "She thinks she turned it on and left it. If I keep doing this, she will wise up. I need to be more careful."
"Come on girl," said her owner. "I'll fix you some food and get you some fresh water and then feed your little friends here."
Midge followed her to the kitchen as she reached to open the pantry door. Midge just stood there unable to move.
"Oh dear," said her owner. "I guess I was in a hurry to leave this morning and I didn't securely set up this bag of food girl. it spilled on the floor. But it should be okay girl."
She scooped up the spilled food and put it into Midge's bowl. Got a clip and closed the bag and positioned it where it would no longer fall over. "My poor owner," thought Midge. "She thinks she left on the TV and she thinks the bag of food just fell over."
"Here you go Midge," said her owner as she set the food and water down for her and reached for the food for Gabby and Snappy.
Midge ate her food and drank some water and went to the living room where her owner just finished feeding Gabby and Snappy.
"I think your little friend here is doing really good," said Midge's owner. "But it is so cold outside. Maybe the little fellow is better in here til the weather warms up."
Midge stared up Gabby and over at Snappy. She was so lucky to have such a nice owner.
"I'm going upstairs to change into some comfortable clothes and will come down and fix us some popcorn," said Midge's owner. "How does that sound Midge?"
Midge barked an approval and watched her walk up the stairs. "I think you are good til Spring Gabby," said Midge. "She said you can stay."
"Yippee!," exclaimed Gabby. "Yippee! I'm so happy. I tried to turn off the TV for you but I just am not heavy enough to make the button push."
"It is okay Gabby," said Midge. "Thanks for trying. But she thinks she turned it on and forgot to turn if off when she left."
"That's good," smiled Snappy.
"It's good this time," said Midge. "But we can't keep doing that because one day, she will remember and I might be in trouble for turning it on."
"I tried to tell you to turn it off but you went outside I think so you didn't hear me," said Gabby. "I jumped up and down on the thing but couldn't get it to go off."
"Thanks for trying Gabby," said Midge.
Soon, Midge's owner came down and went to the kitchen and Midge could hear the corn popping in the microwave. "Oh yum," said Midge. "She's fixing us some popcorn tonight. She must be going to watch a movie."
"I like popcorn," said Snappy. "I never had it before I came here."
"I had some but it was old stuff people tossed out," said Gabby. "It is really good when it is fresh."
"Me too," said Midge. "I like it a lot."
She came into the room and put a video tape into the machine and pushed the button. It was a movie about a very large dog. She gave a few pieces of the popcorn to Gabby and Snappy and then curled up on the end of the sofa and grabbed her light blanket she kept on the sofa and covered her legs. Midge jumped up and curled up beside her and ate some popcorn her owner set down for her, but little at a time. Midge and her owner fell asleep before the movie ended. At the sound of the static, Midge's owner woke up and flipped off the TV and started up the stairs.
"Come on girl," said her owner pausing at the bottom of the stairs.
Midge said good-night to her two friends and quickly followed her owner up the stairs for the night. At the top of the stairs, her owner flipped of the light at the bottom of the stairs and they went to bed.
"It was a good day," thought Midge. "And she never knew I turned on the TV or Jake knocked over the food bag."

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