Thursday, October 30, 2014

Midge and the Dandelion Seeds

Jake came around the corner and hurried through the gate at Midge's house and called out to her. “Hey Midge!” called Jake. He waited a few minutes and didn't hear or see her. He ran down the steps and headed to the back yard. He found Midge in the back yard. “Hi Midge,”
Hi Jake,” said Midge looking toward Jake.
What are you doing?” asked Jake. “Are you chasing bugs again?”
No,” said Midge. “I was blowing the dandelion seeds around the yard.”
Why?” asked Jake.
They look sort of pretty as they float along on the breeze,” smiled Midge.
They do look neat as they sail along in the air,” said Jake.

They tickle my nose when the wind blows them back at me,” laughed Midge. “Want to blow some through the air?”
No,” said Jake. “You can blow them around. I will watch you.”
What are you doing?” asked Booker-T as he came walking around the corner.
Hey Booker-T,” greeted Jake. “Watching Midge blow those seed things from dandelions.”
Why is she doing that?” asked Booker-T.
“I don't know,” said Jake shaking his head. “You know Midge. Things that are simple make her happy.”
I remember,” said Booker-T. “Hey Midge! What are you doing?”
Hi Booker-T,” replied Midge. “Want to play?”
What are you playing?” asked Booker-T. “I see you blowing those little white things around.”
I like to see them floating so gently on the soft breeze,” smiled Midge. “They look so pretty floating in the air. Reminds me a little of the light snow when it falls. Only this isn't cold.”
Don't they tickle your nose when they blow on your face?” asked Booker-T. “My owner's little nephew is always laughing when he blows those things around. But I don't think my owner likes them. She calls them weeds.”
Weeds?” asked Midge. “Why?”
I don't think she likes them,” said Booker-T. “She tries to kill off them when they are yellow.”
The yellow flowers are pretty,” said Jake. “I like them.”
Me too, but we don't have any at my house,” said Booker-T.
What are you doing?” asked Gabby as he swooped down and landed on the top of the dog house.
Hey there Gabby,” said Jake. “What are you doing this morning?”
Hmmmm, better yet, what is Midge doing?” asked Gabby.
She's chasing the little dandelion seeds,” laughed Booker-T. “She likes how it tickles her nose.”
And she thinks they look pretty floating on the breezes,” said Jake.
Okay,” smiled Gabby. “I guess it is the simple things that excites her. I think that is good.”
You are right,” said Jake. “Whatever makes her happy, and she is having fun.”
Midge!” called Gabby. “Hey!”
Midge stopped blowing the seeds off the dandelions and turned toward her dog house. “Hi Gabby. Do you want to play?”
I want to play,” said Gabby. “But not with dandelion seeds. Wouldn't you rather go to the park to play?”
I'm ready anytime you all are ready to go,” smiled Midge. “I can play with these later.”
Do you like those things?” asked Gabby. “They have a lot of them in the school yard. If you want to have fun blowing them, we can go to the school yard so you can blow them all over the place there.”
Do you want to go Jake?” asked Midge jumping up and down. “I want to go to the school yard. It is probably pretty with all the cotton looking flowers all over the yard.”
Sure,” said Jake. “Lets go. We will go play with you in the school yard. It is little too cool today to play in the pond.”
Do you want to go inside and see Snappy before we go?” asked Midge. “You are here now.”
Sure,” said Booker-T. “Lets go see how Snappy is doing today. I would like to see him.”
I'll hold the doggie door open if you want to come in with us Gabby,” said Midge. “I'm sure Snappy would be happy to see you.”
I would like to see him too,” said Gabby as he flew down to the back door. “Okay, lets go.”
They followed Midge into the kitchen of the house and hurried across to the living room. Gabby flew across the room and landed on the side of the tank.
Hi Snappy!” greeted Gabby. “How are you doing? I really like your little home here.”
Hi Gabby,” said Snappy. “It is nice. Our owner fixed it up really nice this time. I feel like I'm on a warm beach. In the afternoon, the sun shines in through the window and warms up my water.”
You are lucky,” said Gabby. “Cold weather is coming and you will stay nice and warm.”
Are you going to stay with us again this winter?” asked Snappy.
I think I'm going to fly south with my new friend,” said Gabby. “I will miss you all, but I think it will be good to go south where it is warmer.”
We can try to get you back in here if you want to,” said Midge. “Jake and I might be able to come up with a plan again.”
Thanks Midge,” smiled Gabby. “Knowing you, I am sure you would find a way, but I think this year I will go with my new friend. She will be going south in about three days.”
We will miss you Gabby,” said Booker-T. “I know you will he happier where it is warmer and I'm sure your friend will enjoy you going with him.”
I think there will be about ten of us leaving together,” said Gabby. “They have gone there for two years now.”
I hope it is a nice place Gabby,” said Snappy. “And not too far to fly.”
It will be good,” said Gabby.”
Do you like my new home Jake?” asked Snappy. “The beach look is so nice. I really like the sand.”
It is nice Snappy,” smiled Jake. “If you had room, I would join you in there.”
Ha ha,” said Midge. “You would look funny in the tank.”
I like to play in the sand,” said Jake. “My owner's brother has a sandbox in his back yard and when she takes me with her to his house, I get to play in the sand with his little girl.”
Are you ready to go?” asked Midge.
Are you in a hurry?” asked Booker-T.
Yes,” said Midge. “I heard the man on the TV this morning saying we will have rain today. I want to go play before it starts to rain.”
Okay,” said Jake. “Enjoy your little beach Snappy and we will see you later.”
I will Jake,” said Snappy. “Good-bye guys. Have fun.”

The each told Snappy good-bye and headed to the back door with Midge leading the way. They hurried through the doggie door and Midge held the door open so Gabby could get through. The ran to the park and crossed it to the school yard on the other side. Midge stopped in the parking lot and smiled at all the dandelions in the yard. It looked like a sea of cotton balls. She quickly ran into the middle of them and jumped and laughed and blew the seeds and watched them gently sailing along with the breeze.  

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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