Thursday, November 6, 2014

Booker-T Finds a New Toy

Midge came skipping along the sidewalk to Jake's house with Booker-T running beside her. “You don't like to skip?” asked Midge.
No,” said Booker-T. “I don't know how to skip. It is easier for me to run. You can do the skipping okay?”
Okay,” laughed Midge.
They turned the corner and entered the gate at Jake's house. “Hey Jake!” called Booker-T. “Where are you buddy?”
I don't see him on the porch,” said Midge. “I'm going to run to the back and see if he is back there.”
Okay,” agreed Booker-T. “I will wait here and rest while you check.”

Why are you so tired today?” asked Midge. “Are you okay?”
I didn't sleep too good last night,” said Booker-T.
“Why?” asked Midge. “You usually sleep good all the time.”
I don't know,” said Booker-T. “I think something was on my brain and wouldn't let me sleep.”
Tell me what,” said Midge.
Go look for Jake and I will tell you later,” said Booker-T.
Okay,” said Midge as she turned to go to the back yard when she saw Jake wandering to the front yard from the back.
Hi Jake,” said Midge. “I was just going to come look for you.”
Hi Midge,” said Jake. “Is Booker-T with you?”
He is on the porch,” said Midge. “I think he is tired this morning. He said he didn't sleep good last night.”
Are you okay Booker-T,” asked Jake as he and Midge joined him on the porch. “Midge said you didn't sleep good last night.”
I think I had a lot on my brain before I went to bed and I just kept thinking about things,” said Booker-T.
Why?” asked Jake. “I don't think you ever have a bad night with not much sleep.”
I heard my owner talking on the phone to her sister,” said Booker-T. “When she hung up the phone she called your owner I think.”
Is she okay?” asked Midge. “I didn't hear a lot. I know that my owner talked to your owner the other day on the phone and she didn't sound worried when they talked. I didn't know they talked again last night.”
What did you hear?” asked Booker-T.
I heard her tell your owner that all will be fine and that yes she would take care of you,” said Midge.
Is Booker-T going to stay with you Midge?” asked Jake.
I think so,” said Midge. “But I don't know when. What did you hear Booker-T?”
Only heard her ask if I could stay with you for a week,” said Booker-T. “I don't know why. I think I'm coming to your house to stay tomorrow. Maybe when she comes we will hear why when they talk again.”
I'm sure it will be fine,” said Jake. “Don't worry okay? Midge and I are always here for you.”
I know,” said Booker-T. “You are good friends. I wouldn't even have this nice home without Midge's help. I hope my owner is okay.”
Don't start thinking the worse Booker-T.” said Midge. “I think everything will be okay. Maybe she has to go somewhere for business for a week.”
Maybe,” said Booker-T, trying to force a smile.
Would you like some water?” asked Jake. “I have some fresh water in my bowl.”
Sure,” said Booker-T following Jake to the back. “Thanks Jake.”
Over there by the back door,” said Jake.
Booker-T went to the bowl for a drink. “there is something in your bowl?”
It was fine a few minutes ago,” said Jake as he started toward Booker-T.
There is something floating in here,” said Booker-T.
Jake went to the bowl to see what got into his bowl that Booker-T was seeing. “That is an ice cube,” laughed Jake. “You haven't seen an ice cube before?”
No,” said Booker-T. “I think my owner puts those things in her drinks sometimes but I have never seen one.”
It keeps the water cold,” said Booker-T. When the weather gets really cold, she won't put them in it anymore. When the weather is warm, she adds the ice to it so my water stays cold for little longer.”
Hmmmm, they float like a boat,” said Booker-T.
Yes, they do,” replied Jake. “They are really cold too.”
Booker-T touched it with his nose. “Oh wow,” said Booker-T. “It is really cold.”
Are you ready to go to the park?” asked Midge. “I think we can go for swim in the pond today. Soon it will be too cold to play in the water.”
Do you feel like going to the park, Booker-T?” asked Jake. “I think it will be good to keep your mind from thinking bad things might happen.”
Okay,” said Booker-T. “I will go. Thanks for worrying about me.”
Hey Booker-T,” said Midge. “We are your friends. Now lets go play and later we can listen and see what is going on.”
I know you are right Midge,” said Booker-T. “I will try not to get too worried today. Maybe we can play with the ice cube and make it sail around the bowl like a boat later.”
The ice cube will melt before we get back home,” laughed Jake. “They don't last too long when the weather is warm.”
Why?” asked Booker-T.
The ice cube is made out of water that is frozen and when the weather is warm, it melts the ice cube til it is like water,” explained Jake.
Oh,” said Booker-T. “Will your owner give you some more of them?”
Maybe,” laughed Jake. “I never thought about playing with them. If she gives me one, it will be in the morning like today.”
Can I come over in the morning and see if you have one?” asked Booker-T.
Sure,” said Jake. “You can come over any time you want. You know that.”
I know,” said Booker-T. “But we usually don't come over that early.”
How early are you coming?” asked Jake.
If they melt,” said Booker-T. “I need to be here really early so I can make it float on the water like a boat before it melts.”
Okay,” smiled Jake.
You like the ice cubes?” asked Midge. “How funny. Maybe winter will be cold enough this year to freeze the pond in the park and then you will have a very big ice cube.”
Oh boy!” said Booker-T. “I hope we get cold enough.”
I hope it doesn't,” said Midge. “I don't like the real cold weather that freezes things.”
Maybe for one day,” said Booker-T. “Then it can warm up, okay?”
I wish it worked that way,” said Jake. “But it won't. If it freezes that hard, will be froze for several days.”
Lets go play guys,” said Midge as she started down the sidewalk with Booker-T and Jake following behind.

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