Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jake Wants to Go to The Zoo

Midge hurried along the sidewalk to catch up to Booker-T, who was on his way to Jake's house.
Wait for me, Booker-T,” called Midge.
I was at your house this morning,” said Jake stopping and turning around. “Where were you? I called several times but you did not answer.”
Sorry,” said idge. “I didn't hear you. I was in the back room with my owner and she had the music on loud this morning.”
I heard the music out front,” smiled Booker-T. “I guess that's why you didn't hear me.”
She always plays the music when she gets ready for work,” said Midge. “But usually it is not that loud. I don't know why she had it that loud this morning.”

When you didn't answer,” said Booker-T. “I decided to just go to Jake's. I thought maybe you were already there.”
No,” said Midge. “I was waiting for her to go to work and then I was coming to get you. I knew we were going there together this morning.”
Lets go,” said Booker-T. “Are we going to the park today?”
I think so,” said Midge. “I want to play in the pond while it is still warm outside. Soon the weather will be too cold to go for a dip.”
Sometimes a good dip in the cold pond feels really good,” said Booker-T.
Are you kidding me?” said Midge. “The cat who hated water before you started going to the pond with Jake and I. I don't think so.”
You don't like icicles hanging on your nose?” laughed Booker-T.
No,” said Midge. “Do you?”
Not really,” said Booker-T. “I can skip the icicles. I've had that happen more than once. Don't want that again.”
Oh” sighed Midge. “I guess you did when you lived in the alley. It must have been really cold at night.”
There were bad winters,” said Booker-T. “The warm weather wasn't bad, but the cold was hard to deal with at times.”
I'm glad you don't live in that alley anymore,” said Midge.
Me too,” said Booker-T as they turned the corner near Jake's.
Hey Jake!” called Midge as she and Booker-T entered the front yard at his house.
Hi guys!” called Jake. “What are you doing?”
We want to go swim in the pond,” said Midge. “Soon the weather will be too cold for a swim.”
Do you want to go?” asked Booker-T.
Hi everyone,” called Gabby as he flew down and landed on Jake's porch railing. “What are you talking about this morning? Any new mischief we can get into?”
Hey there Gabby,” greeted Midge. “We haven't seen you in a few days. Where have you been?”
I was at my friend's place for a while,” smiled Gabby.
Did you get locked in over there again?” asked Booker-T.
No,” said Gabby. “We flew across town and went to see all the birds at the zoo. They have a lot of different birds there.”
I've never been to the zoo,” said Jake. “Maybe we should all go one day.”
It is too far for you to walk there,” said Gabby. “It would take you two days to walk there I think.”
I don't think we can go,” said Midge. “Our owners would not be happy if we took off and wasn't here when they got home from their work.”
Maybe you can learn to fly,” suggested Gabby.
Very funny Gabby,” laughed Midge.
She already tried that Gabby,” laughed Booker-T. “Don't give her anymore ideas.”
It's okay,” said Midge. “My flying days are over. I won't try that again.”
We can't fly unless we get on a plane,” said Jake. “I guess the zoo will have to wait for some other time.”
There must be a way we can go,” said Midge. “We need to think about it. Maybe we can find a way.”
And how do you think we can get from here all the way across town?” asked Jake.
I don't know yet,” said Midge. “Let me do some thinking.”
Oh no,” said Booker-T. “Leave it to Midge and she will find a way.”
You know that's right,” laughed Gabby. “I've never known her not to have an idea. But this one will be hard to find a solution to.”
Maybe we can hop a bus,” suggested Midge.
And how do you think we will get on the bus without the bus driver seeing us?” asked Jake. “I don't think you can pull that one off.”
Why?” asked Midge. “There must be a way.”
But we can't depend on getting back if we did manage to sneak on the bus to get there,” said Jake.
Maybe we can lay down in front of the bus and play dead,” said Midge. “When the driver gets out to check so he don't run over us, we can sneak on the bus.”
Oh right!” said Jake. “Where did you put your brain?”
I think she must have left it at home this morning,” said Booker-T.
Ha ha you two,” said Midge. “I didn't hear you thinking of a plan.”
There is no plan that will work this time Midge,” said Jake. “The zoo is too far away.”
It is on the other side of town Midge,” said Gabby. “Unless you can grow some wings and fly, I don't think you will be able to go.”
I guess you guys are right,” sighed Midge. “We can't go see the zoo.”
But we can go play at the park you guys,” said Booker-T. “Can we go now?”
Okay,” said Midge. “I will forget about the zoo.”
The three started walking to the park with Gabby flying above them. They noticed that the tree leaves were starting to change colors now. The park ground was scattered with many leaves. The squirrels were racing here and there gathering nuts that fell from the trees and finding places to bury them for the winter.
I think the leaves are so pretty when they turn colors,” smiled Midge.
They are pretty,” said Jake. “I wish they would stay on the trees though. But when my owner rakes up the leaves, they are fun to play in til she gathers them up off the ground.”
You do have a warm place to stay this winter, don't you Gabby?” asked Midge.
Yes,” said Gabby. “My friend stays in this warm barn across town and I will stay there at night.”
Good,” said Jake. “You know Midge can work her magic again and get you into her house, if you need her to.”
I know,” said Gabby. “It was nice staying with her and Snappy. How is Snappy?”
I went to see him the other day,” said Jake. “He loves his new home. Once in a while he misses being at the pond, but he is happy he is in the new home.”
Good,” said Gabby. “One day, I will have to come and visit with him if you hold your little door so I can get in.”
Sure Gabby,” said Midge. “Anytime you want to visit, you are welcome to come. I know Gabby will be happy to see you.”

Thanks Midge,” replied Gabby.  

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