Thursday, January 8, 2015

Booker-T Wants a Sweater

Hey Midge!” called Jake as he hurried into the house. “Where are you? I came to see Snappy.”
Hi Jake,” replied Midge. “Snappy will be happy to see you. Did you see Booker-T when you came into the yard?”
No,” said Jake. “I thought he might already be here. He said he wanted to see Snappy this morning too.”
I haven't seen him yet today,” said Midge.
I see you have your new collar on this morning,” said Jake.
Do you like it?” asked Midge as she pranced back and forth flipping her head.
It is pretty, Midge,” said Jake. “But is it bothering you?”

No,” said Midge shaking her head. “Why do you think it is bothering me?”
You are flipping your head around funny,” said Jake. “I thought maybe the collar was bothering you. Where is your bow?”
She didn't put it on me today,” said Midge. “I think she got it to use when we go somewhere together.”
See, I got my new collar on today too,” said Jake. “And I really like my new bowls. I eat out of them every day.”
Oh nice,” smiled Midge. “I know Booker-T really likes his new toy balls too. He really likes the ball with the catnip in it.”
Hi guys,” greeted Booker-T as he entered the room. “What are you doing?”
Hi Booker-T,” said Jake. “We were just talking about our Christmas gifts again. Midge and I are wearing our new collars today.”
I think we all liked what we got,” said Midge. “And Snappy liked his rocks and sticks we brought him.”
Hi Snappy,” said Booker-T as he leaped up onto the top of the tank. “How are you this morning?”
Hi, Booker-T,” said Snappy. “I am feeling really good today. Am happy the holidays are over and things will get back to normal again.”
We have a normal day every day usually,” laughed Jake. “Do you want to go to the pond with us today? There isn't any snow on the ground yet.”
No,” said Snappy. “Thanks for asking me. I think the bumpy ride in the wagon that day made me decide that it is better that I stay here. It was nice walking around on the floor with you guys the other day.”
Don't you miss the pond?” asked Booker-T.
Oh no,” smiled Snappy. “I used to a little, but now am happy living here where it is much nicer. I really like it here and it is so much better in the winter time.”
It is much nicer to be inside the house when it is cold,” agreed Jake. “And you don't have fur on you to keep warm with like we do.”
But I still get cold,” said Booker-T. “These fur coats don't help much. I would like to have a nice sweater like Susie has.”
That would be nice,” said Midge. “Booker-T is right. Sometimes these fur coats we have are not that warm.”
We warm up pretty good when we are running,” said Jake. “But Snappy can't run to get warm. He walks very slow.”
It is good he has a nice warm home now,” said Jake.
Did your owner give you anything on Christmas Snappy?” asked Booker-T.
She gave me a new food that was really good and then put some nice pretty flowers in my tank to cheer it up,” said Snappy.
Your little home does look really nice,” said Jake.
Our owner and her sister cleaned out Snappy's tank last night and arranged it different for him,” said Midge. “She likes to change things a lot sometimes. She even changes our house around.”
What do you do when she is cleaning our your house?” asked Jake.
She puts me on the floor and I walk around until she is finished with it,” said Snappy. “She always makes my home look nice and it is always so clean.”
I like your little bridge you have in there now,” said Jake.
When I sit on it, I can see outside the window,” said Snappy. “But I still can't see the ground. But that is okay. It is nice to look out the window sometimes.”
Jake can carry you outside if you want,” suggested Midge. “And you can see the ground.”
That is okay,” said Snappy. “I think the ground is very cold right now.”
There is no snow on the ground yet,” said Midge. “But the weatherman on TV said we might get some tonight.”
I don't like it when it snows,” said Booker-T. “it is too cold on our feet when we have to go outside for our business.”
But you can go inside,Booker-T,” said Midge. “You have that nice box with all the gravel in it.”
I think it is a cat thing,” laughed Booker-T.
Why don't they have those nice boxes for dogs?” asked Midge.
Some goes are really big,” laughed Jake. “Like me. It would take a really big box for me.”
It sure would be nice for the winter though,” said Midge.
Maybe we need some of those doggie boots to wear,” said Jake.
I tried them one time,” Laughed Midge. “They feel really funny on the feet.”
I don't like something on my feet,” said Booker-T. “Just give me a sweater and I'll be good.”
I just pull my feet inside y shell when I feel cold,” said Snappy.
Do they stay warm in there?” asked Midge.
Sometimes they do” said Snappy. “but if it is really cold outside, not much helps that. Then I just shiver like you do.”
Oh,” sighed Midge. “No more shivering Snappy. You have a nice warm home now.”
Thanks Midge,” smiled Snappy.
How do we get our owners to get us a sweater?” asked Jake. “You are the one with all the big ideas Midge.”
Hmmm,” said Midge. “I will have to think about it for a while.”
Look out!” said Booker-T. “Midge is going to start thinking again.”

They all laughed at that and decided it was time to go play. They said good-bye to Snappy and raced out the back door.

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