Friday, August 21, 2015

Midge Tries Something New

Hey Midge!” called Jake as he strolled through the gate. “What are you doing?”
He walked to the porch where Midge was sitting . “Hey,” said Jake. “Didn't you hear me calling you?”
Oh, Hi Jake,” smiled Midge. “I didn't hear you.”
Where is your brain at this morning?” asked Jake. “You were off in another world maybe.”
Ha ha,” laughed Midge. “I guess maybe I was.”
What were you thinking about?” asked Jake.
I was thinking about an adventure,” said Midge.
What kind of adventure?” asked Jake.
I don't know yet.. I was just thinking,” said Midge. “I'm sure there is something I can do.”
We are limited you know,” said Jake.

Why?” asked Midge.
Remember when you rode that sled down the hill and flew into the snow bank when the sled suddenly stopped?” asked Jake.
Hmmm,” said Midge. “I remember. That was fun.”
Without hands and feet like people, you didn't have a way to control the sled,” said Jake. “You couldn't drive the go-cart so you rode in the back seat of your owner's nephew's cart.”
That's just little problem,” said Midge. “I can figure it out.”
Figure what out?” asked Jake.
Hi Midge,” said Booker-T as he joined them at the porch. “Hi Jake.”
Hi Booker-T,” greeted Jake and Midge.
Did you know...,” Booker-T tried to say when Midge quickly interrupted him and was shaking her head at him.”
Know what?” asked Jake.
“Hummmm,” said Booker-T. “Did you know that Gabby is coming today?”
No,” said Jake. “Midge didn't say anything about it yet. When is he coming?”
He should be here soon,” said Booker-T.
Is Gabby going to the park with us today?” asked Jake.
Yes,” said Midge. “I saw him last night and asked him to come with us today.”
Did he come to your house last night?” asked Jake.
Yes,” said Midge, hesitating slightly with her answer.
Is everything okay Midge?” asked Jake. “You are acting strange. I know you and I think you are up to something.”
No,” smiled Midge. “Why would you think I'm up to something?”
You tell me,” said Jake. Should I list all the things you have gotten into lately?”
No, sighed Midge. “I know. I just like to have fun and try new things, don't you?”
I guess I do sometimes,” said Jake. “I think it would depend on what it was.”
I have a great idea,” said Midge.
What is it?” asked Jake. “Do you know Booker-T?”
Yes,” replied Booker-T. “She told me last night. I told her she was crazy but you know Midge.”
I know,” laughed Jake. “Tell her she is crazy and she will be more determined to go and do it.”
Maybe this one won't be too bad,” said Booker-T.
I hope not,” said Jake. “You need to be careful Midge.”
I just want to have some fun,” said Midge. “Lets go to the park and you will see.”
The three strolled along the sidewalk to the park. In the park, they found an area where kids were roller skating.
Wow, look at that Midge,” said Jake. “They put in a concrete area for kids to roller skate.”
That's good, right?” asked Midge. “Now they don't have to roller skate in the street where it is dangerous and they might get hit by a car.”
I like it,” said Jake. “Looks like a lot of the kids like it too.”
Do you see Gabby?” asked Midge. “He said he was going to be here.”
I don't see him,” said Jake.
Who don't you see?” asked Gabby as he swooped down and sat on the bench near the three.
Hi Gabby,” said Jake. “Midge was looking for you.”
I'm here Midge,” said Gabby. “Follow me.”
We can't fly Gabby,” said Jake.
You walk and I will fly,” said Gabby.
They went to a tree on the other side of the concrete floor. Under the tree sat two paris of roller skates.
Are these them?” asked Midge.
What are you going to do with them?” asked Booker-T.
Midge,” said Jake. “You aren't thinking of putting your feet in them, are you?”
No,” said Midge. “Not thinking about it anymore. I already decided to try.”
Midge,” said Booker-T. “How are you going to stand up in those things? There are wheels on those shoes.”
I know,” smiled Midge. “I want to try what those kids are doing.”
Gabby,” said Jake. “Why didn't you talk her out of this?”
I tried Jake,” said Gabby. “But you know Midge. There is no talking her out of anything when she makes up her mind.”
You do remember her problem with sledding don't you?” asked Booker-T.
I remember,” said Gabby. “But she was okay.”
But she had the snow for a safe landing,” said Jake. “She has the concrete this time.”
I will be fine,” said Midge as she sat down near the tree.
What are you waiting for?” asked Booker-T.
Maybe she is trying to talk herself out of it,” laughed Jake.
I'm waiting for the kids to leave the concrete floor,” said Midge. “Today is their first day of school.”
Oh,” said Jake. “I forgot today they started school.”
Ok Midge,” said Gabby. “There goes the last one.”
Midge stood up and slipped one foot into the first skate, then another one, until she had all four feet inside the skates.
Now,” said Jake. “How are you going to get moving?”
She moved one foot slowly forward and then a second one. Suddenly her two front feet rolled right out from under her and she found herself laying on the ground with front feet spread out in front and rear feet in the back. Jake and Booker-T stood their laughing.
How are you going to stand up in those things?” asked Jake.
Hmmm,” said Midge. “I will pull out my feet and stand up and then put one at a time back in them.”
I don't think that will work too good,” said Gabby.”
Wait a minute,” said Midge pulling her feet out of the skates and standing up.
She then slowly stuck one foot at a time into the skates. She stood there looking at them being careful not to move.
Now what?” asked Jake.
Can you give me a little push,” asked Midge.
Okay,” said Jake getting behind her.
He took his nose and pushed against her making her start to roll forward. She rolled for a short minute and before she knew it, her front feet once again rolled out from under her and the back feet went the other direction. Down she went onto the concrete.
Ouch!” yelled Midge. “Standing up with wheels are your feet is not easy.”
You have trouble just staying up on your feet sometimes. Wheels are not good,” said Jake. “I will just keep my feet flat on the ground.”

I think me too,” agreed Midge as she pulled her feet out of the skates. 


Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T