Thursday, August 27, 2015

The New Addition at Jake's

Hi Jake!” called Midge as she walked to the porch where Jake was sitting. “What are you doing?”
Hmm,” said Jake. “I'm picking cotton.”
What?” asked Midge looking at Jake with a puzzled look. “You look like you are just sitting there doing nothing.”
Yes,” said Jake. “That's what I am doing. Nothing.”
Oh,” laughed Midge. “You are being funny.”
Where's Booker-T?” asked Jake. “I thought he was coming with you.”
He had to go to the vet's this morning so we are supposed to go get him before we go to the park,” said Midge.

Okay,” said Jake. “Are you ready to go?”
In a minute,” said Midge walking around the bricks in the front yard. “What is your owner going to build?”
I think it is going to be some kind of fountain,” said Jake. “She was looking at some pretty fountains in the magazine the other day.”
Why?” asked Midge. “Why does she want a fountain?”
I don't know,” said Jake. “I think she just likes them.”
Wow,” said Midge. “Is it going to be a big one?”
I don't know,” said Jake.
Hmmm,” said Midge. “Can we swim in the fountain when it is ready?”
I don't know,” said Jake.
Okay Jake,” laughed Midge. “What do you know?”
About the fountain,” said Jake. “Not much. I know she was looking at pictures of fountains but how big she wants it to be, I don't know and since I don't know how big it will be, I don't know if we will be able to swim in it.”
She might not like us to swim in it,” said Midge. “When is she going to start building it?”
I think I heard her say the man will be here tomorrow to start it,” said Jake.
Can I come and watch?” asked Midge.
Sure,” agreed Jake. “We can sit here on the porch and watch them work.”
Are you ready to go get Booker-T?” asked Midge
I'm ready,” said Jake as he started walking toward the sidewalk. “Lets go.”
The two hurried along the sidewalk back to Midge's neighborhood where Booker-T lives.
Hey you two,” said Gabby as he swooped down in front of them. “Where are you going?”
We are on our way to get Booker-T before we go to the park,” said Jake. “What are you doing?”
I was looking for Midge,” said Gabby. “I went to her house and didn't see her.”
I'm here,” smiled Midge. “What did you want?”
I came to the house to say hi to Snappy,” said Gabby. “But I can't open that little doggie door of yours and wanted you to hold it for me to come in.”
We are going back there to get Booker-T,” said Jake. “Come on with us and we all can go in and say hi to Snappy.”
They all headed along the sidewalk with Gabby flying above.
Booker-T!” called Jake as they walked past his house on their way to Midge's house.
Hi Jake,” said Booker-T. “Where are you going? I thought we were going to the park. I was waiting for you.”
Gabby wanted to say hi to Snappy,” said Midge. “So we are going in the house first. Come on with us. Snappy will be happy to see you.”
Booker-T hurried to join them. Midge held the doggie door so that Gabby could walk through without getting hit by the door. When they all entered the house, they went to the living room and Gabby flew up and landed on the edge of the tank.
Hi Snappy,” greeted Gabby. “What are you doing?”
Hey Gabby!” exclaimed Snappy. “I am glad to see you.”
It's been a long time,” said Gabby. “I miss you at the pond.”
I miss all swimming with all my friends,” admitted Snappy. “But I am happy with my new home here. Did Midge tell you I have two little tiny friends who live with me in the tank?”
Yes,” said Gabby. “She said they were ants.”
They are tiny but it is nice to have them here with me,” said Snappy. “I'm low to the ground so can talk to them okay.”
Maybe one day you can come to the pond with us,” said Midge. “Jake will put you in the wagon and pull you to the park and then bring you back.”
I know,” said Snappy. “But you can come visit me here and that would be easier, don't you think?”
Yes this is easier,” agreed Jake. “We will try to come by more often to see you.”
How are your two tiny friends?” asked Gabby.
They are good,” said Snappy. “Always working. Sometimes they leave the tank and go help their friends bring in food for the winter time. You know that fall is coming soon.”
I know,” said Midge. “Before we know it the summer will be done and winter will be coming. I hope we can do a little swimming before the cold comes.”
That will be fun,” said Gabby.
Maybe we can swim in Jake's new fountain,” smiled Midge. “Right in his front yard.”
You are getting a fountain?” asked Snappy. “Wow.”
I don't know if it will be big enough to swim in,” said Jake.
It will be big enough for me,” smiled Gabby. “When will it be ready?”
They are going to start building tomorrow,” said Jake.
That will be fun,” said Gabby. “I'll bring Polly with me and we will come play in your fountain.”
Jake and I are going to watch them build it tomorrow,” said Midge. “I like watching people doing things. Gives me ideas for things to do.”
You can't build things,” laughed Jake.
Now, how do you know I can't,” said Midge.
You are a dog,” said Booker-T. “How can you build things?”
I don't know,” said Midge. “I would have to think about it.”
Don't give her any more ideas Booker-T,” said Jake. “She will have to give it a try.”
Better keep her away from the fountain,” laughed Snappy. “Until it is built.”
I won't mess up the fountain,” said Midge shaking her head at them. “Come on, lets go to the park.”

The four of them said good-bye to Snappy and hurried out the door to go to the park.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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