Friday, February 19, 2016

The Dog Show Arrives

Midge and Booker-T entered the ate at Jake's house and Midge was wearing her pretty pink bows on her ears and her pink rhinestone collar.
“Hey Jake!” called out Midge. “Where are you?”
“I'm here,” said Jake as he came round to the front of the house. “Wow Midge. You are really looking great this morning.”
“Don't she look as good as all those show dogs at the show?” asked Booker-T.
“She sure does,” agreed Jake. “You really deserve a blue ribbon Midge, but without being entered into the show, I don't think you will get one. Please don't be too upset if you don't win one and they kick you out of the ring.”

“Okay, Jake,” said Midge. “Maybe they will give me some kind of ribbon for trying.”
“I don't think they give out ribbons just for trying,” said Booker-T. “What time does the show start?”
“I think in a couple hours they will start,” said Jake.
“Lets go see all the dogs going into the show,” suggested Midge. “I can check out the best way to sneak into the ring, if I decide I want to try to win a ribbon.”
“Okay,” agreed Jake and Booker-T as they followed Midge out through the gate and hurried along the sidewalk.
They arrived at the show ground and there were many dogs and people standing around.. Some people were combing out their dog's hair and adding ribbons to their ears. Some were simply sitting with their dogs waiting for the show to start as they sipped coffee or tea. Midge spotted a golden cocker spaniel sitting alone near a large tree. Midge looked around and didn't see anyone with her so she approached her.
“Hi,” smiled Midge. “I'm Midge. What is your name?”
“I'm Precious,” said the little dog. “Are you in the show too?”
“Oh, yes,” said Midge. “Where is your owner?”
“She went over there to get some coffee, I think,” said Precious. “She will be back in a few minutes. Where is your owner? Why can you walk around by yourself?”
“My owner is at work,” said Midge. “I'm here alone.”
“How will you be in the show if you are alone?” asked Precious. “I have never seen any dogs go into the ring alone.”
“I'm going to try and walk in and hope they don't get too angry and stop me,” sighed Midge. “I very much want to be in the show too, but I'm not a show dog.”
“You look really nice,” smiled Precious. “Look out! Here comes my owner and if she sees you, she will be angry that you are here with me.”
“Shoo! Shoo!” shouted the woman as she kept waving her arms at Midge. “Get away from here!”
“Good luck Midge,” smiled Precious as Midge turned to walk away and go back to where Jake and Booker-T were waiting for her.
“Is she one of the show dogs?” asked Jake.
“Yes,” said Midge. “She wished me luck and said I looked really nice.”
“Does she think you can sneak into the ring alone?” asked Booker-T.
“She didn't know,” said Midge. “But she wished me luck.”
“How are you going to sneak into the ring with the other dogs?” asked Jake. “Someone will see you , don't you think?”
“Maybe if I walk close enough to another owner and their dog, the judges and people won't notice me right away,” said Midge. “It might work.”
“Maybe,” hesitated Booker-T. “But maybe not too.”
“Good morning everyone!” came the voice over the loud speakers. “Welcome to he Annual Dixie Dog Show. We have small breeds, which will be taking the center ring first. They will be followed by the medium sized dogs and finally the large breeds. This year we have with us the working class dogs. Sit back, relax and we will get this show started.”
Midge listened to the announcer carefully as he made his announcements.
“I should go in with the medium dogs,” said Midge. “I don't think I'm a small dog.”
“What category is Precious in?” asked Jake. “She is the same size as you are.”
“I will follow her into the ring,” said Midge. “Maybe we are the medium dogs.”
The three listened to them announcing each of the dogs in the ring and then the owners one by one as they walked around the ring prancing proudly with their dogs. When the last dog and owneer in the ring began their walk around the ring, Midge started to feel a little nervous.
“Are you ready Midge?” asked Jake. “It's almost time for you to try.”
“I think I'm ready,” said Midge, her voice sounding a little shaky. “I am a little nervous.”
“Just walk in like you know what you are doing and where you are going and maybe they won't notice you don't belong right away,” suggested Booker-T.
“Okay,” said Midge. “Here I go.”
She got behind precious and her owner hoping the she would not be noticed until she stood in the middle of the ring. She held her head proudly and pranced into the ring with all the others.
“Ladies and Gentlemen,” said the announcer. “We now will present the medium sized dogs. Please take your dogs around the ring as I call your name and the name of your dog.”
Midge listened. “I will follow Precious around the ring,” she thought.
She saw a young man approach the announcer and whisper something to him.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, said the announcer. “There will be a slight delay as we appear to have a dog in the ring without an owner.. “Attention, Attention. Will the owner of the black and white cocker spaniel with the pink bows please enter the ring at this time.”
Oh no,” thought Midge.
The announcer waited a few minutes and then motioned to two young men who because walking toward Midge. As they got closer, Midge held her head up high and began proudly prancing around the ring. A couple of times, the men tried to grab her and she slipped past them and kept on walking around the ring as the crowd laughed and clapped. When one of the men was able to grab Midge's collar, she quickly took a bow and they cheered. They walked Midge out of the ring. As she passed the dogs, Precious said, “You were brave Midge.”
“Bye Precious,” said Midge. “Thanks. I tried.”
Outside of the tent, the man released her and shoo'd her and the other two away from the tent.
“Well, Midge,” said Jake. 'You tried your best.. You really looked good walking around the ring with your head held high.”

“Maybe one day, my owner will enter me,” said Midge as they walked away from the dog show.

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  1. things are always worth a try, who knows, one day you may make it :):)


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