Friday, February 5, 2016

Visiting the Farm

 “Hey Midge!” called Jake as he came through the gate at her house. “Where are you ?” I don't see you.”
“I'm in the back,” said Midge as she walked to the front of the house.
“Is Booker-T here yet?” asked Jake.
“No,” said Midge. “I haven't seen him yet today.”
“Do you want to go see the horses and the cows at the farm?” asked Jake.
“Sure,” smiled Midge. “Maybe the cows will give us some milk to drink.”
“How will they do that?” asked Jake. “The people have to milk them.”
“I don't know,” said Midge. “I guess we can just look at them and maybe they will talk to us.”
“Lets go find Booker-T,” said Jake.
“I'm right here,” said Booker-T as he joined the two. “What are we going to look at?”

“We want to go see the cows and the horses at that big farm across the street from the skateboard ramp,” said Jake. “I remember seeing a lot of cows over there when we were at the ramp. Do you want to go with us.”
“Sure,” said Booker-T. “Maybe the cows will give us some milk when we are there.”
“I already tried that one,” laughed Midge. “I don't think they can do that. The people have to milk them.”
“It will be fun to see them and maybe they will talk to us,” said Booker-T. “Other animals talk to us.”
The three scurried along the sidewalk and crossed the street near the water park and made their way to the farm. They looked around and saw no one outside so they squeezed through the gate into the area where the cows were grazing. Midge walked up to one and stood their staring at her. “Hello Ms Cow,” smiled Midge. “Do you talk?”
“Hello little one,” said the cow. “You are the same color we are, but you don't look like a cow.”
“I'm a dog,” said Midge. “One of my friends is also a dog and the other one is a cat. We came to visit you and the horses.”
“Do you live on a farm for dogs and cats?” asked the cow.
“Oh no,” said Midge. “We each live in a different house with our owners.”
“I've never been in house,” said the cow. My friends and I live in this big red barn and out here in the field.”
“Do you like the red barn?” asked Midge. “It is really big.”
“It is nice inside and very big with lot of room for all of us,” said the cow. We each have a stall in there that we stand in when the farmer milks us.”
“What is your name?” asked Midge.
“I'm Daisy and this here is Betsy” said Daisy as another cow came and joined them. Where are your friends?”
“See them over there?” pointed Midge. “They are checking out the horses. The dog is Jake and the cat is Booker-T. I'm Midge.”
“Your friends should be careful over there,” said Betsy.
“Bert is over there and he is big and mean,” said Daisy.
“Who is Bert?” asked Midge looking over at her friends trying to see if this Bert was there somewhere. “Why is he mean?”
“He is a bull,” said Betsy. “They are always mean. Walking around and snorting and stomping the ground with their hoofs.”
“He will chase your friends if he sees them,” said Daisy. “If they don't run fast enough, Bert will hurt them.”
“Oh,” said Midge. “Maybe I better go tell them to be careful.”
“Hurry, before Bert sees you,” said Betsy.
Midge hurried across the field as fast as she could run to where Jake and Booker-T were talking to the horse. As she quickly crossed the filed, suddenly from the side came a big black bull running toward her.
“Jake!” screamed Midge as she ran faster.
Jake heard her scream and turned to see the large black bull gaining on her. He ran toward Midge, barking loudly at the bull trying to back him off. Booker-T ran behind a tree and peaked around to see what was going to happen. Midge hurried under the fence away from the bull. The bull stood staring at Jake. He lowered his head and snorted and began stomping the ground. Jake continued to bark at the bull. The bull pawed the ground kicking up dust and grass.
“You are a big mean bull, aren't you?” asked Jake. “ Why are you being so mean?”
The bull stopped and stared at Jake. “You can talk to me?”
“Sure,” said Jake. “Don't you talk?”
“Sure,” said the bull. “But the only ones who hear me are these farm animals. I didn't know other animals could talk too.”
“Maybe because you act so mean and don't take the time to know,” said Jake. “Why did you chase my friend?”
“But they never want to talk to me,” said the bull.
“Maybe because you are so mean to everyone” said Jake. “Do you have a name?”
“I'm Bert,” said the bull.
“I”m Jake,” said the big dog. “You were chasing my friend, Midge and my other friend is a cat named Booker-T.”
“Can we just all be friends?” asked Jake. “We like having different animals as our friends.”
“I”d like that,” said Bert. “I've never had a friend before.”
“Aren't you friends with the cows?” asked Jake.
“No,” said Bert. “They won't talk to me.”
“Why?” asked Jake.
“I don't know why,” sighed Bert.
“Maybe because you act so mean all the time to them,” suggested Jake. “Why don't you try being nice to them,”
“I will try if you think it will help,” said Bert. “I think the cows are nice, don't you?”
“I never met them yet,” said Jake. “Midge was talking to them when Booker-T and I were talking with the horse over there.”
Midge and Booker-T joined Jake and Bert. “These are my friends, Midge and Booker-T,” said Jake.
This is Bert.”
“Hello,” said Midge and Booker-T.
The cows were all standing at the fence waiting to see what was going to happen. They carefully watched Bert, afraid that he would stomp on their new little friends. Bert lowered his head and you could hear the cows gasp a deep breath and step back. But Bert did not snort or stomp his hoof into the ground this time. They saw Bert gently touch Midge on the head and then Booker-T and Jake.
“I'm sorry I chased you Midge,” said Bert. “I didn't know you were only talking with the cows over there. There have been a few big bully dogs who come around barking at the cows and chasing them around the field and it's not good for them.”
“We have had some problems in our neighborhood with bullies too,” said Jake.
“Also some of the bullies we have had are humans and Jake and I took care of it,” said Midge.
“We always try to be friends with everyone,” said Jake. “It's nice to have different friends.”
“Do you have a lot of friends?” asked Bert. “You are my first friends.”
“Oh yes,” said Midge. “We have cat friends, dog friends, bird friends, wild animal friends, a turtle friend and now farm animal friends.”
“Wow,” smiled Bert. “I'm happy to be your friend now.”
“Come on,” said Jake. “Lets go talk to the cows and they will be your friends too.”
Bert followed Midge and Jake across the field to where the cows were all standing and watching them. They backed up when Bert came near them.
“It's okay Daisy,” said Midge. “Bert is not going to be mean anymore.”
Jake introduced Bert to them as their new friend.
“Sorry if I scared you all the time,” said Bert. “I Hope we can be friends now.”

The cows all agreed to be Bert's friend. Midge, Jake and Booker-T said good-bye and headed home.  

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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