Friday, May 27, 2016

Bitsy and the Flying Lesson

“Good morning Midge,” said Jenny as she flew down and landed on the bench.
“Hi Jenny,” said Midge. “Bitsy has been waiting for you and is really excited about learning to fly.”
“Hi momma,” smiled Bitsy.
“Hi Bitsy,” smiled Jenny. “Are you ready to learn to fly?”
“Oh yes,” said Bitsy. “I'm so excited.”
“What happened to you?” asked Jenny. “When I went back to the nest with some food, you were gone. I looked every where for you and couldn't find you.”
“I fell out of the nest,” said Bitsy.”
“How?” asked Jenny.
“I was standing on the edge of the nest and a big wind came and I fell out,” said Bitsy.

“I found her on the ground,” said Midge. “But the nest was too high for me to help her back in so my friend and I brought her here so she would be safe.”
“Thank you for helping her,” said Jenny. “I'm glad your friend Gabby found me and brought me here.”
“Me too,” agreed Midge. “Bitsy was missing you.”
“Where are my sisters?” asked Bitsy.
“They flew off somewhere by themselves now,” said Jenny.
“Do I have to go somewhere else when I learn to fly?” asked Bitsy. “I want to stay around here with my new friends.”
“You can stay anywhere you want, Bitsy,” assured Jenny.
“Will you stay around here too, momma?” asked Bitsy. “They are really nice.”
“Sure,” smiled Jenny. “I really don't have any place I have to be.”
“That's great,” smiled Midge. “I'm so glad you will stay close around here.”
“Are you ready?” asked Jenny.
“Do you want me to put Bitsy on the railing?” asked Midge.
“Sure,” said Jenny.
Midge laid down next to Bitsy so she could climb onto Midge's neck. When Bitsy was on top of her, she walked to the railing where Bitsy climbed off onto the railing.
“Okay, momma,” smiled Bitsy. “I'm ready. What do you want me to do?”
“I want you to jump off the railing,” said Jenny.
Bitsy looked down to the ground and back at her mom. She looked back to the ground and then looked over at Midge.
“Jump?” asked Bitsy.
“Jump,” said Jenny.
“But, momma,” said Bitsy. “It is a long way to the ground.”
“That's why you have to flap your little wings and fly,” smiled Jenny.
“These little wings?” asked Bitsy moving the wings up and down a little.
“Those little wings,” said Jenny.
“But they don't work too good, momma,” said Bitsy. “I tried them before and I just sat on the ground flapping.”
“It takes practice, Bitsy,” said Jenny. “The more you practice, the better you will get.”
“Your momma is right, Bitsy,” said Midge.
“Did your momma teach you things?” asked Bitsy.
“She helped me learn to walk,” said Midge. “My owner taught me tricks and how to tell her I have to go outside for business.”
“Go outside for business?” asked Bitsy. “What kind of business do you do?”
“It's what all us animals do outside,” said Midge.
“Do birds do the business too?” asked Bitsy.
“Yes,” said Jenny. “But birds do their business different. Right now, you are suppose to learn how to fly.”
“I think you are trying to get out of jumping off the railing,” said Midge.
“Do I really have to jump?” asked Bitsy looking at the hard ground below. “The ground looks so hard.”
“It is,” said Jenny. “But you have to try Bitsy.”
“I will lay down on the ground and you jump onto me,” said Midge. “I'm not as hard as the ground.”
Midge walked to the front of the porch and laid down near the plants.
“Come on Bitsy,” said Midge. “Jump on to me.”
“When you jump,” said Jenny. “Start moving your wings up and down really fast.”
Bitsy got really close to the edge and stared down at Midge. Her little legs started to shake.
“Why are you shaking Bitsy?” asked Jenny.
“It is scary momma,” said Bitsy. “I might get hurt.”
“You will be fine,” said Jenny.
“Come on Bitsy,” said Midge. “close your eyes and jump real fast.”
“Okay,” said Bitsy.
Bitsy started shaking again. Closed her eyes and Midge counted to three.
“One, two, three,” counted Midge. “Jump!”
Bitsy leaped off the railing and down she went onto the back of Midge. Splat!
“Bitsy,” said Jenny. “You forgot to flap your wings.”
“Oh,” said Bitsy.
“Try again,” said Jenny.
Midge stood up so Bitsy could climb back on the railing. She walked onto the railing and stood looking at her momma. :Do I have to do it again?” asked Bitsy.
“If you want to learn how to fly,” said Jenny. “You will have to keep doing it until you get your little wing muscles so they will hold you up and then you can fly. I know it is hard Bitsy. We all have to go through it.”
“Did you have to do this Midge?” asked Bitsy.
“No,” smiled Midge. “I'm not a bird, so I don't fly. I'm just a dog, so I walk around on the ground.”
“Can I just walk around on the ground, momma?” asked Bitsy.
“You need to learn to fly,” said Jenny. “How will you get away from danger if you are on the ground and you are so little?”
“I can stay here with Midge,” said Bitsy. “Can I stay with you Midge?”
“I think your momma is right,” said Midge. “You have to learn how to fly. It will be okay. I know you can do it. I will be here to help you too.”
“Oh, okay,” agreed Bitsy. “I will try.”
“You can come see Midge all the time,” said Jenny. “But you really need to learn how to fly.”
“Okay,” said Bitsy. “Are you ready Midge?”
“I'm ready,” said Midge. “Count to three and then jump down to my back.”
“Okay,” said Bitsy. “One, two, three.”
Bitsy leaped onto Midge's back. Once again she went down really fast. She flapped the wings faster and faster. Midge helped her back to the railing to once again jump off. Over and over she leaped down as she moved the little wings up and down. On the 20th try, Bitsy took off and was flying around the yard for a few minutes.
“Look!” shouted Bitsy. “I'm flying. I'm flying!”
“That is so good,” smiled Midge. “You did it!”
Bitsy landed on Midge's head. “I did it Midge! I did it!”
“Yes you did,” said Midge.
“I knew you could do it,” smiled Jenny. “Lets go get something to eat.”
“I will be back,” smiled Bitsy as she took off with her mother, flying high above the house.

“Bye Bitsy,” said Midge. “See you soon.”  

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