Friday, June 10, 2016

Bitsy and the Pond

The friends all hurried to the pond and Bitsy sat on a large branch that was coming out of the water onto the bank of the pond. Midge, Jake and Booker-T leaped into the water.
“Bitsy!” called Booker-T. “Come on in. The water is cool.”
“But I don't know how to swim,” said Bitsy.
“You didn't know how to fly and you did it,” said Jake.
“I think you birds swim automatically,” said Midge. “I think you just float.”
“I float?” asked Bitsy. I don't think so. My momma told me that ducks float. I'm not a duck.”

“I think you can swim,” said Midge. “Come on and try. Stay close to the branch so you can climb on top if you need to. Jake and I are here to help you if you need it.”
“Come on Bitsy,” said Jake. “You will love the water.”
Bitsy walked down the branch and touched her little toes into the water. “Oooh,” said Bitsy. “The water is cold.”
“It's okay,” said Booker-T. “Come on in.”
“It will feel warm after you come in,” said Midge. “When it is really hot outside, it warms up a little.”
“Walk to the water on the branch,” said Jake. “Then you can get your little feet wet.”
“If you come down the branch to the where the branch meets the water, you can splash around and be safe with the branch under you,” said Midge. “I will watch you so you will be safe.”
“Okay,” said Bitsy as she slowly moved down the branch and stepped into the water. “This is nice.”
“I knew you would like it,” smiled Booker-T. “When I was little, I didn't like water. Midge got me to come in and now it is fun.”
“It's fun to swim and you get clean too,” said Jake. “After swimming in the water, I'm all nice and clean and don't need a bath.”
Bitsy and the others splashed around in the water, laughing and having fun. Midge looked toward the pond edge and saw Jenny standing there on the other end of the big branch.
“Hi Jenny,” said Midge.
“Hi Midge,” said Jenny. “Did you help Bitsy learn to splash in the water?”
“We all did,” smiled Booker-T. “She is doing really good with the water.”
“Are you having fun Bitsy?” asked Jenny.
“Oh yes, momma,” smiled Bitsy. “This is lot of fun and Jake said I could take a bath at the same time.”
“That's true,” said Jenny.
“Come on in momma,” said Bitsy. “The water feels so good and now I am nice and clean.”
Jenny walked down the branch where Bitsy was standing. She stuck her little toes into the water and it felt so good on her little feet. “I'm happy you have learned to swim,” said Jenny. “Thanks Midge for helping her. I like to swim and now Bitsy and I can go swimming together.”
“You and Bitsy can come swim with us when we go too,” invited Jake.
“Thank you for inviting us to swim with you,” smiled Jenny. “I know Bitsy will love to come. I will enjoy it too. You all have been so good to Bitsy. I just don't know how to thank you all.”
“No thanks needed,” said Midge. “We are happy to help anyone who needs it. We love our friends and are always there for them whenever one needs us.”
“I never saw a cat who is friends with a dog or birds,” said Jenny. “We have to be so careful so no cats eat us.”
“Midge has taught us all that we can get along and enjoy each other no matter who we are,” smiled Jake. “She loves being friends with everyone.”
“Anytime you want to come visit and play with us,” said Jake. “You and Bitsy are welcome to come have fun with us.”
“Yes,” agreed Booker-T. “We have another bird who is friends with us too.”
“There is another bird that plays with you?” asked Bitsy.
“Yes,” said Midge. “Remember you met Gabby?”
“I remember,” said Jenny. “He is the one who helped me find my little lost Bitsy.”
“I remember him too,” smiled Bitsy. “He was so nice to help me find my momma.”
“Gabby is a good bird,” said Midge. “He doesn't come all the time, but sometimes he comes to join us when we come to the park.”
“Where does Gabby live?” asked Jenny.
“Gabby and his friend, Polly live across town in a big barn,” said Jake.
“Maybe one day he will come visit with his friend, Polly,” said Bitsy. “I'd like to meet Polly.”
“Gabby and Polly had three little babies last year,” said Midge. “They were so little and so cute.”
“That's nice,” said Jenny. “I'd like to meet her too. We maybe will have lot of things to talk about.”
“We never know when he will come,” said Booker-T. “He always surprises us and shows up.”
“Okay, great,” said Jenny. “Bitsy, are you ready to go. Your sisters are waiting for us at the mall garden.”
“Are you living in the mall garden?” asked Midge. “It is so pretty there with all the colored flowers and green stuff.”
“They have some bird houses in the garden and we live in one of them,” said Jenny. “Maybe soon you can come see us there and see our nice pretty red house.”
“I'd like that,” said Midge.
“I would like to come too,” said Booker-T. “We can go Midge, and meet Bitsy's sisters.”
“Oh yes,” said Midge. “That is a good idea.”
“We will see you later,” said Bitsy. “I am going now with my momma to see my sisters.”
“Bye Bitsy,” said Midge. “Bye Jenny.”
Bitsy and Jenny took to the air and flew over the trees headed away from the park. Bitsy turned and waved good-bye to her new friends.


Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T