Friday, July 8, 2016

Pond Construction

 “Hey Midge!” called Jake as he came through the gate. “Where are you?”
“Hi Jake,” said Midge as she came running around the house. “I'm in the back yard. What are you doing?”
“I came to see you,” said Jake. “I see a truck in front of your house.”
“Come on to the back,” said Midge. “The man is here to finish the digging we started. My owner is going to put in the nice pond.”
“Oh, wow,” said Jake. “That is really good.”
“What will be really good?” asked Booker-T as he came around the corner of the house to the back. “Hi you guys.”
“The pond will be good,” said Midge. “My owner is having it put in. See the hole?”

“Oh wow, it is deep,” said Booker-T walking to the edge of it. “Who dug the hole?”
“Some man with a little tractor was here to dig it,” said Midge. “They just left. Someone else is going to come finish it up now.”
“Can we watch them?” asked Jake. “I want to watch them make the pond.”
“The man left with my owner in her car,” said Midge. “That's his truck out front.”
“Where did they go?” asked Jake. “I saw the truck.”
“They went to the office to set up how she wants it to look, I think,” said Midge.
“Why didn't the man take his truck?” asked Booker-T.
“He is my owner's cousin,” said Midge. “So they went together in her car.”
“Is her cousin going to finish the pond for her?” asked Jake.
“Yes,” said Midge. “He is some kind of construction guy.”
“That's nice,” smiled Jake. “We are going to have a pond.”
“Yes,” said Midge. “We are going to have a pond to play in.”
“Your owner is so nice,” smiled Booker-T. “You are so lucky.'
“We all are lucky,” said Midge. “You have really nice owners too.”
“Yes, we do,” said Jake. “But your owner is building a pond for you.”
“When will it be ready?” asked Booker-T.
“I think I heard him tell my owner that it can be ready in four days,” said Midge. “I'm excited. We will have a pond to stay cool in. We won't have to go to the park and swim in that pond.”
“We will miss going to the park,” said Jake. “Won't we?”
“We can still go to the park sometimes and play,” said Midge. “I like playing in the park too.”
“Me too,” said Booker-T. “But now we can play in the pond in your backyard.”
“Hi guys!” said Gabby as he swooped down from the trees and landed on Midge's dog house. “Did you all did that big hole?”
“No,” laughed Midge. “Hi Gabby.”
“We started to dig the hole,” said Jake. “But it was too much digging for us to do. Midge's owner had someone come in and dig the hole bigger.”
“Your owner is okay that you dug a hole in the backyard?” asked Gabby.
“She wasn't happy with us at first,” said Midge. “I showed her the picture of the pond and she understood and had someone finish digging it.”
“How did you show her?” asked Gabby.
“I had the magazine laying near the hole and I used my paw and turned the pages til I got to the picture of the pond,” said Midge. “Then I tapped on the page so she would look at it.”
“She understood and was surprised that I knew,” said Midge. “She thinks I'm smart.”
“But I don't see any water in your pond,” said Gabby.
“They will put water in it when they finish it,” smiled Midge.
“I thought it was finished,” said Gabby as he flew down to the ground and walked over to the hole.
“They have to put something in it before they can put water in it,” said Jake. “I think if they put water in it now, it will disappear into the ground.”
“They don't have anything in the pond at the park,” said Gabby.
“They have something hard in the bottom of the pond at the park,” said Jake.
“They do?” asked Gabby. “Oh, maybe that's why the water don't disappear from the pond at the park.”
“When they put the hard stuff into the hole, then they will fill it up with water,” said Midge. “We are going to watch the man do the pond. Do you want to watch with us?”
“I'm on the way to see Polly so I will come back later,” said Gabby. “Good luck with your pond.”
“Maybe when you come back,” said Booker-T. “We can all go swimming in it.”
“Will they finish it today?” asked Gabby.
“No,” said Midge. “I heard my owner say it will be four days.”
“Long time,” said Gabby as he flew away above the house. “I'll be back later.”
“Here come your owner and her cousin,” said Jake.
Midge's owner came strolling around the corner with her cousin and a couple men. The men measured the hole and wrote down some thing on a paper.
“That's your owner's cousin who is doing the pond?” asked Booker-T.
“Yes,” smiled Midge.
“A girl?” asked Booker-T. “A girl is going to build the pond?”
“She gives the orders,” laughed Midge. “The men do most of the work. She does some of it.”
“Wow,” said Jake. “That's pretty good. I didn't know girls did construction work.”
“I think today, girls do a lot of the things that guys do,” said Midge.
“I think you are right,” agreed Jake. “Remember that girl we saw on the tractor who was cutting the grass at the park.”
“Oh yes,” smiled Midge. “I remember. She was really pretty but she was mean yelling at us to move like she did, don't you think?”
“She just needed us to move so she could mow,” said Booker-T.
“Maybe you are right,” said Midge. “I guess the girls have to be tougher than the guys.”
“Why?” asked Jake.
“I don't know why,” said Midge with a puzzled look. “I heard my owner's cousin say that last night.”
“Look over there,” said Jake. “Here comes all the stuff for the pond. Lets go sit over there and watch.”
The three walked to the dog house and sat down under the tree to watch the pond being built.

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