Friday, July 22, 2016

Snappy Goes for a Swim

 “Hey Midge!” called Jake as he came hurrying through the gate at Midge's house.
“Hi Jake,” said Booker-T as he caught up with Jake.
“Hi,” said Jake. “I didn't see you when I went past your house.”
“I came out the door just as you passed,” said Booker-T. “So I ran to catch up to you.”
“Have you seen Midge this morning?” asked Jake.
“No,” said Booker-T. “Lets go in and see Snappy while we are here. Maybe she is inside eating her breakfast. Her owner just left for work a few minutes ago.”
“Okay,” said Jake. “Hurry.”
They went to the back of the house and as they came around the corner, they stopped and stared at the new pond that now stood in the back yard.
“Wow,” said Booker-T. “Looks like they finished the pond last night after we went home.”

“I like the fountain in the middle of the pond,” said Jake.
“The flowers are pretty too,” said Booker-T. “Maybe we can go swimming today.”
“Lets go get Midge,” said Jake as he started toward the back door.
“Okay,” said Booker-T as he stood their staring at the pond.
“Come on Booker-T,” said Jake as he squeezed through the doggie door into the kitchen.
“I'm coming,” said Booker-T as he hurried to catch up to Jake as he went through the door.
“Midge!” called Jake as he walked across the kitchen floor.
“Hey Midge,” said Booker-T. “We are here. Where are you?”
Jake and Booker-T entered the living room and ran to the tank where Snappy lived. “Hi Snappy,” they called out to him as Booker-T leaped into the big chair near the tank.
“Hi you guys,” smiled Snappy. “I am so happy to see you this morning.”
“Where is Midge?” asked Jake.
“I think she is sleeping late,” said Snappy. “She was awake late watching the men finish the pond in the back yard. Did you see it?”
“It looks so nice,” smiled Booker-T. “I like it.”
“Me too,” agreed Jake. “Maybe you can come swim in the pond with us.”
“That would be fun,” said Snappy. “It will be easier for you to take me to the back yard than all the way to the park.”
“Hi you guys,” greeted Midge as she entered the living room. “I heard you taking out here. Sorry, I was sleeping late today.”
“Snappy said you watched them finish the pond last night,” said Jake.
“Do you like it?” asked Midge.
“It is really nice,” said Jake. “Are we going to go for a swim this morning?”
“Yes,” said Midge. “We can go for swim. Do you like the fountain she had them make?”
“It looks really nice,” said Booker-T. “Does it spray water?”
“Hey Snappy!” said Jake. “Do you want to go for swim in the new pond?'
“Jake can take you out to the pond if you want to go,” said Midge.
“Sure,” said Snappy. “You will be careful picking me up?”
“I will be careful Snappy,” smiled Jake. “I won't drop you.”
Jake jumped into the chair and leaned into the tank. Carefully he placed his mouth around Snappy and lifted him from the tank. He followed out Midge and Booker-T out the door to the back yard. When they reached the pond, he gently set Snappy on the side of the pond.
“How do you like it?” asked Midge.
“Wow,” said Snappy. “This is better than the pond at the park. Now you can swim here and don't have to go to the park all the time to swim.”
“And here, there is no kids getting in the way,” said Booker-T. “Here you will be safe swimming in the pond.”
Snappy slipped into the water and swam around the pond. “Come on in guys,” smiled Snappy. “This feels so good.”
They each carefully stepped into the pond so they wouldn't splash the water out into the yard. They all swam around and around the fountain. “How do we make the fountain spray water?” asked Booker-T.
“I don't know,” said Midge. “I didn't see how she turns it on and off.”
“Does it spray water?” asked Snappy.
“I saw it working last night,” said Midge. “But she turned it off before we went to bed. I think the button is in the house.”
Snappy swam around in the water splashing it as he went around the pond. “Are you having fun, Snappy?” asked Midge. “It's been a long time since you were in a pond outside.”
“This is fun,” smiled Snappy. “Thank you for inviting me to swim with you.”
“We miss swimming with you at the pond,” said Booker-T. “Now you can join us when we go swimming.”
Snappy crawled out of the water and laid down on the edge of the pond. He watched his friends splashing around in the pond as he enjoyed the warm sun. “The sun feels good,” said Snappy.
“It sure does,” agreed Jake. “Soon it will be too hot out here in the sun.”
The three climbed out of the pond and laid on the ground near Snappy to let the sun dry them off before taking Snappy back inside the house to his tank. “I'm sleepy now,” said Jake.
“Take a nap,” said Midge.
Before long, the four friends had all gone to sleep beside the pond. As the time passed by, clouds began to form in the sky above them. Soon, the sun has disappeared and the sky darkened to gray. Midge rolled over and stared up at the sky. “Jake!” called Midge as she quickly jumped to her feet. “Wake up!”
“What is wrong Midge?” asked Jake.
“We need to carry Snappy back inside to his tank,” said Midge. “Look at the sky.”
Jake looked up and saw the dark clouds moving across the sky. “It looks like it is going to rain,” said Jake. “Come on Snappy and I will take you back inside.”
Jake carefully picked up Snappy and ran to the door and went inside. As Booker-T started through the door, they heard a loud crack of thunder and then the rain began to fall.
“That was close,” said Midge. “We made it inside before it started.”
Jake carried Snappy to the tank and leaped into the chair. Putting his paws on the side of the tank, he gently set Snappy down on a small log in the bottom of the tank.
“Thank you Jake,” said Snappy. “For letting me join you all to swim.”
“You are welcome Snappy,” said Jake. “You are our friend and we love playing with you.”
They all sat and stared out the window at the falling rain, happy to be friends.

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Jake and Midge
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